Battlefield 3 – Game Idiot

the games are too hard cause hes a retard
and thats why they call him the game idiot. Welcome to whats this show Game idiot? Game
Idiot, Im apparently the Game Idiot. So Bryan will not learn to play video games so were
trying to teach him . I usually hit up so lets find an empty server. Through a show.
Do I get to pick who I am? Who am I/ Who am I? Stop! Get ready. That hurts. So what we
would like to see Bryan Kill one person. Right. Thats the goal. Just kill one person in this.
And we want to put you in a squad. There are some stairs up there. Yeah I know and Im going
to them, Jesus Christ! Give me a fucking break! Alright, Its hard to navigate in this fucking
world. Is it? Yeah it is cause theres a lot of fucking buttons! Pretty standar. Try to
get used to this….Aaaahhhhh you son of a bitch! Fuck you! Hes shooting straight up.
I got you! You dirty Fuck! You see this is….what do they do? Is that me? No, thats the guy
that killed you. Fuck you! Make the ceiling fall. Wooo woo woo so now. Theres no reason
to shoot if theres nobody there. I know. Now when you get used to this, this thumb, get
kinda used to like. Which thumb? Hes coming from the right. You son of a bitch! You gotta
aim at him! Fuck! Yeah that aiming, aim at something. Like imagine that sign is like
a bad guy over there. To your right. And you wanna shoot it. Aim it. Aim…..cause the
aim thing….no no no. Ok, Its very hard to see the aim things. He doesnt know aim down
sight yet. Oh ok got you. This? Well thats one way. This is that right? Yeah, thats . Yeah
see I blew it up. Oh theres another guy though. He just ran into the building. Alright dammit!
Youre all very annoying. Left. This is gonna. I think Im doing …..Ohhhhhh! You son of
a bitch! There on you. You see youre just the gunner, your not driving the tank. Somebody
else is driving the tank. So I cant even aim where the ….You can aim! With the right
and left. Oh theres the gun. Ok now go right and left. There you go, take out the billboard.
Ok. This guys taking you in to the. Oh no. Whats this guy doing? What are you doing?
Hes an idiot too! How do I know where the bad guys are? You see those objectives there?
A B C D. I see the B . Yeah youre still there. Im not driving. Yeah, I know but im just telling
you, blue means you have that objective. ok, Holy shit what happened? He just drove over
the sites. This is the guy driving not me. I know. This zooms in and out. Ooooo thats
good. Thats helpful, thank you Brent. Ooooo theres a bad guy! You mother fucker, get the
fuck out of here! Get him! I just killed that guy? Yeahhhhhhh! Mother fucker! You see! Enemy
kill one hundred bitch! ohhhh Im on foot. Im on foot. That happened a lot quicker than
anyone ever thought. Its the tank! Its how you level up. Yeah. Oh theres a plane, there
you go. Lets do this shit. Alright. Alright, down here see Im learning. You see enemy plane
right above you. He set himself up for you. Aim towards him. If you hit traingle . Ohhhh
shit! Pull up! What the fuck!! There you go, its like you were born with wings huh. Alright
so we killed a guy, we got that, your objective now is to take a base. Oh yeah. Heres your
objective, you gotta get on Charlie . Ohh Ohh Ohh. Pull down, Pull down! Yeah look at
me im hiding! Im sneaky! No! No! Get him get him! Ohhh boy. Look im alive though fucker!
He knows youre drunk. Hes gonna take you tag. Wacth out behind you. Hes coming back. Out
the front door. Yeah maybe maybe Ill kill the fucker. Just remember. There you go. Yeah
yeah come on bitch! Easy with it. Come on bitch!! Ahhhhh theers another one you fucker!
Ohhh you stabbing me? Somebody behind me. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah and Im still fucking
alive bitches! You should tea bag him. Oh yeah like I could do that? Here! You can take
a base! Stay right there. Stop it! You see how this E is going down. Ohhhh. That means
youre taking this base. So maybe get in that trailer. Hide in there. Go hide in that trailer.
Fuck yeah. Hide in the trailer. Ooohhhh. Get a bead on the door. Get in! Your new objective
is to get in a building. To your left turn around. You see a bike just came in. Ok look
at me. Hes to your right now. Look at the door. Im doing it. You gotta watch the map.
Im in fucking war. Oh your… There he is. Behind me. Run away. Oh oh ahhh. There you
go. He was behind me. Turn around so he wont shoot you in the back. Is it really that bad
to watch me play this game? Its painful. Its terrible. Alright so whats my next objective?
Get in the chopper! Get in the choppy! Get in the choppy!! Viper? Yeah you can get in
there now. See! Im getting this shit! Ohhhh you got this. Oh fuck yeah! Ohh no, youre
driving. Im driving? How do I drive?!? Hes gotta… sorry. Yeah bitch Im in the air!
First flight! Yeee Whooooo! Alright….hey hey hey hey wooo wooo wooo . Wow youre not
dead yet. Oh my God. Youre killing it! You deployed the Parachute. Thats so bad. But
I was doing good, did I die? Hes the game idiot, oh hes retarded. Game idiot

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 – Game Idiot

  1. He's so bad but got a bit better I remember my first time playing battlefield and I was better than that but I was 11 and it was battlefield Vietnam

  2. It's funny seeing this old video clip after watching their new stuff on Neebs channel. I guess some things never change LMAO

  3. I’ve always confused Appsro with Thick 😂 I thought in real life Appsro was Thick and Thick was Appsro 😂 up until I saw this video of them talking

  4. I just stumbled upon this little gem cluster and I said to my husband, I wish Neebs gaming would re-do this series updated to 2018 and he replied, They do, in every video Simon appears in. Love this man, and we love you too Sy-sy!

  5. Ah the memories. 'Simon' has come a long way in 2 years. Love ya man. Don't leave or I will hunt you down. Lol

  6. Brian? Brian? Fucking Brian? I thought it was Simon. With an S instead of a B… B. B for Brian. Wyf

  7. me and my wife have been watching you guys for a few years now and never put the faces to the names. we in our infinite boredom decided to try this channel(from neebsgaming) and we sat here the entire time debating on whos who. We figured it out tho. only took a few years

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