Battlefield 5 On The 4th Of July!

[laughing] I don’t know how old you are anymore man… I have no clue I have no clue… like how Did you have to
go get like a finger in the butt or something? this the other day? I went to
an annual physical and they were asking what my waist size was and I was I said
it was 34 no wait honestly it’s really 36 now working back with ya we didn’t do
the finger in the butt Is it weird that my dentist
constantly wants to do that to me? Jesus Christ
I threw a tank in here when I put smoke on them so it’s tried to run me over
like four times oh there he is here have some smoke sir
oh-ho I’m just seeing like little emblems pop up but I was like MS Mr st. Jake msj msj
just sounded like some sort of disease or like a yeah yeah yeah sounded like
something you can catch oh I got msj guys it’s a other version of walk ja we
want to go Delta or Charlie these guys were playing it Charlie sleeping good
crab Delta really quick go get some D right here they’re all there they’re pushing the
echo well they upstairs yeah they’re upstairs
I saw a blue over that guy right there II I don’t know why I don’t just shoot
it’s not like it’s hardcore but I just trained myself for so many years playing
hardcore not to shoot lots and lots of fighting up here right here right here
right here I think I’m just gonna push and see what’s going on yeah there’s a
bunch up over here I’m looking up behind these guys real quick see if I get a
play going it’s two down right there this is one more pushing out I gotta get cover up come down we got a
guy down seasonal killers down ways here some ways here he blood out I’m gonna go around back
alley right in front of me nice good job there another one I don’t
seem scanning I got another one here they’re picking
that guy up aren’t they yeah I’m down damnit man they’re dropping they really
want echo I’m not giving it to him by God
that’s it I’m gonna go around behind him get up Jake get up Jake got him 18 line
multiples down between Delta and goddamn we cannot keep anything look at all
these guys down over here man I know they’re gonna hard push coming
from from Delta all right we got to get Delta back our fallback is always going
to be we got a guy on top of the other balcony we got guys on the balcony right
now off the church he’s got an mg on the balcony I’m
paddling the ground floor the church right now is he dancing right now
Yeah right around the corner from Bay where I did damn it
damn I didn’t realize it was gonna be sweaty on the fourth of fucking July
tricky party stuff the kind of breeze that like writes your name wrong on
purpose yeah that’s what I used to say I just can’t spell where would you like us
to attack y’all stay there I’m gonna okay we got we got I look good I’m just
like we got to get more we’ve got to have more than a couple of ejectives
right now we’re getting our asses handed to us somebody’s taking alpha they’re
not even finishing alpha they’re taking part of it they’re in these little nooks
and crannies look at all these guys look at all these guys look at off there’s a
whole goddamn fucking squad in there go guys go
Thank You kookie Jones Lee let’s take Charlie back all right we’re
taking it good good good yep taking it I’m striking what is I missed not by much but you missed what
killed you Brenda yeah we are the weird where where I don’t care what killed you
outside the guy right there guy right around the corner three of them Christ
it fuck yeah I was saying damn it these guys were just peachy and their asses
off this is some of the best you know they’re not just running from alpha to
Delta these cats these cats are there they’ve got a swampy I just got
annihilated they’re sitting there as we are free to come out of the spawn where
you saw that so you you witnessed my death
you bastard I do something you could pull though it was too late for you let
me think that pull the trigger did you take anybody out I’m just saying one
with me but yeah let me take the same gang that came around the corner and
murdered you instantly yeah basically I neither of them scatter for a few
seconds where they included plankton I know man they’re really well coordinated
their extreme is when you get pressed or on one and you got a cigarette
real good come out on top before to god these guys right there
right yes all right so we’ve been overrun and
Zilpha damn it they’re all adapte Oh Mike it is this Friday night what the
fuck is going on we still have quite a few here a tech guy dog’s arse yeah I want to push into the
I’m gonna grab some Sun yeah upstairs on the balcony
grab me a nice slice right oh shit around the corner three or four
of them so just okay yep you’re dead Kimbra switches reshot good somebody could spawn on me that’d be
great are you guys our spawn okay cool guys are loud Oh what the fuck ever your magic one chef is totally right
dumping a magazine into your face somehow I lose get Charlie this is gonna hurt double kill we got a push out to defend it they’re outside they’re not only
objective back here just FYI just outside the the busted area first
just outside the big thing with the horns and the bells and the whistles
that’s where you got to go you understand you understand the words that
are coming out of my mouth I’m battle building
I am battlefield in my ass office guys right here I got gang-raped oh my God
look how close it is oh crap that wasn’t it oh I could swear we were gonna have
it serum.this happy fourth of July man FBI you

19 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 On The 4th Of July!

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  2. Scraped out a victory on that one! Hot Damn πŸ™‚ We were πŸ”₯. At several points, I thought we were πŸ†πŸ‘'d, but we found our πŸ’, rallied, and πŸ†πŸ‘'d them harder than they could πŸ†πŸ‘ us. Fuck yeah. I mean, πŸ†πŸ‘ yeah.

  3. I think apart from the funny chat that goes on from you and your partner's in crime I enjoy watching someone actually playing the objective like your team does great video as always πŸ‘Š

  4. Afternoon pal excellent gameplay big like left
    Great shooting and the environment is brilliantπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. The name "Sierra Mist" on the winning team at the end = love it. I love clever and /or funny names. Doesn't quite beat "Poon Harpoon" from our Mercury episode, but hey, not much can. πŸ˜‰

  6. MSJ stands for Masters of Jurisprudence. "Master of Jurisprudence is sometimes used as an alternative name for both Master of Laws and Master of Juridical Science." – Wiki Also, Magnetics Society of Japan. XD Anyway, the banter and commentary between you two in this one is particularly hilarious. When I wasn't laughing outright I had a goofy grin on my face through the whole episode. TWO POINTS!? Ah LAWD! XD Hope you had a great 4th. Well played.

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