HI!! how to unlock the DICE L.A CAMO In the first place to say is that there are 7 commuted switches. these turn the lights on and off
which are we going to locate them that was on top of C is the first one
I wanted to show you and this is in the second roof starting to count from the top of the building
of B this bass of G as you can see
by the river in the house you must get to the bottom and turning around what
you will find up the peculiar thing about these switches is
how are they switched and the goal is to turn on all the museum lights what
which several lights and the switches turn on and off the
same lights which is as if it were a sudoku or a puzzle because see it there
we have seen in the tree that is distinguished because the tree is brown, it’s the only one
there is in between A and B this is hand left of the gas station
is under this rock like you will see this one is below E under the
waterfall nothing until the second stone and then
we will dive to find the switch there is I think it’s the easiest there is
it is simply in the arch It’s at
southwest from the museum I advise you to draw a picture with all the numbered lights and you put the 7 switches in 7 different points with different colors since you have to go
understand them back, write down what lights have come on mark them with the color and
turn them off again you have to identify what lights you understand
each switch since they are switched and you can turn off lights that
they were already on the goal is to turn on all the lights
in the last switch you will hear a different sound if you have achieved
if you have done well that will mean that you have all the
lights and here some numbers will appear in which you are going to have to press the
combination 8 398 0 800 000 ( put your camara watching the light for to record the message) then it will flash this
lamp in morse system. for it you will need to have an iphone cause
sadly any android app didn’t work.
( MAY it works NOW on some) you have to download the application
LIVE CONVERSATION which is the one that is going to crack the code pointing to the
lamp that was flashing that code is personal and unique you are going to have to come here, lay down for two minutes a switch will appear
and above you will see the same keyboard that appeared earlier there you will put the
code there you have the dialer that was named
that is the same dialer you saw in the museum where you are going
to put the code that I have already given you and with the application you will get a
new code that is what you are going to put here this part you have to play in
a game mode with range and this new code is unique and nobody
can use the code except the person who previously put the code in the
another area COMMENT I’m back in the channel. subscribe

7 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 4.Tutorial. DESBLOQUEAR traje DICE L.A camo ESPAÑOL.

  1. hola juegas en xbox 360?? y si es así me ayudarían a conseguír el camuflaje mi gametag es Blacksolider14

  2. Lo siento mucho black, pero juego en la xbox one.
    Nunca he probado hacerlo en 360, espero que sea posible. Te recomiendo que busques un servicio vacío y lo intentes solo y con calma. Recuerda buscar partidas no clasificatorias para los 7 interruptores. Animo

  3. Disculpa mi retraso en contestar.
    Para activar los botones tienes que jugar partidas
    "No igualado"
    Una vez hallas conseguido tu código en la lámpara, vas a ir a una partida "Igualada" y esperarás tumbado con el cuchillo, bajo el deposito de agua de Alfa por 2 minutos aproximadamente. Aparecerá un botón.
    Pulsalo,levántate y pon tu código.

  4. lo mejor es solo. si entran 4 en la partida se reinicia. si te ayuda alguien que sean ya 4. hacerlo antes de una hora

  5. Hola buenas, una pregunta: porque dichos interruptores no aparecen en ningún mapa de ningún servidor? o ¿en cual server si lo tienen activo(de pc)? gracias.

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