Battlefield 4 REVIEW! Adam Sessler Reviews

This review is brought to you by Audible. Mayhem. That’s Battlefield at its core. Ever
since the release of 1942 back in 2002 the franchise is justifiably known for facilitating
emergent moments of inspired chaos that either compel or alienate players, depending on their
dispositions. Battlefield 4 still revels in those moments and continues to offer up moments
of awe as planes careen into the ground and buildings disintegrate. This time it’s even
bigger. And big has its virtues and discontent. The
centerpiece accomplishment of this outing is conquest mode that allows for 64 players
to have at it on next gen systems and PC and the fact that maps can handle it without feeling
cramped is remarkable. But Multiplayer is all about the moment, and combat, for the
most part, is still happening in your immediate environment, making the map size benefit spectacle
more than gameplay. Not to dismiss the undeniable novelty of sailing to your map point, destroying
what you will along the way but strategically what is in front of you will always take precedence
over what is happening tens of virtual miles away. Those virtual miles are keenly felt when you
don’t have a vehicle to traverse the larger maps. Running, or swimming is again an unfortunate
side effect and some maps, in particular Paracel Storm and Floodzone can find you waylaid digging
your thumb into the control stick as you desperately paddle through the water to get to the action.
Then again, that’s what Battlefield is and the benefits of having such large spaces for
sniping and missiles, to say nothing of the opportunity to slow down for a second and
get your bearings before entering the fray. Once you enter the breach the game still knows
how to be exciting. Most of the levels have control points that are cleverly designed
with verticality and places to squirrel yourself away and the levels as a whole provide the
sense of security that quickly erodes as you realize time and again how exposed you really
are. This is all the more apparent as the pervasively destructible environment comes
into play. Walls don’t last for long in Battlefield 4. That’s the core joy of the Battlefield franchise,
the player invention and the satisfaction that derives from recognizing opportunity
and seeing it through. Over the course of playing the game I was constantly caught up
with new paths to take, new locations to hunker down in and other players finding fresh ways
to undermine everything i was doing. As intense and hardcore as they game presents itself
there’s an inherent silliness to Battlefield that makes it tick and keeps it compulsive.
At its best, Battlefield 4 capitalizes on it’s inherent appeal to provide thrilling
moments of entertainment. (ON CAM)
If there’s one thing that gets overused in a multiplayer review is the admonition to
play as a team but in the case of Battlefield 4 it cannot be overstated. The size of the
maps become less of an issue if you work with your squad to choose which objective to tackle
next. Rounding a corner by yourself only to find a healthy opposing squad waiting for
you is tedious, taking that corner with five other becomes an exciting firefight and defines
what this game is all about. (VO) Alongside the Conquest mode is the new Obliteration
game. a bomb randomly spawns on the map and both sides fight over acquisition and getting
it to one of three detonation locations on the map. It’s a clever design as it both focuses
the combat while simultaneously spanning the entire environment. Additionally there is
domination which is all about holding points on the map. Returning again is Rush which
has one team attacking a base and one defending. In all of these cases modes prefer particular
maps. operation locker, a brilliant small map is exquisite for domination but struggles
for obliteration. Paracel Storm, with it’s large amount of water can make Rush a little
challenging with boats that took a fair amount of time to spawn and the map flooodzone is
just all around tough to manage if you’re not on the rooftops and the streets are covered
in water. But what about the much ballyhooed Levelution.
Each map has aspects that change over time Langcang Dam has a dam that collapses sending
chunks of concrete all over the map, Paracel storm has a hurricane that increases in intensity
as the match plays on eventually sending a massive boat onto shore. Without a doubt these
moments are dramatic and some are triggered by player actions and all of them do change
the landscape but their impact on strategy is a bit muted as because there is a fair
amount of consistency as to how they impact the playing space. More significant are the
smaller destructible objects and structures which are wholly caused by player actions
and come with little warning. Battlefield 4 also has with a single player
campaign that is an improvement over battlefield 3 but is still a joyless slog. Your squad,
Tombstone, finds themselves in the midst of China collapsing through machinations of a
renegade general. After setting off an EMP bomb contact with the larger american military
is impossible and the conflict is contextualized with the limited information your squad gains
through the course of trying to protect an important chinese VIP. Or at least that what
I think happened. it’s actually an interesting concept to tell
the story from a micro level but the writing is so abysmal that even the talents of Michael
K Williams cannot breathe life into the heavy-handed and painfully earnest dialogue. The combat, far less scripted than 3, is nonetheless
lifeless and, despite having some large areas to fight in, never realizes the sense of player
creativity exemplified in the multiplayer. Set pieces abound but there’s nothing too
astonishing about destroyed boats and collapsing dams here. in fact much of the campaign feels
oddly obligatory for its nominal length. Battlefield was and is a multiplayer game
at its heart and the fun is there. If you’ve never gravitated to its style of play i can’t
see how 4 is going to convert anyone but the new maps and modes reinvigorate a franchise
that very effectively understands its appeal. a 4 out of 5. Let’s take a moment to thank our sponsor,
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99 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 REVIEW! Adam Sessler Reviews

