Battlefield 1: War Stories

This is the BF1 BBC, with truly astonishing
reports from the front line. Medics are abandoning their duties, desperate
for glory and loot, no matter the cost! Only our heroic officer class have kept our
forces from total anarchy! Meanwhile, back in glorious Albion and across
the Atlantic, the brightest boffins from the Allied powers are developing miracle weapons,
with the power of science! If you are able to donate horses for final
victory, report to the war office post haste! In the east, deep in the frozen kingdom of
the Tsar, there are rumours of a ruthless battalion of Russian soldiers – who are women! Telegrams say they take no prisoners, and
use their powers of female persuasion for murder and mayhem. This footage was smuggled from battlefields
all over the world to shine the beacon of truth on the war to end all wars. It is violent. It is brutal. It is bleak. Will you be able to maintain your constitution
when you see it? Do your country proud and watch this to contribute to final victory!

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