Battlefield 5 OR Bad Company 3?

What’s up guys this is Mercmusic and today I’m gonna be playing some bad company 2 because I want to talk about battlefield 2018 I find it really interesting Ok I find it really interesting because back in 2016 we thought we were going to get battlefield 5 or bad company 3 And we didn’t get either we got surprised with battlefield 1 and whether or not you’re a fan of battlefield 1. It pushed battlefield It’s a franchise really far forward Yeah, there was a lot of hype surrounding the game before it was even out But it was also a huge success and it almost outsold infinite warfare that year battlefield was Ridiculously close to outselling coal duty for the first time and if they keep it up. They might be able to pull it off Let’s get into a game though. I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a lot of battlefield channels talking about battlefield 2018 this year It’ll make their points in the briefings up, but here’s what I want to say I think the reason why battlefield 1 was so successful and it went over so well at the community is because it’s what dice really wanted to do battlefield 1 was a passion project of Dices it’s something that they really wanted to make I think they had to keep quiet about it for what 7 years Something like that. This is what they truly wanted to make this is what they were passionate about and what they loved oh? My get no scoped oh Yeah, and if I’m remembering correctly in interviews and stuff ea fought them really hard on actually publishing this game like at that time ea Really did not want to make battlefield 1 into a thing But they kept pushing for it the same way that Infinity Ward pushed for Call of Duty 4 back in 2007 and the result was A breakout success so my take on this is that whether we get battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3 just let dice Do what they really want to do? Let’s go my god hello there? Um? I’m not gonna be like it nice How’d that miss? Fuck me, just let game developers make the games that they really want to make games that they love And they know that we all love to play as well and regardless of whatever the title is I’m sure we’re going to enjoy the hell out of the game instead of trying to meet our expectations by making battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3 shadow of those expectations I’d like to see them continue on that trend with battlefield because it’s honestly a really underrated game I know it’s growing a popularity and stuff, and it’s becoming less and less underrated for that reason, but yeah me personally I’ll be satisfied with whatever we get whether it’s battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3 or something completely new everyone’s entitled to their opinions and They have their preferences, so I love bad company bad company 2 battlefield 3 battlefield 4 battlefield 1 They’re all just quality as games and regardless of whatever battlefield 20 18 is going to be I’m sure that the community is gonna respect The fact that they work so hard on their games. Yeah, I got a What other game are you gonna play? Where you plants a bomb and they’re just like make sure they don’t fuck with it a bombs been planted on our ammo, so sorry The voice lines and the character in this game are just so great It’s so much more laid-back, and it actually has personality there anyone in that tank nope got destroyed anyway This game is just so badass. Let’s not forget that basically everything can just be blown the fuck off like look at that Oh, you wanted to use the door fuck the door. This is the door. We just blew it the fuck up I mean you can still Do that, but yeah when you’re walking around with this and nothing’s gonna stop you okay? That’s an enemy tank hold up hold up hold up. We gotta deal with this I Get him Is it dead he got out? Is he going into this one you piece of shit damn this guy’s a monster? He’s just going in and I have to pull out the cheese to get him Well get the fuck out of here. Nothing is better than this yeah the shotguns in Bad Company 2 are just untouchable I forgot exactly what kind of rounds I have on right now, but I’ll try to look at them at next I’m I died Anyone hang I see you buddy fuck ready Oh you poor health Oh, No the Guru’s room. What did I have on it again? It’s the slug rounds in the Magnum ammo. It basically allows you to snipe with this thing whoop Whoop come on do it. Yep beautiful perfect headshot – I’ll never the fuck is shooting me Are you serious look at that look at that? This dude is ridiculous. This level of Bushwick. He’s not even trying to conceal himself. He just crushed in a random fucking spot Get your nuts back over here, okay, Sandy Cheeks wait why is it a five on three? Okay? I love this game, but it’s hard to relive those memories when it’s just like completely empty Easier easier buddy I Don’t know why that took so many shots. I’m sorry I’m gonna revive you though, and I’m gonna arm this and were gonna win this game And we should be winning in a couple seconds. Yep telethon know what let’s check out battlefield 4 I love Bad Company 2, but unfortunately It just doesn’t have the player base that it used to but maybe battlefield 4 has more players operation locker is so badass That’s what I love about battlefield games It’s just those fucking iconic moments, but it’s more of that feeling that you get when you’re playing operation Locker And there’s just like 16 people on each side of the wall. It’s just nothing but endless chaos going back and forth oh god no why I just got in here fuck and What in the hell am I looking at where am I I’ve become one with the building there? We go. That’s better. Oh god It’s been a while You’re done. I actually don’t think I’ve really played like TDM on Locker. I think what I was referring to before his conquest large Yeah, you fucked up. Oh My god through many I’m just really hoping that the next battlefield game is gonna be fun as hell if you’ve been around on the channel for a while You might have remembered the battle lols 3 series I want to be able to bring you guys some more funny highlights from whatever the next battlefield game is Yeah, they’re gone Well how the music starts like building to as it’s about that Get him and him nope Nope, but yeah, that’s gonna do it for this video. Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this battlefield video. Let me know your guys has thoughts on Battlefield 2018 Do you want to see battlefield 5 bad company for you or something completely new and yeah? I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did and you want to see some more battlefield stuff make sure to drop a Like I’ll see you guys later Hmm

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