Battlefield 1 RUSSIAN 1895 SNIPER! The BEST Sniper Rifle or the DEADLIEST Sniper Rifle?

Hi guys, welcome to the Russian 1895 Sniper. Today I will disclose everything that you
need to know to dominate the Battlefield with this sniper rifle. The Russian 1895 is actually the Winchester
Model 1895, this name will probably ring a bell. Between 1915 and 1917 approximately 300,000
M1895’s were manufactured for the army of the Russian Empire. It was possible to reload this rifle with
the same charger clips used in the Mosin-Nagant, and this is the gun that Vasily Zaytsev used. And he was played by Jude Law in Enemy at
the gates. I’m sure that most of you have seen that
movie. OK, no more name-dropping from now on, let’s
start with the statistics. One bullet will cause 80 damage. After 40 meters this damage will go up and
at 60 meters you are able to one shot kill your enemy. This is the start of your sweet spot and it
will continue up to a range of 98 meters. After 98 meters your damage will drop again
and it will eventually settle back at 80 damage. That means that you can kill your enemy with
only one shot from 60 meters until 98 meters. If you have seen the video about the Martini-Henry
then you know that it has a sweet spot between 30 and 80 meters. So the optimal range of the Martini-Henry
is closer than the optimal range of the 1895. So make sure that you adjust your strategy
and that you keep a little bit more distance between yourself and your enemy. The Russian 1895 can fire 64 rounds per minute. That is almost twice as fast and the Martini. Outside of the sweet spot range you will need
2 bullets to kill, except for a headshot of course, so the time to kill is 0.940 seconds
and at 100 meters this will become 1.062 seconds. You will almost never be able to achieve a
time to kill of 1.062 seconds because you will have to zoom in again, you will have
to readjust your aim and you will probably have to lead your target again. Unless you are the Terminator, it will be
very difficult to constantly kill you enemies in 1.062 seconds. On the other hand, time to kill within the
sweet spot range is almost instant because you only need one bullet, so try to focus
on killing everything and everyone within your sweet spot range. The Russian 1895 has a muzzle velocity of
820 m/s. That is the second highest muzzle velocity
of all sniper rifles in Battlefield 1.Like every other sniper rifle, the bullet drop
is 12 m/s2. You will start off with a strip clip of 5
bullets and you will have another 25 bullets available to you to kill those 25 other guys. You have a few variations that you can unlock. The statistics that I just gave you are for
the Russian 1895 Sniper. This one comes with a telescopic sight and
a bipod. You can modify your Cross Reticle and you
can adjust the magnification. I have always been playing with the 6 times
magnification in this video. You can equip a bayonet if you think that
you will be needing it and I was lucky enough to get my hand on the Royal Order and the
Royal Statute. You can always choose to unlock the Infantry
version. This one regains accuracy more quickly and
it pretty much has the same statistics as the Sniper. Unfortunately no telescopic sight, so you
can only select an iron sights or the radium sights. You can also modify the magnification and
you have the option to select a bayonet. The last variation is the Trench. It offers a faster action at the cost of reduced
damage. You can modify your weapon in a similar fashion
as the Infantry variation. The statistics on the other hand, are very
different. There is no sweet spot. Just for info, I’m sure that you noticed,
but this version is pretty much the same as the Russian 1895 Cavalry, the one you get
when you spawn on a horse. I will include those statistics as well. Maximum damage is 79, and your damage will
drop to a minimum of 40. The drop will start at 10 meters for the trench
and at 15 for the Cavalry. Both of them have a rate of fire of 124 rounds
per minute. You will need 2 bullets to kill up to a range
of 32 meters for the trench and up to 41 meters for the other one. TIme to kill is 0.487 seconds for both of
them and the muzzle velocity is 580 meters per second and 610 for the cavalry. I have tried playing with all the different
reticles. I have to say that I am very familiar with
the cross reticle so that will always be my starting point. I find that it is very easy to lead your target
with this this one because you have a precise horizontal and vertical line that you can
use as a reference. I was very impressed with the Chevron reticle,
it was easier to use than I first expected. It’s very clear when you are dealing with
a stationary target. The Beam Reticle reminds me of kobra sight
in Battlefield 4 so I’m not used to seeing this one on my sniper rifle. Now, I ha ve absolutely no clue how this pilot
survived that one, he must have been a paratrooper or something. This was actually my first kill with the beam
reticle. I have also tried the Post reticle but for
me it seems as if something is missing. I find it more difficult to lead my target
with this one. By the way, guys the Youtube likes and shares
are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would
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and I will see you on the Battlefield!

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 RUSSIAN 1895 SNIPER! The BEST Sniper Rifle or the DEADLIEST Sniper Rifle?

  1. (mosin nagant…Yeah, I recognize some of these sights ! Remembers me metal gear solid.. ^^)
    So, what's the point of the trench version?
    Faster rate of fire ? That's all ?

  2. nice video 🙂 I switch mainly between the Martini-Henry, and the Russian 1895. with the scope, it feels like a good balance for the sweet spot, not too short like SMLE, but also not too like the Springfield or the Gehweher.

  3. i like the post reticle on my m1903 sniper, a long range rifle needs an uncluttered view because the enemies are so small, tough to gauge bullet drop though

  4. Very helpful. I just started playing the game (my first of this franchise) and was confused with which one of the rifles I should choose. Thanks.

  5. I'd say the Russian 1895 is best because of the high rate of fire, deadliest has to go to the Gewehr 98 because of the high accuracy (projectile moves way faster) but has a slower rate of fire

  6. As popular as the Winchester was in Russia (the reason it was nicknamed the Russian 1895), it was not featured at all in Enemy at the Gates. Vasili was using a trusty Russian Mosin Nagant.

  7. whats the best rifle for 400m+
    i have teh g98 but was woindering if theres a better 1 for extrreme range? iv had a headshot kill at 465 and a few body kills at around 500

  8. So I just bought this sniper and there are no options to take off my bayonet or change my reticle. Do I have to play a match with it first or something?

  9. I hate the title of all of your videos…… Always claiming that gun is the best. Well sorry I won't be watching any more of your YouTube again

  10. fuck it ill make my second scout class the gewehr and see how that goes because i use the russian 1895 but hear that the gewehr is also very good

  11. "Mosin Nagant was the rifle that Vassili Zaitsev used" Well no shit considering it was practically the only bolt action rifle the Russians used during World War 2. Nearly every Russian soldier had one. It is the most common Russian world war 2 gun, and among the cheapest rifles you can buy today. And the ammo is cheap as balls too.

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