Hallo My name is Erik and there is nothing to subtitle for this video since it’s just raw Battlefield 5 gameplay XD okie bye now just watch the gameplay okay? okie you’re still trying to figure out the purpose of these subtitles, huh? Well, guess what? nothing. lol, bye forrealsiepoos now!


  1. Its official M3rk has completely lost it. Disabling comments to avoid any sort of legit criticism from your fans is a bad move. If you cant handle criticism get off the internet.

  2. Can we get likes going if you think Carriona destroyed his channel and i spelled that wrong on purpose idgaf

  3. The amount of people that act like they're paying Erik for his content is insane. Guess what, if he wants to take a break for a month, or even a year, he can. If he found someone he loves, and is proud of it, good for him. Everyone here talks like he cheated on them. It's super immature.

  4. I wonder if Merk will actually listen to his fans once he drops below 4 Million Subscribers. If he uploads another video and disables comments he is going to be back at 3 Million subs

  5. I'm done defending merkmusic. His content has taken an extreme nosedive. I'm not unsubscribing Cuz I did like his content once upon a time. Anyway I hope you have a nice life Merkmusic. For anyone who read this, Take your pick 🍪🍫🍺🍕

  6. i flippin started watching him in 6th grade now im in 8th lmao merk you rlly got obsessed with the girl u like instead of your J O B

  7. I have to come to this video to comment cause it’s the most recent one that doesn’t have disabled comments. What has happened to you Eric. You used to be my favorite YouTuber and I looked forward to your videos everyday. You’ve changed since you got with your wife. You said she wouldn’t effect your channel but she obviously has. Your sub count is dropping and your ruining your own channel. I miss when you used to upload everyday and took the occasional break. Not a break that lasts a month. I’m sure most of your fans would be cool with you not uploading on the weekends as long as we can get more than one vid a week. You were my favorite YouTuber and now I don’t know what you are. I don’t think your wife is completely to blame, but she’s definitely part of it. We subscribed to see you not her. I don’t care if she appears in some videos, but not every single one. Please go back to the way you were.

  8. He's restricting comments on his newer vids now.
    I get that not all of them are constructive but you shouldn't ignore your fan base.

  9. Jesus these people are fucking assholes to merk. Just let him do what he wants for fucks sake you guys are fucking assholes

  10. You hit 4 million subscribers four months ago and have only gained 6 thousand subs since then

  11. Yesterday I checked and you were at 4.5 million. Now you’re at 4.3. Dear me your channel is dying quickly 😂😂

  12. Ok so m3rk I've seen a lot of your videos but I don't like a lot of the comments people are making about your girlfriend or just the fact that it seems like they are demanding I just hope your happy to be honest

  13. What in the hell are there only about like 5 or 6 comments in the new vids but like 4k comments that aren't being showed

  14. Those of you who just say " his girl killed his channel." Are you gonna blame him for wanting to include her in every aspect of his life? I mean Erik is clearly in love. I'm the same way. I try to include mine into as many aspects of my life as possible. You can't expect him to do things just for you. It's his channel. Don't like the content? Don't like his girlfriend? Good for you. He has old videos before he got with her. There are also plenty of other channels. I'm not gonna let the fact that he has a girlfriend and includes her in the channel change the fact that I enjoy watching his videos.

  15. Ok guys seriously if your gonna make him feel bad about his girlfriend what kind of subscribers are you? Seriously it's time to move on he's been doing this for years he has other stuff to focus on let him be saying this channel is dead won't do anything

  16. Top ein um dia chego nesse nível, melhor Canal, to voltando agora no Bf, acompanho a franquia a tempo, meu canal tá cheio de vídeos da franquia

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