Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4

hey guys Levelcap here and today we’re gonna compare battlefield 1 and battlefield 4 in regards to the state of their releases available features, visual fidelity, and the fun factor Let’s get into it and what better place to start than the launch of both games now the battlefield franchise has had some plaguing launches in the past to say the least. and battlefield 4 was definitely one of them the game had numerous
crashing and failing to launch issues laggy multiplayer performance and the
myriad of bugs that broke the fundamental game designs these issues
were eventually ironed out but it took a lot longer than expected the current
state of battlefield 4 however is so much better it’s almost night and day
when compared to the initial game that launched but many of the biggest
improvements came over a year after release battlefield 1 on the other hand
has had a relatively stable lunch building upon the engine and launch
issues that Battlefield 4 learned from this game has had minimal netcode and
crashing issues most of the bigger technical issues that this game has had
have now been fixed only several patches after release it’s not even a debate
really as to which game had a better release battlefield 4 had an incredibly
rocky start where Battlefield 1 hit the ground running aside from some
large-scale DDoS attacks there wasn’t much that got in the way of people
playing and enjoying Battlefield 1 so in that category BF1 is clearly the
victor but let’s talk about some of the game features now battlefield 4 has had
three years to add in tons of features but rather than focusing on what the
game has become let’s talk about what it had at the start at launch battlefield 4
shipped with 10 multiplayer maps 64 primary weapons that’s not including
sidearms or gadgets and 16 classifications of vehicles not counting
the visual differences between factions of course battlefield 1 on the other
hand launched with 9 maps plus the year 1 giant shadow that we got from the
December DLC for a total of 10 which is the same as battlefield 4 ultimately but
the primary weapons for battlefield 1 only shipped with 24 vs. battlefield 4’s 64 which is practically a third of the
weapon variety of battlefield 4 this also meant we lost the universal class
weapon so guns you could use across any class aren’t really available in
battlefield 1 unless you count the sidearms now we could say that the
different variations of guns in battlefield 1 count is more weapons but
really the variations are just taking the place of battlefield 4’s attachment
system which allowed you to modify and customize any of the 64 primary guns at
launch plus the sidearms as well the lack of weapon variety could be tied
into the setting of battlefield 1 but as many community members have pointed out
there are a lot more weapons yet to be realized in this theater of war
now battlefield 1 launched with 11 classifications of vehicles and 12 if we
count the horse not quite battlefield 4 16 vehicles but then again many of
battlefield ones vehicle modifications change the purpose of vehicles pretty
drastically such as the artillery trucks ability to become an anti-air truck with
the right vehicle loadout on the other hand battlefield 4 had a bit more
variety helicopters added a whole different type of combat to the game and
the attack boats played a much more vital role when compared to the boats in
battlefield 1 I’d say the two games are fairly equal when it comes to vehicle
choices both have their pros and cons but neither game clearly stands out over
the other now I didn’t mention behemoths in the
vehicle section because those really take the place of battlefield 4’s
levolution if you haven’t caught on by now it seems like each major battlefield
game from here on out it’s going to have a big gimmicky feature that’s going to
look amazing in trailers and sell the shit out of these games battlefield 4’s
levolution was one of those things that look great at first but got old real
quick and ultimately didn’t really add anything to the gameplay behemoths on
the other hand look amazing and are implemented in a strategic way to
influence the battle also battlefield 1 still has many level events scattered
around maps like the collapsing rock bridge and Sinai desert or destroying
the front of Fao fortress other added features along the same lines include
dynamic weather effects squad joining for PC and a new and improved spectator
mode which is a bit more powerful than the one from battlefield 4
now when it comes to graphics and destruction it’s a
little bit of an unfair comparison because battlefield one came out three
years after battlefield 4 which is also being held back by old gen console
requirements when battlefield 4 launched it was one of the best-looking
multiplayer games and still holds up when compared to most games of today
however it wasn’t that big of a leap from battlefield 3 without the old gen
console ball-and-chain battlefield 1 has taken the visuals even further I think
it’s pretty safe to say that battlefield 1 is one of the most visually stunning
multiplayer titles on the market now battlefield 1 did see a pretty big
upgrade when it comes to environmental destruction as well having dynamic
