Battlefield 5 Exclusive Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 – TIRAILLEUR

so guys I got another 10 minutes of
battlefield 5 gameplay and this time we’re in France oui oui oui if you don’t
know they all speaking in native languages so Norwegian Norwegian in the
first part now it’s French and mainly this cutscene does not have subtitles
but the main premise is at least to know each other
he’s come into the war quite late and also he’s not very happy because he’s a
filling up sandbags instead of fine for France
so Normandy has happened now the French and the Allies are pushing the Germans
back but the Germans are fortified and it’s gonna be a it’s gonna be a big
battle so this is probably the most heaviest gameplay you’ve seen so far
really it’s a really commissioned and I really really enjoyed it hopefully I can
do the full mission when the game comes out can’t wait for that so yeah this is
the last mission in the war stories there is one coming in December after
launch which is all based around the tiger tanks anyway let’s jump in Look at them. Brave French Soldiers, ready to die for their country They were heroes, these men. But they were not only ones who fought. I’m going to tell you a story … that you don’t know Deme! How are you? Idrissa! It’s not possible! So things much be bad if they let you register, Hey! They asked me to come and kick out the German! Because you were too weak too old to get it done, Idrissa! Look at you. So you’re here to win the war all by yourself, is that it? If It’ll make you feel better, go and tell your wife that you helped. Yes, I have a wife and she is too beautiful. What do you have? We were saying: “We’re French, We’re French” But once we got to France … … we found out just French we really were. How long are we going to do this? Until It’s Done. This is it? This is all we do? Look. Things here are … different. At that time, the French were throwing everything they had at a heavily fortified German Occupied Chateau. And when all else failed, our ambitious young captain volunteered us to take a shot to take out the surrounding German AA gun emplacement. Hey! Hey! Keep you head clear. And don’t play the hero. Stay alive little brother sikozu Devorah contain apparatus of
Calcutta store the McCrory predator Appa manubrium a Kazuki ethically department
free eco sukira a bar to your degree my god that truck got absolutely
devastated look at the holes in it I guess we’ve we’ve stopped we get him out
and now it’s time for the war the war to start so during a cutscene was fill up
these sandbags that’s not why he come to the battlefield he came to plants and
now he’s flexing who’s ambitious lieutenant said I want to send up my
platoon and there’s what happened we are now fighting on the battlefield I would
have to apologize my shoot is not great a little bit slugs at the spot I get
back at Sol’s iam I don’t have a call but it’s really there we go I let me use
this gun I’ve ever used it it’s all like any game and it’s a pivot it’s unique I
was an Xbox one controller on pc i was probably partly white as well a few
difficulties there William they’re nice but sort of just
point out these leaves it’s currently awesome in the UK and it just feels pop
Craig those leaves just throw them along the battlefields
it makes it looks nice but we’re in the middle for a big fashion ambitious
battle then a fishing fooled you can hit that charge you’re here at charge
occasionally when that when you move forward such a good feeling just go do
this for frog for the alloy suppose we’d gun to use I don’t know how
to explain it just just petunia how much have you got for a beer power so if you
hit you get heart just getting those hits in so this point is almost a bit
like a multiplayer game I guess in some ways you’ve got a crank capture hey go
and bring it to the yellow that’s we got howdy
robotics before a little bit too quickly and I wasted the look cool this is probably been asking for a real
battle game plan this is a definite yet Alice on the game pace so far
it’ll be like the one soldier give another soldier this is pure battle to
avoid that’s my wanted that’s the leaves still going across the battlefield but
here’s twenty eight let’s slowly take down every German on the front lines in their maids push
it back but we will not give up we want Prague back off the Normandy Normandy
happens when African Germans Germans back into Germany they’ll be from came up pretty quickly
it was a couple of days okay we give up
I bet the song is like really the bridge always had the the / having a water France we push for war also some
minuscule of us are again we not for me Paredes a fair bit crazy anymore shall
repeat into the dough No sure sweet Timmy Timmy June is out that
I won it I like the fact there is there’s native language in this game if
either you have a english voice and it just ruins the immersion a little bit
Orsini subs house where this feels more like the first mission over this mission
yeah it’s a good that it’s a good idea I think it works quite well very well
indeed this game let’s talk about my shoot in I
guess they’re taking down the 66 build done there’s free in the battlefield
annoyingly I’ve got to stop it soon return oh
really sucks on my show you guys this gameplay as possible but there is an
embargo so yeah and that’s it god dammit I want to play more anyway I hope you
guys enjoy it this video my voice is slowly going soul ended there and babish
my voice has gone great

53 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 Exclusive Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 – TIRAILLEUR

  1. The part where the convoy was attacked reminded me of Rock and a Hard Place, except the Russians are replaced by the Germans.

    Oh my god, the opening is just…surreal. The rampant discrimination is real.

  2. Lol, whata load of virtue signalling rubbish. Cant wait for Sweden to get whats coming to them. Lets how much Dice whats multiculturalism then.

  3. Goddamit this is the first time I saw in every chapter of the story that actually is interesting and makes sense…in the others 1 or 2 man had to sneak in heavily protected areas like they are some fucking assassins…but this is the first chapter that has action, and characters that you kinda want to learn more about

  4. The gun is a chauchat. Credited to be one of the worst guns ever made. The magazine was open and when these were used during ww1 the mud used to jam them up

  5. Even if I am not seeing any hype for this game, and I am not on EA's side, this game should have deserved better than an unfinished CoD. This game has great visuals, a story, and many more things than that fucking Bo 4. Actually I like CoD franchise, but I only don't like BO 4. And we all know, RDR 2 is GOTY

  6. Most, if not, all of those French soldiers were hardened soldiers who initially escaped captivity. Why the fuck does DICE have to insert our modern day morals in this shit, honestly want a unit to capitalise your "equality" bs? Go for the Japanese unit in the American army

  7. Any idea how long each war story will be,hope at least close to two hours,considering we get only 4 instead of 5 like B1….

  8. Ok i'm getting fucking bored of the "tirailleurs sénégalais". My grandpa fought for the french army during ww2 as a laotian, but nobody is paying tribute. They say it's injust for the soldiers from the colony, but when François Hollande gave them french citizenship, they didn't to all indochinese who fought for France, they forgot us. Why aren't we considered as a colony ? 1,500,000 people died for France from indochina, it's 10,5 times the sizes of african who fought for France

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