  1. Guys, please help me on this question. I own the PS3, and wanted to get the PS4, but won't be able to because I'm really busy with school, so I can't work, and my parents are busy paying for a lot of things. Point is, I can't buy the PS4 for Battlefield 4. If I just buy Battlefield 4 for the PS3, can I play with people who own Battlefield 4 on the PS4 online? Do you know if there will be any lag? Thank you for responses, I'm a big fan of BF and don't want to miss out.

  2. Anyone think this looks exactly like BF3 with new maps? The first time I thought the reveal was a fake, uploaded by a troll.

  3. I'vehad this game one day aand can't remember how many times it has frozen on me on X box. How are reviewers giving this a good review is beyond me.
    Save your money or buy it when it drops to about €10.

  4. Don't blame the devs, blame EA for pushing the release of an unfinished game too early.
    EA should give everyone their money back.

  5. Whats these dog tag codes about? With my battlefield 4 I got 2 dog tag codes. The guy in the shop says these codes upgrade the game? To the delux edition? Help

  6. BF4 sucks its just bf3.5. and still loads of bugs loads of complaints. maybe you should mention that as well. mine review 1 out of 5. i believe bf2142 had more fun and the later versions.

  7. can someone answer the question. Does this game play more like bc2 or bf3? please give an explanation cause this will determine if i will like it thx

  8. I love the single player except for the BS ending but the multiplayer is freaking amazing especially if you have a team the real only thing i have to say is that the AC-130 is just to way to weak to even be called a AC-130 and there are barley any explosions for it it should be massive especially for 105 mm cannon.

  9. The only people who aren't fans of this game are people who don't play it right.
    It requires teamwork. I know, I know… working together is a very hard concept for mankind, but it in fact works. Join squads, spawn on them, help them. spawn in a jet do some barrels rolls and fuck shit up. I never thought i'd say this ever, but I have more fun with this one than i did with Battlefield 2. and I worship BF2.
    I bought ghosts when it came out, and enjoyed it for a bit, then I bought BF4.
    Ghosts is dusty as fuuuuuck.

  10. Go away playstation fanboy, people are trying to ask questions about the game, and they will get the game on whatever platform they want, such a stupid ass comment "smart the game on playstation 4 the superior console" you must be a troll

  11. I see lots of hate for this game… I don't know why, I bought it last week and I am loving the multiplayer. Definitely better than BF3. Single player still sucks, and bugs make the single-player absolutely unplayable right now, but Battlefield has always been a multiplayer focused game, so I wasn't expecting much from the campaign. But multiplayer is great!

  12. Just finished this game today and i thought that the games campaign was just too short and wasn't very interesting story some how in was lacking, memorable characters, gripping story, plot twist, great dialogue. But overall it was. OK haven't tried out multiplayer yet but i know multiplayer is the heart of Battlefied so i know that will never be a let down. My rating for this game is a 4/5.

  13. I had a good time playing the BF4 campaign! It was fun. gave weapons for the multiplayer and had good plot twists. Plus added vehicles and and a nice plot twist! I had a good time playing it and the multiplayer is a bit broken ATM it used to be a lot worse but you cant say it hasnt gotten better. 4.8 out of 5 ATM IMO

  14. Are you serious? You should mention the multiplayer problems too! This is supposed to be a review, not an ad!
    Let me help you out. Netcode, hitboxes, invisible walls, bugs all around and so on. This game is broken and it'll never be fixed…

  15. Bf3 is better then 4 and BFBC2 is better then both of them they really drop the ball on this own this installment. It looks good but hides major problems they try to fix with patches along the way.Highly disappointing. 