terrain deformation is something that hasn’t been taken to this level in a
battlefield title before and it really adds a new sense of realism to the game
more buildings are also destructible compared to the previous title though
that feature is not something that was being held back by technology as much as
it was a design choice in battlefield 4 to not include as much destruction
generally speaking I think the battlefield community is much happier
with the level of destruction available in bf1 visually though
battlefield 1 is a much bigger leap forward from battlefield 4 then
battlefield 4 was from battlefield 3 in regardless of the old gen console
circumstances of the previous game I still think we kind of have to give the
win in this category to battlefield 1 now one area of bf1 that has not quite
lived up to the previous title is the reward system now I have talked about
this aspect of battlefield one at length and in multiple videos but to give you a
basic overview the customization of vehicles and weapons has been shifted
away from the reward based system and put into a battle pack system that
focuses on luck and money not only this but the aesthetic options are less than
they were in battlefield 4 as we no longer have any sort of soldier
customization the metal and dog tag system has also been diminished by
trying to shoehorn it into a daily quest scenario with a bad user interface
without question the battlefield 1 reward system is a major step back from
battlefield 4 and it’s especially disappointing when this was one of the
systems that already needed a fair bit of improvement in this department battlefield 4 without question takes the win now when it comes to single players I
think most people would agree that battlefield 1 had better stories and
was more interesting because of the historical relevance from a gameplay
standpoint I think they were both on par in the sense that they weren’t
challenging in the slightest and neither seemed to pull away from the gaming on
rail sensation personally it takes a lot for a single player to wow me so if I
had to grade these single players I would have to say battlefield 4 was a
solid C with battlefield 1 only inching ahead with a C+
luckily the main selling factors of both of these games are the multiplayer
content and I feel the single-player is practically designed in part there to
make compelling trailers for the game as well now let’s talk about the gameplay
balance and fun factors of the two games feature sets aside none of that really
matters if you’re not having fun while playing the game ultimately so this is a
pretty important subject this is also the most subjective part of the whole
video as some people clearly prefer the more modern combat of battlefield 4 and
others prefer the step back in time with battlefield 1 personally I think the
gameplay in battlefield 1 is superb the removal of assault rifles allows the
dice map design to work much better than it did in battlefield 4 time to kill is
a little slower and medium-range combat is now much more forgiving allowing
people to move around more easily however there are of course some
familiar dice traits in battlefield 1 that I consider to be a negative the
grenade spam and gas spam is right on the verge of bad almost dipping into the
awful category weapon spread recoil and suppression has taken a step in the
casual gaming direction the learning curve for recoil has become easier and
the power of suppression has been tripled if not quadrupled both of these
things put much more power in the hands of novice players if you’re a novice
player then this is a good thing but if you want to commit yourself to the game
you may find the gunplay to be a bit shallow and although I’m still really
enjoying battlefield 1 right now I imagine this will curtail my enjoyment
over time then again the gunplay grenades and balance of battlefield 4
has gone through some massive changes during its lifetime
so it’s possible we may see the same thing with battlefield 1 from a fun aspect I’m enjoying battlefield 1 a bit more right now
it’s easier to find a balanced non one-sided game of battlefield one than
it ever was in battlefield 4 even with all the balance and long-term additions
that dice has made to battlefield 4 I think BF 1 is still a superior title in
the fun factor alone content-wise battlefield 4 had more things to do at
launch and the lack of reward-based content in battlefield one has really
agitated me and will continue to do so but flaws aside I think battlefield 1 is
a great addition to the Battlefield franchise in many years from now when
we’re all playing the next Battlefield game I’m sure many of my battlefield
memories will come back to this game and the epic enjoyment it has brought me
both battlefield 4 and battlefield 1 are good games but I think battlefield 1 has
started off on a better foot than bf4 and has the potential to refine itself
into a legendary game I look forward to seeing all the updates and balance
changes dice brings to this game let me know in the comments what you think
about Battlefield 1 vs. Battlefield 4 which game do you think is better and
why as always thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you next time this is
level-cap signing out

