Battlefield 4 ULTRA – Lenovo Y50 GTX 960M

What is up guys? Fated here and welcome
back to my channel for another video! Today I’ve got the new Lenovo Y50
with a GTX 960M. A lot of things have changed since I was last with the Y50
including a new screen and a new GPU. I wanted to show you guys its new level of
performance on Battlefield 4. Now I’ve also done battlefield hardline
but if you have not upgraded yet, go ahead and stick around and watch battlefield 4
video. If you do choose to ever go to hardline go ahead and check that video out. But I will tell you they have very similar engines so you are probably gonna see about the same performance level. Now one thing to note is you do see shadowplay up at the top left. I’m not using shadowplay to record this I am actually recording externally at 30 fps and using shadowplay just as a frame counter. Doing it this way enables me to be able
to show you the frame count without having to reduce any kind of performance recording with the PC. By recording
externally I get the maximum performance from the PC and just record externally with another PC.
So at Ultra settings you can see that it stays well above 30 FPS except
in those certain instances like here when I’m fighting in this tank. There is a lot of explosions going off, grenades are going off, tank bullets exploding. It does the below to around 28-27
sometimes, so I would actually consider dropping it
down to high that will get you into a more playable range. At high settings it stays well above
30 fps and it’s definitely playable but it’s not quite that sixty. You can see it
hovers around 58-56 sometimes. That’s not
quite 60 which most monitors nowadays are capable 60fps. Including this Laptop’s monitor. I
would actually strive to try to get around sixty or higher. High settings doesn’t
really cut it for me but you do have to keep in mind that this is a very large
map, it’s a 64 slot server, there’s a lot of
stuff going on, its conquest so there’s lotsa planes and helicopters and tanks and all that stuff. Do keep that
in mind if you are on a team death match game on a smaller map you will get a lot
more frames so high actually might be a good setting for you, maybe even somewhere in between high and ULTRA.
If you do choose to drop it to medium settings, you can see it stays well above 60FPS, and only drops below in certain
instances and it’s very much playable. It’s very fluid, you don’t have to worry about any kind of issues with losing FPS and dipping out
or changing your competitive advantage. It’s gonna be solid and just smooth gameplay. Though
because many have asked me before in the past what low settings actually does, I went
ahead and dropped it down to low settings so I can show you guys its level performance at low settings. It’s
well above 60 sometimes in the 80 range its not quite what I thought it
should be so actually my favorite is medium. I would actually go back to medium
because it’s well above 60, its what most monitors are going to be doing. I wouldn’t sacrifice any kind of frames
just for the fact that we can get this performance right here at 60fps. Anything over that is going to cause
tearing and stuff like that and you’re just wasting frames because your monitor
can’t even handle it. So medium is my favorite and that’s what
I would use or somewhere between medium and high
depending on what kinda game type you’re using. So that’s GTX 960M and once again this is
the exact performance of what you would get if you were
playing on this PC. Anyways guys thank you so much for watching the video if you have any questions or you are looking forward to the review, do let me know down the comments what you
would like to see in the video. If have any particulars that you wanna see or any other game that you wanna see just let me know real quick so I can go
ahead and get those done before I get rid of this PC. Anyways guys thank you so much watching the video be sure to Like the video and subscribe and you guys have a good one!

70 thoughts on “Battlefield 4 ULTRA – Lenovo Y50 GTX 960M

  1. Hey fated, don't know if this has been asked before but, is the refresh ratio on this still 48hz? As long as I can remember, the 860m model with the 4k display was running at that refresh rate.

  2. @FatedCb again, what resolution were playing that on? 4k or 1080p? If it was 4k, what kind of fps & settings should we expect from 1080p?

  3. Hello, I have few question for you as far as the GTX 960m is better than the GTX 860m ? And when will the full PC Review ? I wonder how many lost purchasing Lenovo Y50 with gtx860m a few months ago. 😀

  4. Nice job on the videos, I had a few questions I was hoping you could answer about the 2015 Y50.
    1. What are the CPU and GPU temperatures like while gaming, for say an hour ? Have you done any stress tests and what kinda temperatures are you getting on them ? Any CPU/GPU throttling issues ?
    2. What kinda of Wi-fi card does the new Y50 have and how is it's performance ? Have you experienced any issues with it ?
    3. Finally, how is the build quality ? A few people have complained about the hinge that connects the screen to the body breaking on the official lenovo forums, what is your opinion on the build quality ? Is it flimsy or sturdy ?

    Overall would you recommend this laptop? I am looking for it to last for the next 2 years with moderate gaming and general use ? Keep up the good work and thanks in advance.

  5. Is there a new version of the y50 with the 860m but still with the 60hz monitor and all the things that the new version includes or is that only for the 960m version?

