Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] [MUFFLED VOICES] Find cover! [EXPLOSION] Bloody move! [GUN SHOTS] Get out of here! [EXPLOSION] [GUN SHOTS] Go! Now! [GUN SHOTS] Give me first aid! Oh, sorry! [TANK ENGINE] [BROKEN GLASS] ‘ello old friend! You’re fucked! On your feet! Here we go! [BATTLEFIELD MUSIC PLAYS ON THE RADIO] [GUN SHOTS] [PLANE ENGINE] [EXPLOSION] [PLANE CRASH] Oh Gott! [GUN COCKING] There’s some ammo! Right there! [GUN SHOTS] Watch it, grenade! I got your back! [GUN SHOTS AND EXPLOSIONS] That’s a rocket! [EXPLOSION] [MUFFLED PAIN SOUND] Shhh! Fuck it! ‘ello old friend! [BATTLEFIELD THEME] [XBOX SOUND] Games play best on Xbox One

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer

  1. I honestly don't mind having a couple female characters. I mean we all know it's just a game. Seeing a female character don't mean they are trying to say that females fought and died along side men. It's just saying a girl's playing the game and she wants a female character to play as same we us guys will make the characters look like us. Lol. I think people really read to deep into the whole female character thing

  2. I will say the graphics look amazing and the gun sounds are beautiful, that's all the good things I have to say…

  3. People complain about "historical accuracy" and then get all hyped about a battle royale game mode. I dont think this is real guys.

  4. Took that EA advice and didn't buy the game. More then 12 months on, I sincerely appreciate the advice fam. Looks like I saved myself some money lol. I genuinely hope your 13 year old daughters are enjoying this game as much as I'm enjoying still playing BF3 rofl.

  5. Conexao lixo! Jogo lixo! Net de 180 mb/s se ve claramente que o jogo é desleal na conexão, mapas poluidos resumindo ARREPENDIMENTO!

  6. Such a shame, his trailer is a huge disservice to both this game as it stands right now, and WW2 in general! Glad they made huge changes to the game from this trailer.

  7. I still don't get the prosthetic thing. It represents nothing in the Game
    Ohh wait the game is still unfinished maybe in future updates you get an elite bundle with that arm yeah?

  8. this game was absolute garbage. a ruined legacy of a legendary franchise. Let's hope they can come back with their vietnam game like COD did

  9. Hey whoever design these games, if you ever read this, or someone close to those people, if you read this.. pass it on.. "what you have done is really bad, shamefull, and disrespectfull, ugly, and bad for the kids."

  10. So you're telling me the person we play as is a woman with a prosthetic arm in ww2 and it's on xbox……… totally historically accurate

  11. Ты тоже приходишь сюда посмотреть сколько дизлайков под этим уебанством?

  12. I dont know why are people hating so much, I know that this isnt accurate at all but when you look at the way the tension and the fights are made, its brilliant

  13. How the hell did cars start falling from the sky in the begining I know that there was a bridge but if friking went down fast and oof that poor guy

  14. this trailer is meh, but the game is really fun. there's none of that cyber arm / katana guy / kratos cosplay. I play a woman for half my classes, it works well, doesn't change anything to the game lol. I don't know why they made this trailer so cringy, the actual game doesn't feel like that.

  15. First this has bugs lots of bugs,cheaters,skins thats you buy like fortnite and the skins arent good,elite skins:1=10$ fix your game ea and dice

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