Battlefield 5 – Official ‘The Company’ Trailer

In Battlefield™ V you
have more ways than ever to turn the battlefield
to your advantage. It all starts with your Company, your personalized unit of
soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. More than ever, playing as a squad
is key to success in Battlefield™ V, so make sure to collect all the tools
and gear you need to win the battle. We are bringing more depth to our known classes with the introduction of combat roles. The Recon can specialize in long
range shooting, spotting, and stealth. The Assaults become versatile
in how they engage the enemy. The Medics have more
ways to keep their squad alive. And the Support can now provide backup with new attrition
and fortification systems. For the first time in Battlefield, each combat role has a
unique loadout and unique abilities and over time, you will
get access to more combat roles. Define how your weapon feels
and performs on the battlefield. As you play and progress, you’ll unlock tactical choices that affect how your weapons
and vehicles look and perform. Complete daily orders and
take on special assignments to equip your Company with
new gear, weapons, and vehicles. As your Company progresses, you will earn new items to
visually personalize your company. You can customize your
soldiers from top to bottom. Weapons can be personalized, too. Now you get to decide
how they look and play. Your Company’s look is up to you. Highlight your gameplay achievements
from your journey through World War II, or be completely creative
by designing a unique look. With Tides of War, you’ll embark
through humanity’s greatest conflict, given more gear to grow your company. Whether it’s how you choose to
look or how you choose to play, Battlefield™ V will never be the same.

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