Battlefield 1 Trailer With Actual WW1 Footage

Enemy plane! Come on in! Move away! Get ready, men!

99 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Trailer With Actual WW1 Footage

  1. Still shows the horrors that soldiers went through, and still a fucking good video with very good footage that's over 100 years old

  2. This is so bad compared the trailer. Imagine if ww1 had the same cameras to capture what happened 100 years ago.

  3. Am I the only one who finds it disrespectful and cringey playing a dubstep esq version of seven nation army over what was the most dark, bloody war in history?

    Don't even get me started on the game.
    I sold it after 3 days.
    Worst representation of WW1 ever.

    A black German soldier? Hmmmmm

  4. Who ever made this…….thank you….Why isn't this the actual trailer?….oh and I'm using this WWI kahoot

  5. Great video, but… I have to question the authenticity of a lot of the footage. A lot of it was shot from above and as you probably know, it wasn't exactly safe to stick your head out above the trenches. I heard that a lot of footage, of witch was claimed that it was authentic, later turned out to be shot in a studio, for this reason.

  6. its really sad how retards play games like this ww1 was a terrible battle and greedy people make theses games as a joke.

  7. Your telling me that a three nation army didn't stop the British

    Release the seven nation army.

  8. To be honest the only annoying part it a said allies and central powers where it should have been the entente and central powers allies where ww2

  9. When i was young, and saw footage from the early 1900s, i'd always wonder why people and vehicles seemed to move faster there than now

  10. Man, I studied warfare for my classes, but seeing footage like this is still humbling. God rest these men's souls.

  11. That first 7 seconds and then the scene where the Germans are leaving their trench and running into no mans land purely BADASS

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