Battlefield 5 Cheating Is Getting OUT OF CONTROL 😟

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  1. Kinda crazy isn't it. Just look at the previous bf. Bf1, There was cheaters but they were rare and they were never a big problem since they usually got banned rather quick.

  2. Even in firestorm you have hackers and teaming in solo.Was away from bf5 for 1 or 2 months got back yesterday and my 2 round i came 3rd to teaming in solo pfffff

  3. Mandarin text on the cheaters' replays. Surprise surprise. Every game needs to region lock China as their first anti-cheat measure.

  4. I actualy wanted to buy this game right now… I see this game is already dead. BF3 is still better then everything that came after it…

  5. There is a lot of wallhackers now, its a less obvious hack vs aimbot so i think a lot of people tend to go towards wall hacks.. i come across aimbotters here and there but not all that often. An aimbot you can find within the first 2min of the game, then you just find a diff server.. a wallhack you notice later in the game and then youre like w/.e just guna stay anyway :p

  6. 4-5 days too long I completely stop playing because of this and won’t get back on until it’s fixed..

  7. Don't you know DICE has the solution for this already, lock any thread that mentions cheating on the BFV forum. If you even mention cheating you can get banned on the forums.

  8. BF1 has been just as bad lately. Was in a few matches where an lmg was hip firing across half the map killing me in one hit.

  9. EU servers (Firestorm) filled with hackers recently. Literally every firestorm match is getting ruined by the same usual lowlifes.

  10. Cheating is not just a problem on Asian servers. US servers are plagued with cheaters as well. Except in the US, the cheaters are rarely blatant like the cheaters featured in this video. In the US, a cheater is far more likely to be subtle with their cheats, especially the aim bots and wall hacks in order to avoid being detected by other players. One possible indicator that a player is hacking is their score. If they go 68-4 and are not in a plane, that's a very good indicator they are cheating. Another possible giveaway is they don't miss, especially with sniper rifles and pistols. They set the cheats to make body shots every now and then and they know to wait a split second longer to avoid looking like they're pre-firing or knowing that another player is going to come around the corner. Some are so subtle that even when being spectated, it looks as though they are just good as opposed to cheating. But, they're scores give them away. Even competitive gamers that have skills for days would have a hard time going 72-3 on a 64 player map without being in a plane.

    The next most common and equally hard to detect cheat is damage amplifiers. A cheater who uses damage amplifiers does not need to set it at "one shot, one kill" given the already fast TTK feature in this game. I played on a server last night where a player one shot me several times in row with P08 pistol (not P08 pistol carbine). So, I spectated this player and discovered that not only were his shots largely headshots, which was rather interesting considering his play style was run and gun, but, many of his non-head shots were one shot kills. Granted, some of those non-head shot kills could've been on players whose health was not 100%. But, there were far too many of these non-headshot body kills for this to reasonably be the case.

    Even with video evidence, it is very unlikely that this player will be banned because there was no "smoking gun" proof that he was cheating other than the fact that he never had less than 60 kills in any game. Unless they scan his system for cheat codes like VAC uses, its very doubtful that this player would be banned based on the video evidence alone. There are many players who operate like this on US servers.

    But, the silver lining to all this is that the pandemic of issues with BF5 has made BF4 popular again. I have all but uninstalled BF5 and have gone back to BF4 like many other players.

  11. Niccaman made a video where he got in a game with a cheater who was using all sorts of hacks and ruining everyone else's experience. In the video he tries to talk to the cheater (who is Chinese) and asks him a bunch of questions like why he cheats in BFV – interestingly enough, the cheater reveals a lot about why he hacks and says that BFV is banned in China, so he has to pirate the game from others and he cheats because everyone else does too (in his words, there's 'no alternative'). I highly recommend checking it out, because I really think it sheds some light on the subject and gives others a perspective different to our own. Anyway… Great vid, Westie. Keep up the good work and stay awesome! 🙂

  12. How do you even cheat on here I have a million plus points still haven't figured it out!! (spookythagreat1) xboxone

  13. Cheaters: Exist
    Battlefield Fans: Gasps

  14. BF 1 went rancid with cheaters .I knew it would all move to BF 5 so I refused to purchase it. One point, often cheaters are not blatant, but cheat just enough to slip below the radar ,they still ruin the game but are less obvious.

  15. Even BFIV has better anti cheat than V. For a 4 year old game, I have NEVER encountered a cheater. Ok maybe once or twice, but it’s like every time I launch V, there’s already a cheater waiting for me.

