Battlefield 1 RIBEYROLLES 1918 FACTORY! A NEW GUN for the ASSAULT Class and TIPS to QUICKLY Unlock!

Welcome to the ribeyrolles 1918 factory. Today I will disclose everything that you
need to know to dominate the Battlefield with this new rifle for the assault class and later
in the video I will give you some tips on how to quickly unlock the Ribeyrolles in Battlefield
1. The Ribeyrolles 1918 was an attempt to manufacture
an automatic rifle for the French forces. It was fed from a 25 round magazine and had
an effective range of 400 m. The official name was Carabine Mitrailleuse
1918, in other words Machine Carbine 1918. Let’s start with the statistics because this
will allow you to adjust your play style and strategy. 23 damage up to a range of 11 meters, like
most guns in Battlefield 1 this damage will drop and it will still cause 20 damage at
28 meters, so you can still take advantage of the fact that you will only need 5 bullets
to kill your next favorite victim if he is within 28 meters. The damage will continue to drop and eventually
it will settle at 15 damage at 46 meters. The ribeyrolles 1918 can fire 550 rounds per
minute which is identical to the rate of fire of the mp18. The muzzle velocity is higher for the ribbeyrolles,
520 meters per second, compared to only 420. You know already that you need 5 bullets to
kill up to a range of 28 meters. If you combine all of these statistics then
you will know that it will only take you 0.440 seconds to kill your enemy. At our 20 meters reference point this time
to kill is 0.475 seconds. Be careful, because the time to kill will
jump up as soon as you need 6 bullets to kill instead of five. When you deploy on the battlefield, with your
shiney new assault rifle, you will start off with 25 bullets in your magazine and you will
carry another 100 for later. The reload times are pretty good, 2.76 seconds
for an empty reload and 2.1 seconds for a reload with bullets left. The deploy time is 0.65 seconds and it has
a standard bullet drop of 12 meters per second squared. In Battlefield 1, the Ribeyrolles 1918 factory
comes equipped with a bipod and I’m sure that you know how to use that to your advantage. You can select and iron sights or a buckhorn
sight, the highest magnification that you can select is a 2 times magnification, you
have the option to attach a bayonet and you can change the recoil direction. If you want to get your hands on this new
assault rifle then you will have to get 50 kills with the Automatico M1918 Factory and
you will have to get 20 headshots with the MP 18 Optical. The 50 kills is easy and a great player like
yourself will only need about 2 rounds to do that. Most people seem to struggle with getting
20 headshts with the MP 18 optical. The best advice that I can give you is from
2 guys who were playing in the CTE. enfachTomm or simplyTomm is struggling with his headshots
and he is asking for help, tasty-milk comes to the rescue and he said: get close to the
enemy… aim for the head. I don’t want to state the obvious like he
did but that is the best advice there is, it’s just that simple. When you go for this assignment, it’s better
to constantly flank the enemy, like you normally would right, so never attack head on because
you want to get close enough to your enemy so that you can give him a nice headshot. It also pays off to set up your mp 18 with
a reticle that makes it easier for you to get those headshots. For me that meant using the ring reticle instead
of my usual cross reticle. Another tip is to always use ADS, this will
increase your chances of getting that head shot. I saw in the chat that some guys took over
2 hours to do that but I’m 100% sure that you can do it much faster than that. The Ribeyrolles 1918 factory does come with
one noticeable downside. The muzzle flash is relatively big and it
will block an important part of your view for every single bullet that you fire and
this makes it a lot more difficult to track your enemy if he is on the move. At first I thought it was my buckhorn sight
that was blocking my view, which was strange because I always prefer that one over the
iron sight but then it became clear that it was the muzzle flash that was making it more
difficult to track an enemy who was trying to dodge my bullets. Whether you want to deal with that is completely
up to you, but I will definitely recommend you to try out this gun for yourself so that
you can make your own decision. So what is the verdict? The Ribeyrolles 1918 factory is an ok weapon
for the assault class. The bipod is definitely an attractive feature
for those longer range kills but you will have to to deal with the muzzle flash that
can block the view of your enemy. By the way, guys the Youtube likes and shares
are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would
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and I will see you on the Battlefield!

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