Battlefield 4 – ’80s Style

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 – ’80s Style

  1. Seriously? Do you even know anything about the actual 1980's? Or did you just learn everything about it from Far Cry: Blood Dragon? Because I can tell that was the least 80's thing ever.

  2. everything but multiplayer ate ass on bf4. the only downside to multiplayer was teh fact they would fuckin nerf every weapon once a month because no one would stop bitching about how op guns were every fuckin week

  3. I don't think they would have publicly shown someone's neck being broken in the 80's. So I guess I give you a 9/10 on this one.

  4. God i fucking love the 80s, and it seems those days are actually starting to make a comeback now. What with the rise of synth wave like perturbator. And some badass movies that actually werent that bad like kung fury lol. Yessss, YEEEEESSSS, THE 80S ARE RETURNING!

  5. you know its Muricaaaa 80's when its like, OMG MA FREEDOM, so free, im so fucking free, my fucking free freedom, free fuckign freedom, free doesnt come free, ma fucking freedom.

  6. the next battlefield should take place during either operation desert storm, or operation Iraqi freedom.
    yes I edited it because i spelled desert wrong

  7. Can you do "Star wars Battlefront II (2017)" 80s style trailer with the CBS/FOX logo with the original EA logo please?

  8. hahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahhaaahhahhahhahhahhahhhahahhahhahhhhhahhhahahhahahaahahhahhhaahhahahhah
    hahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahhaaahhahhahhahh oh god my sides hurt.

  9. Downgrading BF4's visual to 80s style make it look like an actual camera recorded video rather than 3d graphics, cool.

  10. It almost makes the campaign look fun.

    I seriously have never been so mad at a game in my life, the campaign for bf4 is the most insulting dogshit I've ever played

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