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Dateline: the early 1900’s. Europe’s major powers were divided into the
Triple Entente of Great Britain, France and Russia and the Triple Alliance of Germany,
Austro-Hungary, and Italy. Then in 1914, Austro-Hungarian heir, Franz
Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia but
fellow Slavic nation, Russia, intervened. Germany knew supporting Austro-Hungary meant
conflict with Russia’s allies and moved against Paris on the Western Front. The battleground became a series of trenches
stretching from the English Channel all the way to Switzerland. As soldiers fought for inches, tanks, aerial
dogfights, and chemical weapons made World War I even deadlier. Meanwhile, Britain mobilized its world-class
navy, requiring oil from the Ottoman Empire. Unfortunately, they’d just buddied up to Germany
and Austro-Hungary as the Central Powers. With the help of T.E. Lawrence, the British
incited Arabian revolt. Now 1918, the war has raged for three and
a half years, but the Allies have lost Russia to revolution. Fortunately, Germany’s U-boat attacks and
the Zimmerman Letter have incited the United States. Will the British and French hold off the Central
Powers until they arrive? Can Italy reclaim lands lost to the Austro-Hungarians? Did we just disguise this history lesson as
a LORE? Have fun!

100 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 1: The Great War | LORE in a Minute! | Jackfrags | LORE

  1. Austria Hungry won one battle in the war by themselves, it was in the winter of 1914 but the Serbs quickly took their land back, all of the other Austrian wins had help with their allies

  2. Two big mistakes. 1 wrong flag for Austro-Hungarian, that's just the Hungerian flag. 2. The British wanted better access to Russian by sea which mint going through the darnell's which the Ottomans held against them. Not because the British wanted Ottoman oil.

  3. The Austro-Hungarian flag was incorrect; it looked like you were using the Hungarian flag during the Second World War.

  4. And why isn't Serbia in WW1 I mean Serbia kind of is a major country in the war since Austro-Hungary declared on Serbia and that's how the whole war started.

  5. 0:21 that was wrong.
    the noob assasins trolled but assasins go eat some lunch and assasin find her and killed her. rofl

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