  16. keen to build my new computer, got all the parts and ive nearly saved up the $$$ only spending $600ish (a little more) and im gonna be able to play this game high-ultra apparently 😀

  17. Check out my friends review on resident evil 6! Look up " The Walker Show resident evil 6 review" and if you like subscribe. More videos coming up soon and they'll be funny! He enjoys making himself look like an idiot lol. Go check it out! Thanks 🙂

  18. Sorry but this game is so not stunning. You people don't see how ugly it is too me, this is not even a real game. You might as well be playing outside if you want the kind of experience these games are supposed to offer, as far as team multiplayer crap. I also don't care for the graphics or how the game is less broken on next gen consoles, it's still the same mindless crap! If any of you know a genuinely good game from a corporate sellout franchise that makes games annually then please like. 

  19. These graphics may be advanced, but that does not stop the game from looking terrible, if it was not battlefield, everyone would be calling it ugly, I simply don't buy the illusion that the game looks good. It's not all about graphics, and polygons, it's about making art, something this game will never be. These are the kind of games that make it hard for intellectuals to take gaming seriously as a form of story telling, because this and Call of Duty, and all these other generic games are not to be taken seriously as an art or a form of story telling.

  20. question is BF4 worth buying? i love BFBC2 and BF3 multiplayer and story but i saw a lot of shit about BF4 i love the BF franchise but is it really worth the buy? give me your guys options that would be awesome! 😀

  21. BF3 is better then BF4, and BFBC2 kicked both their asses I hope they don't screw up BFBC3 if they even make it. We will probably see Battle Bug 5 before that.

  22. I love battlefield but this game has SO many minor flaws that it fucks up the whole gaming experience

  23. I just got the game for ps3 and honestly i have not had problems at all the game has only freezed once im gettig ps4 this summer so i expect even more fun with this game

  24. I thought all battle fields except for 3 had awesome stories I enjoy them and think they are the best shooter stories out their

  25. Why is it that no developer talked about the buggy launch? I watched over 10 reviews and none of them mentioned the slightest bit of all the bugs and netcode issues.

  26. Did I here u right u can play this online with pc players or no because if u can that would be insain but also amazing considering my cousin dose not have an xbox one

  27. Watching this again makes me feel very depressed. I miss Adam. He came back, but for such a short time…

    But I hope he is happy in whatever he is pursuing now. I just want him to be happy. 

  28. I don't even know why people overrate this game so much. I mean it is so boring. I found myself running more on the map than actually killing people because the maps are so big. People goes on the vehicles and that is the only way to do good. Also time to kill is to fast. FInally the servers sucks so badly. I don't know this wan't the game for me so I guess I'll play Destiny instead.  

  29. How can I possibly take the rest of this review seriously after you start off by claiming you were a huge BF1942 fan then following up by saying that the mainstay of the Battlefield franchise is "mayhem" (with some over-the-top scripted cut-scene playing in the background, as if it was a good thing)? Then you… criticize the maps in BF4 for being too large? You sure you aren't confusing this with Call of Duty?

    "Battlefield". Get it now? The mainstay of the series is the MASSIVE multiplayer battle; an unprecedented number of players on an enormous BATTLEFIELD. There's no reason you should be trying to traverse that battlefield on foot when you have 31 teammates and vehicles ranging from cars to jet planes at your disposal. If you're caught on foot out in no-man's land than you've done something wrong. Just re-spawn and try again.

    On a side note, why the are these new BF games still bragging about 64-player matches? That was impressive back when 1942 was released, but shouldn't they have managed to pushed up to 128 by now? Mount & Blade passed them up a while back and now we have Planetside 2 as well. This franchise seems to be having an identity crisis. Why they're pissing away time and resources on a single-player campaign when they could be using it optimizing their networking is a mystery to me.

  30. I bought this game 2 days thinking it was good, despising what other ppl say. OMG, they were right!!
    The graphics is horrible!
    This is a game that should be on PS2

  31. Its people like this guy that hype up games. This game should not have gotten a 4/5 it should have gotten a 1/5 at best 2/5 for the launch.

  32. Im just getting into the Battlefield scene from a long time in COD. Im still on PS3 and will upgrade eventually but im unsure if i should get bf3 or bf4. Please help!


  34. Adam, your review was horrible. Obviously you don't know shit about battlefield or the previous bf's. You complained about water in floodzone and parcel storm? That's your only beef with bf4? Bf4 was a fucking disaster compared to bc2 and bf3. Why don't you go review super Mario Brothers or something!

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