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 VS Battlefield 4

  1. In my opinion Battlefield 4 is the battlefield made so far. There's just something about it that you don't get from any of the other battlefields I don't know if that's just nostalgia or what but I can play Battlefield 1 or Hardline even 3 and never get the same feeling that I get off of Battlefield 4.

  2. Battlefield 1 i think wins, not only cause it's newer or looks better, WW1 was something that was forgotten in FPS games history, was practiced only by some Indie developers! Second, Battlefield 1 was VERY good at launch and still doesn't need a tank la AC Origins, Wolfenstein 2 etc or like BF4 in 2013!!!! Battlefield 1 is definetly something that DICE really made with caution and with passion! I'm sad that Battlefront 1 and 2 pretty much failed (i only care for Battlefront 1, fuck 2)…. Thank you, DICE! But will also be a pain for DICE what Battlefield game will come next….

  3. People say bf1 are suck cuz never play this i play bf1 and say its great game better than all battlefild

  4. I chose bf1 because it's not as unbalanced witch is bull both games can be super unbalanced and in my opinion bf1 is extremely unbalanced

  5. I have both games, since I bought it I have played BF1 on multi-player six times…..I hate it and wish i'd never got it. BF4 is no contest a better game, BF3 was a better game, BF2 was a better game. Better graphics does not make for better gameplay.

  6. Its very simple Battlefield 4 > Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1 is the most simplified , and arcadish battlefield so far. The shitty WW 1 setting makes it even more ridiculous where the game feels more modern than the modern shooters. And lastly, the game is just boring ….. that's probably the biggest sin .

  7. Who complained about bf1? Battlefield fans. Who complained about hardline? Battlefield fans. Who complained about b4? Battlefield fans. Who complained about bf3? Battlefield fans. I'm a battlefield fan but the fan boys here are about as bad as cod fans. "The older games are better" well you go play the older games cause I like them having varieties of war eras

  8. I really like bf1 at first, but over time, even after all the dlc, I'm bored of it. Now I mostly go back and play bf4 or hardline because of the customization and rewardingness (if that's a word). I just wish there were more servers up so I could play some of the final stand maps more. Honestly I think bf4 is far better, there is so much to do and when you finished the base game and got the dlc it felt like you got a whole nother bf game. But bf1s dlc just feels like the same boring gunplay with 2 new guns and like 6 different variants. Bf4 is actually challenging and ing bf1 almost every round I end up at the top of the scoreboard unless I am using a crappy gun to unlock another or just messing around. Where in bf4 I usually get like 14th or 8th on conquest large It took me forever to reach rank 98 in bf4 but it took me almost half so long to reach 94 in bf1. Overall I just miss bf4 and bf3, they are great games but too new to remaster and too old to have a large player base without bad server connection

  9. It seems no one is ever satisfied with the Newest game in a franchise. I remember when BF4 Came out everyone said "Screw this shit! Im going back to BF3" and now its the same story with BF1. I wonder when BF5 Comes out will it be the same story.
    I think the big problem with BF1 is that Dice were absolute cunts and made over half the Guns DLC, Removed 95% of weapon customisation (What were they thinking? Surely they could have made up some sort of customisation system with WW1 Era weapons even if they made it up?)
    Personally I love both but since Im a History buff I think BF1 Appeals to me more but honestly I dont know which I prefer. In general I prefer Historic Setting shooters to Modern setting shooters but thats all I can say really.

  10. i like both games, but for me i live in Australia and the console player base on both has died drastically.. so there is only a few servers going on either game currently.

  11. I like battlefield 4 a lot better. The guns are balanced, you don’t die fucking immediately if you deploy on the ground, and the guns have way more customization to them. Just my opinion.

  12. As a new gamer, (got my first console November 2017) and a fan of both games, I can say that I had more fun with battlefield 1. It has its flaws, but to the 95 percent of people like me, I think it’s the better option. The skill ceiling is way lower, which may be a good thing for you pro gamers, but to the majority, it’s great because it means I can hop on a round of conquest at my convenience and do decent. If I try to do the same in BF4, I’ll get killed by the same dude in an attack heli 12 times in a single round.

  13. I played bf4 for the first time today, the first time I've played bf since bf3 open beta, and I can tell you I'm in love.