  6. in the description, it says your laptop has GTX960M and 16GB of ram. however on amazom it says you have 8GB ram and a GTX860 RAM. which one is true?

  7. Can this handle 4K output via HDMI? I have a 4K TV i'd want to hook this up to to watch 4K Youtube videos.

  8. great video . thanks for that ..

    but can you make a video testing " GTA 5 & dying Light "
    with lenovo y50 960 4gb ?

  9. Hey, I just bought the GL551JW-DS71 that has the same processor, and the same gpu, but with 8gb of ram. However, I seem to get really low fps in almost everygame, whether it is low or high settings, for example skyrim i get 25-35 fraps at high (and several drops that just interrupts the game), even on KSP i get low fraps, and finally dota which is used to play at 60 fraps in an older laptop i just get around 30 fraps. Maybe this rig is not as powerfull as ia thought, but i think it is and im really surprised on the performance shown. Do you have any ideas what could be happening? (Oh and every game has barely none steady fraps)

  10. Hey fated! I just now subscribed really love seeing the videos you make they are so great! Now i just came now to comment a question hopefully you to answer how is this laptop in terms of specs?
    Msi ge60 apache pro 867
    3.6 ghz quad core 4720HQ i7
    1TB 7200RPM
    Gtx 960M GDDr5
    8.1 windows
    8gb of ram upgradable to 16
    Tell me what you think 🙂

  11. That's wierd. Ive just bought this exact computer, but i get really low fps.
    Ive already set the power setting to high preformance.
    Is there anything eles i can do to get higher frame-rate?

  12. Turn off v sinc, lower antialiasing, and put pot processing to medium :  +30fps. 
    I just bought a  laptop with a gtx 960m and i really feel like these laptops were made for 900p resolution gaming guys, you can get so much more fps and the game will look almost the same !

  13. THANKS! thanks a lot for this test! been looking for laptops with this card and wondering what the performance is. This video shows me exactly what i needed.

  14. Hello, i've got a question, I'm going to buy Lenovo Y50-70, but not same like yours.
    Specs: GTX 960M – 4gb , i5-4210H 2,9-3,5 gHz, 8 gb ram
    Is this one can handle with every new game on high/very high or higher qualities?

  15. Me also have question: i have y50, i5, 8gb, 860 gforce. It is very new laptop on usage. So – should I stick to it for everyday paying or sell it an buy i7, 16gb, 960m? duno :/

    Personally i thinl i5, 8gb, 860 is fair ehought

  16. Anyone know where I can find benchmark results for MSI GE Series GE72 Apache-235 Gaming Laptop 5th Generation Intel Core i7 5700HQ (2.70 GHz) 16 GB Memory 1 TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2 GB GDDR5 17.3" Windows 10 Home. Can't seem to find that gpu and cpu together on here. It's the fastest cpu and gpu laptop you can for whopping $1K and would love to see the results before hand.

  17. how did you manager to get those fps on 1080? I'm using a very similar notebook (asus n551, 4720hq, 8gbs, 960m, 500gb samsung ssd) and need to play in 1366*768 in high (without filters) or I get 45 or less fps, so for me the fact you are getting 50 on high on 1080 is kind of crazy

  18. just to let everyone know that terrain decorations settings in graphics is bugged , low=ultra and ultra=low xD low renders more grass and stuff while ultra reduces the grass and other things

  19. is it available globally…?? I'm trying very hard to search on online to buy it but it's nothing I'm getting… I'm rm from India..

  20. That's mint play on all the videos I've watched of games being played on this laptop are mint there's not even been 1 bit of lag or spikes in every gaming video I have seen on this laptop

  21. I'm buying the dell inspiron 7000 series with 3.5 ghz, 8 gb of ram,gtx 960m graphics card,4k, and 4 gb of video. It will cost me 1000. Do you think this is a good buy. I don't know much about pc or laptop gaming so yeah. Also any recommendations that would be better than this.

  22. Considering the human eye cant see above 30 fps without special training it blows my mind how people claim that having 100+ fps is the best way to go

  23. Hey fated i wanna get the lenovo y700 14 inch its not the best but i want a really portable laptop do you think its still good bc i can get it for 650 is that a good deal even tho its not the best

  24. the only difference I have with this is that I have an i56200u processor, do you think that ultra might be playable with the 1511 model alienware 13 r2 build?

  25. i always like low, got the Dell inspiron 7559, same gpu, just prefer low settings above everything else, resolution wise, i would stay around 720p, its not much but it gets the job done

  26. man i have the same laptop and i play at 2k and ultra graphics with more than 50 frames but i turn on vsync to make things smoother

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