Battlefield 5 Bullet Drop Guide 690+ Meter, 300, 150 & Scope Comparison

Hey what’s going on guys it’s Ascend Dazs
here. Remember to note these shots were set up for
this tutorial and guide. Today I want to show a comparison on Bullet
Drop through the various bolt action snipers. First we will go full on extreme and do 690
meter shots like we did at the start of the video, with all 4 guns, first without any
specs. Then show the Krag and K98 with bullet spec. Then proceed to show 300. and then we will
show 150 following the same formula. Enjoy the comparison and hope it helps you
guys out. Each in real time and slow motion to help
see where the bullet is headed. We are going to go through all 4 guns and
go in order from 150 meter, 300, meter, and 690 meter shots just like the start of the
video. We will go in order from the Krag, Krag Bullet
Drop Spec K98, K98 Bullet Drop spec, Lee Enfield, and then the M95 all following same formula. Now that we have seen it let’s talk about
what we saw and rank from best to worst while cycling some of the shots in slow motion again. #1 is the K98, has a thin scope and is thicker
only on the bottom three ends. This is by far the long range king when when
using the specced bullet drop as it stays within the thin area and has least room for
error moving to the outskirts of the middle scope. Overall amazing long range as you have seen. #2 The Krag has the thinnest scope and also
all sides are covered by a thicker bar on the ends of each of the scope for a balanced
look. It also is the best when wanting to see your
enemy and nail that shot. So best visibility here since it such a clean
scope. Note the Krag and the K98 have literally the
best control when sniping longer range due to the Bi Pod #3 Lee Enfield has the pin scope and is crap
to see. Noticeable different than the rest both in
scope and in the drop off. Drop off is literally quite insane compared
to the others #4 The M95 has a cross scope but is very visibly
thicker and can be harder to see for the long range shots. Mid range this gun can excel from 150 – 300. But if you are the try hard long range like
this 690 then it’s going to be extremely hard as the whole body of the enemy is blocked. But it does an extremely good job otherwise. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you
found it helpful to see be sure and leave a like or a dislike if you didn’t. Thanks again for watching and will see you
guys in the next video! Hey whats going on guys it Ascend Dazs here. This is a full round on Fjell which actually
I said right before this round is one of my least favorite maps. Then something happened and I popped off and
did well on the map. I have always done decently but this round
clicked. Either way really wanted to share it. Was start of my stream and on a day we got
let out early due to a snow storm. Be sure and leave a like if you enjoyed a
dislike if you did not. Enjoy the round! Thanks again for watching, I hope you guys
enjoyed and dont forget to leave a like if you enjoyed or a dislike if you didnt. Hit subscribe for more and I will see you
guys in the next one!

32 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 Bullet Drop Guide 690+ Meter, 300, 150 & Scope Comparison

  1. You trying to steal my playstyle?

    Lol good video m8. Can’t wait to play in a few days! Once the symthic stats for bullet velocity, bullet drop due to gravity, etc come out I’ll make a video 🙂

  2. Really grateful with all your guides. Like this and the practice with bots in incurtions training camp, and all the advices in the streams. I could improve a lot since I know this channel (Even stole your DPI haha) and became the n° 2 scout here in Argentina (Leaderbords). Thanks for everything and keep it up!, think I'll comment with my bf account from now on haha. See you. C0BR4-LidlessEye.

    Hope I can reach n°1 scout now on BF V haha

  3. thanks again! yeah, the KAR98 is still THE long range beast! very well rounded too, you can play with the 60m scope in most normal scenarios and adjust just slightly…

  4. Can you give me a short rundown of the pros/cons of the different snipers?
    Like, are Kar98 objectively the best? Or is there a reason to choose the Krag-Jørgensen in certain situation for example?

  5. How is your bullet so visible? is there a setting to change it? when i snipe i cant trace my bullet.. so ive got no clue how much to increase my angle to make up for the drop.. since its not very visible.

  6. Ive noticed that you didn't change the zeroing at all. Shows that leaving the rifle at 60m is possible for 690m headshots lol.

  7. Excellent guide! I'm not sure if it's just me, but after the patch last week I feel sniping is a little bit different; for some reason I am not as consistent right now. I've been using the Krag mostly and I feel when the player is 60m+ I have to aim for the drop shot perhaps.

    Quick question, if a target let's say is in the 100m range, and my zeroing is at 60m I obviously have to aim higher, but if my zeroing is at 150m do I aim lower?

    Also, do you change zeroing or you just keep playing on 60m and practicing drop shot for longer targets?

  8. What do you mean by lower bullet drop spec? What's the difference between say the kar98 shot with and without lower bullet drop spec?

  9. kar and krag are not the same bullet drop? i compare where are you aiming using the horizon line and it's looks the same (the 2 screenshots

  10. What about bullet velocity though? Which do you think is the fastest to slowest? PS I'm a follower of your twitch under a different username. Don't know why I haven't come to your YouTube channel until now. Love your content!!

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