  14. I bought BF1 cuz it has a discount. 2 weeks later,BF4 and Hardline bundle had a discount today and it is cheaper than BF1. And people in the comments are saying that BF4 is better. Lmao my storage is full. Should i delete GTA V and download the bundle or should i delete BF1 and download the bundle?

  15. If i were to rebuy battlefield 4 because I'm not a fan of bf1 would their still be servers to play on?

  16. Bf1 is better. It's different and trying to keep the franchise fresh. Bf4 tried being like 3 (my favorite) but failed. The only thing I really disliked was the lack of guns and custom but that don't stop me from enjoying it

  17. One thing that BF4 is better than bf1 is how you control the gun recoil. In BF4, there is always a pattern on each weapon and can shoot short, medium long range if you can control the recoil and the way shoot (spreading vs tap firing) in BF1, you can’t do that which is kind of frustrating if there is an enemy far away but can’t shoot since the recoil is more random than BF4

  18. I’m my opinion BF4 is better is requires more skill teamwork and is tactical all the vehicles and most weapons are not underpowered but aren’t overpowered to

  19. When it comes to weapons, I'd take quality over quantity. Of the 64 weapons in BF4, SOO MANY of them feel them same. Just my opinion

  20. Bf4 is way better but people give bf1 way too much shit. Bf1s battles are a lot crazier and the destruction is super good. But bf4 adds little things the the tower at siege and the flood zone

  21. i prefer bf4, because of the customization (soldier and gun) and the fact that i thought all classes were fun and had their uses, but in bf1 i really only find myself playing sniper because at close range there are only automatici users, and mid is only lmgs and medics

  22. I just want a game that is not futuristic nor back in time like ww2 or ww1. I just want a game that represents today’s real guns not just some futuristic glowing looking gun. My vote is for bf4. They need to bring back these games like bf4 and mw2 those games are not futuristic not back in time and that’s why I like bf4.

    Edit: I to like back in time games but not as much as games like bf4

  23. Everyone who thinks bf4 is better…he is …..a jerk.Bf1 is much better.Many people say that bf4 has better weapons but you should think that bf1 is about ww1(1914-1918)and it is normal to have worst guns.Also bf1's graphics and physics are much much better!!!!

  24. I really want to like battlefield 1 but the battle packs ruin it for me I’m coming in late and I just hate that I can progress naturally but battlefield 1 is old now any way

  25. I like BF 4 conquest alot more than BF1 conquest. BF1 has a better storyline but still not compelling. I loved Bad Company's story and comedy, miss that still. I keep thinking if I just play BF1 conquest more, I'll grow to like it, Still hasn't happened, I just know BF4 better I guess and still haven't grasped all of BF1's content which is probably why I get bored.

  26. I like BF4 more than BF1 because in my opinion I really like modern weapons, planes, trucks, cars, all that kind of stuff and the most important thing is that it’s all my opinion.

  27. Bf4 2013 bad start
    Bf1 2016 great start
    Bf4 2016 Amazing
    Bf1 2019 Great
    Bf4 2019 Amazing
    Bf1 8/10 I really like it
    Bf4 10/10 i love it

  28. Battlefield 4 is in my opinion, superior to Battlefield 1. Personally in the first three matches, I got really annoyed and bored.
    Battlefield 4, I could play for weeks without boredom.

  29. Battle field 4 is better im not even watching the video or reading the comments its just straight factual information

  30. bf1 is the first battlefield i played, but when i downloaded bf4 i couldnt get into it everyone is really good and i feel like the only way to get a good kd is if you use tanks, bf1 everyone is a fucking noob especially on ps4 its not hard being top on the leader board with a solid amount of kills and a good kd, (good stats is my way of having fun)

  31. Bf1 is a unique experience with amazing gunplay and graphics. Bf4 is a great modern shooter with a stronger focus on customization than bf1. Bf1 is great but bf4 is amazing.
    Bf1 is a solid B+

  32. I just recently went back to bf4 do to ea access being on PlayStation now & let me just tell you I’m having more fun than I did on bf1 & V. Or any other FPS game honestly.

  33. My biggest problem with bf1 is: lack of customization and the HATEFUL maps: empires edge, sinai desert, fao fortress and monte grappa. BF4 is my all time favorite fps game

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