Battlefield 1 Official Single Player Trailer

They push. We push. Every once in a while, we push hard enough that the light breaks through the clouds and the world beyond the war glimmers. Behind every gunsight is a human being. We are those people. Promise me that you’ll get me back in one piece. Okay, I promise. You may find you’re out there all alone. You know that. You can never stop the progress of machines. If history only remembers one in a thousand of us, then the future will be filled with stories of who we were and what we did. But until that day comes, we will stand, we will look death in the eye and we will fight! Come on!

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Official Single Player Trailer

  1. I miss this franchise so bad

    And what a beautiful trailer, I feel like I was emotionally attached to this game

  2. Wow.. I still remember the goosebumps it gave me the first time I watched it… what a trailer men!

  3. Damn, I just came back to watch the trailer and found my 2 years old controversial comment… A lot of arguments…
    My last comment was "Don't come back complaining in 2 years when Battlefield will be at CoD's level"… Pretty sad…

  4. Honestly Bf1 looks so realistic that sometimes I forgot that it's just a Game when I played it with Headphones. You really feel like being in Danger, in the middle of a Battlefield. I would have expected something different from Bf5. I'm not saying that the Game is bad, no it has beautiful maps, etc. but I don't wanna play Battlefield to do a promenade on the Beach. I want destroyed citys on fire, sirens, dirty trenches, Gas, rainy weather, beaches that are located in the Normandy, … Everything you see in movies, books or old pictures

  5. This still is probably one of the greatest war game campaigns ever. Regardless of gameplay mechanics, this game captures the soldier in every aspect. Truly phenomenal

  6. EA actually tried to make something vaguely original, and we ended up with a pretty decent game. Can we just appreciate that for a moment?

  7. Still watching this commercial 2 years later, Still Sharing it with other Veterans 🇺🇸; and it still brings tears to my eyes. This is the best commercial ever! Love from the US Army ✌️🇺🇸

  8. This has to be the best battlefield trailer ever. I already own battlefield 1 and I moved on to bfV but everytime I rewatch this it sucks me back to bf1

  9. Great War
    And I cannot take more
    Great tour
    I keep on marching on
    I play the Great score
    There will be no encore
    Great War
    The War to End All Wars

  10. It’s been a hundred years since the Great War. 100 years. Yet reading in books and seeing it like this in battlefield, makes you feel like it was only yesterday that it happened.

  11. So I now believe the report bf1 was the game Dice wanted to make since bf4, and many retired aster it came out given how poorly they seem to handle BFV

  12. its been almost three years since this trailer came out. I say this is one of my favorite battlefield trailers just like the reveal.

  13. Cuando veo este Tráiler me da escalofríos de felicidad y emoción ❤🔥🔥
    Es el mejor tráiler para mi y muchos

  14. This trailer was honestly the pinnacle of video game trailers. There may be others that are really good too (ie some of the halo ones), but this one will always be the one I remember.

  15. Im crying because so many beautiful complete games back then, filled with hype,happinness,hope that in the future we may have a better good new franchise,sequel,remake , now just so sad bruh

  16. It's three years after this trailer was released and I am still watching it over and over again. This is the most beautiful trailer that has ever come out. It touches the heart of this old Soldier. Because it's true.

    This trailer has helped keep me from giving up and helped kept me away from suicide. Thank you with the deepest sincerity and gratitude for myself, my family and my brothers and sisters in arms, regardless of whatever country they have served. I say this with love, honor, and hope for Humanity.

    Thank you for helping me keep marching forward; and for telling the story of the people who fought in World War I in this format that people might grasp a little bit of what they sacrificed.

    US Army 🇺🇸

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