  16. fairfight is since battlefield 1 and it is still in 2019 ea dont care. i have stopt to play b5 at lvl 6 it is just sadness. i look this thematic since b1 and my opinion is .. ea dont care . better cheater the buying the game as no player uknow . tc

  17. Dice and EA needs to do something because this cheating has been around since battlefield 4. If people have to cheat on a videogames it only shows that they have no balls to work for certain thing and actually doesn't accomplish things the right way.

  18. I read a comment from a fellow Chinese gamer a while back in youtube comments. He had said that being raised in china, its extremely apart of their culture that you win no matter what and because of that some Chinese will take extreme risks etc, to win no matter what.

    The man had gone more in depth but i pulled from it what i could remember. Sad really :/

  19. Ok…. today I played 1hour of BF V,3 DICE Germany servers and met 4 cheaters from Asia (maybe by their nicknames and 100% HIGH Ping – 160 and more).Ranks 1-20 and score about 60-5,every from them.I hope,it´s not a migration cheaters from Asia to Europe 😉

  20. We should never forget the cheaters, who using cheats less obviously. That guys who try to hide their hacks and calling it "Skill". Yes there are some very good player out there. But a lot of them just using cheats.
    trying to look legitimate. they also ruin our game expierience.

  21. DICE is not able to give an answer when u report a lot of abvious cheaters. for thi sreason i will never more buy a game from DICE. they are part of the cheat business. an ugly company. it s clearly an inside job cause it s pretty easy to detect cheaters with algorythm. but they do nothing against it . NOTHING. it s a steal

  22. Is there a reason this gets posted less than a week after Jack Frags posts a cheating video. As well as a very similar thumbnail…..

  23. well i saw today new cheat that never seen before map was aerodrome enemy tank went to the roof of the hangar whole game again and again getting easy kills his name was V1nch0n

  24. Some guns are just overused like the zk 383 i hate the damn thing cuz nobody uses anything elses u cant even combat the damn thing cuz its recoil dice f4cked this game in balancing and visiblility im just going to bf4 im done

  25. As long as gaming platforms or game magazines do not bring this problem up to the publishers attention or give bad ratings if cheating in games is so easy like in BFV, I guess nothing will change.

  26. "Sees "HERO" clan and rolls eyes" not saying they all do but the majority of those guys have some kind of cheat. ive even seen a few join a panzerstorm map and then boost each other by the edge of the map…. But yeah the Cheating on BFV is getting worse and worse, they need to really step up their game.

  27. i live in India and yes i find cheaters in almost every sever and i always report them but nothing happens i am forced to go back to bf4

  28. Opens new topic about cheaters, gets locked and a message "you have been warned"… I know that's pain in the ass and forums would get spammed about it, but for real… We players support game financially. That's a good example about not caring about future series, since players will know that they were doodled before.

  29. it's not "almost servers" dear Westie, it's "all", it's just about those pathetic cheaters log in the game or not

  30. Why cheating is a big problem in Asian Region? They are small Humans with smaller dicks. It's so sad to see this Clip

  31. I dont know why,,, who need to cheat? Noobs with no skill?no brain? No balls? Small di….? I dont know ,,,, ban all these noobs,,,,👊🏼

  32. This is why I love my multiplayer games with bots.
    Not a single one does this, and I can still have a lot more fun than the actual multiplayer matches.

  33. I don’t know if this counts but last night, I was paying on Aerodome. I was at C and underneath the second floor. Someone jumped down, turned towards me, and killed me in one shot with the Ribeyrolles

  34. Maybe theres alot of cheaters because the game is just bad compared to other Battlefields, they dont care if they get banned as they wont play again and go back to a better game like BF1 or BF4. If the game was good then it would encourage them to play fair and not ruin everyone else’s experience.

  35. Remember how it all started with women soldiers and non-historical accurate content
    Now the new problem is cheating and hacking. What do you guys think what the next issue is gonna be.

  36. the cheating has almost killed the game
    it was bad before but getting worse and nothing seems to be done about it no matter how many times you report
    also if the game is hacked that bad how many backdoors is it letting into your system?????

  37. Well if u use some French words against some campers u get banned ( as I did ) but if u cheat is ok – Trump for Dice president

  38. I have a couple of clips of me dieing from someone who shot me from a truly impossible way like throw a entire building

  39. I watched a sniper kill me from halfway across the map.I watched the bullet travel for 2 seconds. He stopped, posted up, and one shot killed me in an instant. No aiming, nothing. Either it was pure luck/practice or aimbot.

  40. Barttlefield series i the most hacked game in history. BF5 is a total hacker fest, i stopped this game 5 month ago. i don want to use my time beeing a target for hacker! RIP battlefield!

  41. Battlefield 1 is terrible now as well so obviously EA/Dice is clueless when it comes to anticheat and their so called efforts seems like a joke.

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