Hello guys and welcome to sniper loadout. In these videos I will reveal the best loadout
for your scout class and today we will take a closer look at all the gadgets that you
have available to you when you are dominating the battlefield as a sniper. The first gadget is the trench periscope,
it will allow you to see your enemy more clearly and you can remain hidden while you are doing
that. It will also give you the exact range to your
target. Do you need it? Hell no, it’s a big waste of time and there
are faster ways to determine the distance to your next victim. It only makes sense if you are going for those
ultra long range kills. In other words, if you like to spend your
time lying on hilltop and killing people who are fighting for their lives on the other
side of the map, then sure, it might help you. It will tell you that your next target is
running around exactly 747 meters away from you and you will be able to spot him. And that’s it. Unless you do this on a daily basis then you
still have absolutely no clue where to aim. You are better off using the practice shot
method, basically you fire 1 bullet at an object or at a wall and you use the bullet
drop as a reference point. I’m sure that you understand that it helps
if that object is approximately at the same distance as you target, but don’t shoot too
close near your enemy neither because you don’t want to warn him that he is about to
get killed. If you want to quickly estimate the distance
to your target then check out this video, it will show you exactly what to do and why. Next up is the sniper shield. It will protect you from a storm of bullets
and it will still allow you to shoot back through a tiny peeping hole? The ultimate cover for a sniper right, eum
nope think again. The shield is way too small to properly protect
you and most of the people that I saw who were using it still had a part of their body
exposed, usually their legs. Sure it will be more difficult for the enemy
to kill you, absolutely. But if you catch the attention of another
sniper them you are just making his life whole lot easier. He just has to aim for that little hole and
he will get a headshot every single time. The pace in Battlefield 1 is just way too
high, and you don’t want to be stationary for too long, not even as a sniper. So what about the fancy sniper decoy? In other words the heads on a stick. The enemy player will see a scope glint from
time to time and if he takes the bait, thinking that this is you, and he takes the shot then
he will get spotted automatically. Making it easier for you to know where the
enemy snipers are. It looks great on paper but to be honest I
haven’t met anyone who is stupid enough to shoot at this thing, I get the idea behind
this gadget but it’s just way too obvious, everybody can clearly see that this isn’t
a real player. The K bullets are armor-piercing bullets,
which sounds great right. Unfortunately it does not cause enough damage
to make it worthwhile when you are playing as a lone wolf. Sure if you have a squad of 5 snipers then
you can even take out a heavy tank, one bullet can cause 5 damage, multiply that by 5 because
you have 5 guys in your squad and that will make it 25, do this 4 times and you can say
goodbye to the enemy tank, the poor guy won’t even know what hit him and he’s probably going
to end up calling you a cheater. There aren’t many gadgets anymore that we
can use, in fact there are only 2 left. The first one is a tripwire bomb. This gadget is available in a few different
versions. The tripwire bomb he, gas or inc which stands
for incendiary. Out of these versions the incendiary is by
far the most effective and the most versatile one and that for many different reasons. When your unsuspecting enemy walks through
your trap he will catch fire. He won’t die from the flames as long as
he walks away from the source and if he wants to reduce the damage that these flames are
causing then he has to lie down. Either way it’s a huge distraction and most
people aren’t able to do anything else than to focus on getting rid of the flames and
they will have absolutely no clue of what goes on around them until they managed to
get rid of the fire. This will create a window of opportunity for
you and most of the time this will turn out to be one of the easiest kills you will make
in Battlefield 1. A guy who is lying down, who already took
a significant amount of damage and who has no clue of what goes on around him, you can’t
make it much easier for yourself. On top of that you can deploy 2 of these tripwire
bombs at the same time. The last one is probably the most useful gadget
for a sniper and for the rest of your team. The flare gun. I can’t recommend the flash version of this
gadget because it’s not very effective. Sure it can blind players but It’s not very
consistent and on many occasions you will still be able to see the enemy. The spot version on the other hand is very
consistent. Knowledge is power and in Battlefield 1 it
will allow you to get more kills and more wins. It will reveal all enemies within the vicinity
of your projectile and it will share this information with the rest of your team. This is extremely useful when you are attacking
or defending a flag. You will know immediately how many enemies
you have to kill, you will know where they are and you will even know if they are above
you are not. This gadget will make your life a lot easier
and you will be doing your buddies a big favor by revealing all enemies in the vicinity. This gadget has helped my team on so many
occasions and it saved my life multiple times. On top of that, if used correctly, you can
even make kills with it. To summarize, the best gadgets for your scout
class are the incendiary version of the tripwire bomb and the spot version of the flare gun. In the next videos I will reveal the remaining
best items for you ultimate sniper loadout. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you on the Battlefield.


  1. How about the ability of stoping a repair cycle of a tank with the K bullet? If you are playing the objective with your sniper, which you should, the trip wire bomb is not that usefull… It's only good if you're gonna be camping. Sure, you might get a kill or 2, but if you play offensively, you're gonna get way more kills than with trip wire.

    My gadgets of choice are k bullet and flare gun, best combo of supporting your team and playing the objective, in my opinion 😉

  2. I have fallen in to the trap of shooting one of those heads on a stick thingy. Shot the thing and wondered how i didn't get the kill, as it was clearly a headshot 😛

  3. Hey FOG you forgot to mention that the binoculars spot enemies with an outline visble through the whole map, and gives you extra points for the assist 🙂 Still a pretty useless gadget….

  4. nice video

    did you know that when someone is running with a bayonet charge, you can stop them by putting the sniper shield down in front of him. most players then have to think about why they stopped running. this will give you the time of killing them. probably the only use of the shield.

  5. Question: Are the K-bullets effective against planes? I think I've seen them do 20 damage to attack planes if they hit the wings.

  6. FOG. Always interesting to hear your opinions. I agree about the spotting flare, but I only use the incendiary booby traps on the building centered maps. I actually find the the K-bullets are effective on wide open maps like Sinai, FAO fortress, and Monte Grappa. They can do serious damage to aircraft, and even finish off a wounded tank that is limping away… What's your thought..?

  7. somehow in one game I was lucky enough to disable a plane with one random sniper shot and also to destroy one with a k bullet

  8. How do you get the footage for the top right view? Does someone else record it for you, or can you access the footage after the match?

  9. You haven't met anyone who shoots the decoys? You aren't placing them properly then. You need to place them where only the head portion is visible. I usually go through 3 decoys in less than 30 seconds.

  10. Great video, FOG! Great to see that your uploading again. I started to get back into Battlefield and rewatched all your Hardline videos. May I ask, why didn't you make any BF4 videos?

  11. In one of the sniper scopes you'll see 3 dashes on the left hand side…Thats used to range your target. Get use to the ranges it tells you and you wont have to fire a shot to range

  12. But K-bullets are so incredibly useful! Just use them with one by one when you see an enemy tank retreating, and you prevent it from repairing. Most of the time when a tank retreats it has low damage to begin with, meaning you can actually kill the tanks with K-bullets

  13. Its kinda funny.. Im alrdy playing 3 months with the carbine because of the glance.. Btw ru from the Netherlands? (just because of the accent) ps. I would like all of ur video's because they are really helpfull, But i dont seem to find the like button on my smartphone 📱 (:

  14. The k bullets are good for distracting armor and getting them to fire on you, if you are into the heroics of self-sacrifice. Otherwise, largely ineffective. Love ur videos man

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