BATTLEFIELD 1 trailer reaction review by Jaby!

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  1. That was all just cutscenes though so the game will look and play differently. That being said Star Wars Battlefront actually looked close to this so I believe the game will look close to this.

  2. I believe that this is Game Engine Footage because Star Wars Battlefront allready looks so epic as fuck on the PS4.
    Sure… on PC it will looks even better with the perfect PC but yeah… I believe that the game is going to look like that

  3. wont work well on Xbox? That is a dumbass opinion especially for how early it is. Even Hardline was 900p and I play on PC. Your just bashing with no facts. First and last time watching this biased ass channel.

  4. And this ladys and gentlemen is why you just must have a PC to really enjoy that type of games. He said it all.

  5. Game Engine footage, it'll always look better than in-game footage. this is what the Frostbite engine could be if the consoles and all PC's were powerful enough to pull this off. which it won't be cause game engines are always more advanced than gameplay ever could by on current hardware

  6. Have you seen the graphics for Star Wars Battlefront? It looks amazing, even on PS4.
    Battlefield 1 will probably blow those graphics away.

  7. Game engine graphics relates to in game singleplayer scenes.. Few of the scenes are from multiplayer sessions but most of it is in game. Thanks to frostbite 3 battlefield can now easily achieve this quality. U shouldve seen the tweets of bf game designers after watching cod trailer. Hilarious xD

  8. it must be on the latest 1080 GTX(this card is on drugs) , no way this will be so powerful on XBOX or PS4 , lets hope it will be good as on PC

  9. There's a difference between "gameplay footage" and "game engine footage". Gameplay is, as it says, actual gameplay. In game engine just means it's rendered in the actual engine, it could still be pre-rendered in the engine and such. Some games have cinematics in engines and they are a lot more detailed than actual gameplay.

  10. one thing is game engine footage and the other is in-game footage, this is just a cinematic with the frostbite engine.

  11. This is why people hate reaction trailers because of reactors like you. You sit there keeping the same face saying no words

  12. Battlefront's in game graphics looks as good as this one and since dice is using the same frostbite engine i believe it's the actual in game footage.

  13. This guy hasn't played any recent battlefield if he has doubts of the graphics. Also his bitching and judging the Xbox ones performance earns him a dislike.

  14. I believe that it is In engine footage, have you seen battlefront on max graphics? Forstbite is amazing, and their graphics get better every year, that's just how it works. I wouldn't be surprised if the game looks like this trailer in-game.

  15. It'll probably look that good on high end PC's, more so for the singleplayer, less so for multiplayer, but either way its the next iteration of the Frostbite engine which is known to be one sexy son of a bitch of a game engine so it's still gonna look damn good on all 3 systems. Mmm can't wait to get this

  16. These are just Cutscene footage! Gameplay is gonna be a bit lower in detail than this I guess! But yeah, this if rom a really high end PC, definitely the current gen consoles won't be giving out that quality!

  17. I don't know, DICE mainly uses PC for the trailer and game footage, but with them not having 360 and PS3 holding them back, anymore they can do a lot more

  18. Battlefield never disappointed us since BF3, they used the exact game engine for the campaign, the multi might be a bit low cause the massive all out battlefield is quite hard to make

  19. Game Engine Footage doesn't mean in game footage. It's just shows what kind of quality engine is capable to produce, but to do it in high quality on 4k TV you have to scale it down. Game Engine footage means that it was rendered with game engine on maximum quality(with extra low fps on professional video cards), not that you will see this type of in game graphics.

  20. It is actual game footage, because It really looks alot like Start Wars Battlefront Graphics, but BF1 is more of an Upgraded Frosbite Engine, probably need to get me a new GTX 1080 or 1070, why can't call of duty looks like this? my goodness, Infinity Ward keeps releasing new COD every year, and now they're out of ideas!

  21. I think you're confusing "GAME ENGINE FOOTAGE" with "GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE". It's probably all still pre-rendered cinematics, they just used the game engine rather than farming the work out to a VFX company.

  22. try battlefield please try it
    Battlefield:who said they don't believe me?!
    me:it was him!
    Battlefield:DOUBTER! PLAY BF4

  23. Keep in mind a game engine in itself is just the sub-program that runs the game (physics engine, graphics engine, anything else). For a pre-rendered movie like this, they can cut out most actual gameplay information (anything the player does, physics, all of that) because it's scripted. So it's possible they can up the graphical fidelity for things like these, which are essentially in-engine cutscenes.

  24. Best, latest GTX graphics card? Well I guess I'm lucky I have a GTX 1080. Even though it took months for it to become available….

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