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Gentlemen! Communist renegade Vladymir von Rootintutin has stolen a nuclear warhead from the Irish and he’s now holding the President hostage a the White House. Our mission is to eliminate von Rootintutin, secure the nuke, and save the President. We will commence the attack as soon as our helicopter pilot shows up. [Pvt.] You guys ready to fly?! [Cpt.] Who’re you? [Pvt.] I’m the helicopter pilot! [Cpt.] No you aren’t, Private! Get out of the cockpit! [Pvt.] I am now, sir! I beat the other guy to it! [Sgt.] I know where this is going, Captain! See you guys later! [Cpt.] Sgt! Get back here…Hey! What’re you doing?! [Pvt.] It’s okay! I found the thingy! Here we go!

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  1. lol that was me in hardline. but now im awesome at piloting. and the only one who uses flares. like ffs use flares if you get locked on quit trying to fucking dodge it. cause you aint getting far if its a damn stinger.

  2. I hate noobs that fly the helicopters then crash seconds later
    Dont even fly if you dont know how to fucking dumbfucks

  3. Yes I did horribly crash my first time in a Helicopter in the game. Yes, it was in a live match. Yes, I did take a teammate with me.

  4. the LAN café where I used to play battlefield 1942 had this poster that said "The pilots are willing… but the planes are few… Get to the front, fly boy!

  5. I cant wait to see cod players try and fly choppers om the new cod XD i dont know what will be worse, the flying mechanics or the stupid unskilled cod players who can only quick scope.

  6. 6 years later and the actual Battlefield 4 is out……….this is just a short cartoon with a (debatable) dated joke and it's still better than the real game.

  7. “You guys ready to fly?!”
    “Who’re you?!”
    “I’m the helicopter pilot!”
    “No you aren’t, Private! Get out of the cockpit!”
    “Well I am now sir, I beat the other guy to it!”
    One of the most accurate moments in Battlefield when you get a good team together made of your good friends and some OP players and suddenly some noob becomes the pilot and crashes the heli.

  8. Seven whole years later and I still come back to this and crack up at the line "Communist renegade Vladimir Von Rootin' Tootin' has stolen a nuclear warhead from the Irish."

  9. Me:Ok…i know how to drive this…i have practiced so much…this is my opportunity to show levels 100s that im not a noob…
    Also me: 0:32

  10. This essentially is it story about how the US Army lost a black hawk and three men do to a unskilled pilot which is really common in battlefield.

  11. I just realized the Captain and the Corporal are the guys from the ArmA song, and the noob is the guy they're singing to.

    Actually, pretty accurate to most of the ArmA community now that I think about it… the serious players who moved on to more complex games as they got bored of the arcade stuff… and the retards who watched three DayZ videos and just dove in head first on a sale with no knowledge of the game or community whatsoever.

  12. Awhile ago, I Spawned into an attack helicopter, I was curious to see what level the pilot was. I checked the scoreboard, and I see the guy is a level 5. I proceed to say, ”Oh shit”, as soon as I saw that. Just 2 seconds later, we crashed into a building XD

  13. 7 years and there still crashing those f#&$ things ☠️ you'll think people got the hang of it by now 👻

  14. 0:23 He knows where this is going, because he probably was part of a situation similar to this before when first started the game lmao

  15. 8 years later still very accurate Battlefield putting idiots in the driving seats of War Machines

    took me awhile to figure out how to fly I somehow managed to blow up a fighter jets win on the ground for some reason they like to explode if I didn't take off fast enough

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