Battlefield 5 PC Closed Alpha live stream

I just hit the button I mean it’s our
life uh yeah if you want to double-check on there and you’re not Gordon I’m not
Gordon that’s like all right Gordon’s not here he’s gone he’s gone browser right yeah oh yeah I’m not
switching out of it I was thinking about the control panels over here sweet no I see you sir see us on P on
YouTube yeah cool all right welcome back everyone
we got some player ready and playing at play already
yeah player ready weren’t quite ready but still yeah there but we’re ready
ready we’re ready to play cuz that’s us player
ready Adam Patrick Murray Dan Moss okay you’ve you haven’t done one of these in
a bit huh and spend a little thing yeah as I’ve been doing a couple with with
leaf yeah do playing some pub G but today we’re gonna play some battlefield
5 for bet battlefield v you know as it’s officially called but I like to call the
five because but shake makes it minimum yeah that’s right if you get windows
left or right okay I was like that’s what I wanted
there you go yeah so we’re here battlefield 5 came out on PC to day to
day today in a closed alpha state but closed closed alpha how they’re showing
off some of the stuff that that we saw at EA plate well I didn’t
Hayden saw it earlier this month hi hi Harry
orange re hello thanks for joining us battlefield battlefield sin so in our
battlefield face I mean the last battlefield that I had was three South
Canon that says something right that’s something yeah cuz for was then they
went back to one we was kind of a change change up for the
single-player stuff and then now they’ve come back out we’ll live on Twitch
well let’s join us on Twitch dude Willis yeah dude I feel like I haven’t seen you
forever we should we should hit some lunch
BTS or bTW yes yeah so yeah so yeah I’m not a huge shooter guy this battlefield
I feel like battlefield like you you know you clan up with a bunch of people
or you know it’s Oh a little bit different than yeah but battery on the
laptops running low so he’s he’s gonna get the cable yeah I mean you need a good crew I guess I
mean you don’t mind playing with strangers but I like slow casual play
that’s like not stressful these days yeah but not compared to like a turn
base where I can just sit everyone think sure take my nose a little bit
no definitely not so okay hopefully we’re still up I didn’t realize the
battery was that close to being dead I’m gonna switch it over here to the screen
and as you see we got conquest the newest one is grand operations well not
brand new but this was in battlefield one grand operations and then conquest
is kind of the traditional mode that everybody knows thank you
battlefield 4 so I actually kind of want to try some some conquest actually you
know before that I don’t really I do want to go into the options menu you
know just to see some of the some of the the options they have here actually when
is this game coming out this fall good a good deal in advance then yeah really I
mean it’s they’re saying it’s a pretty limited number of people who got codes
and somehow I got picked I though I have no idea sorry to bust your bubble well I
mean you have to have like you have to have some people to play against that’s
true too so no yeah hi it was invitation only so
I don’t even I don’t even think it was one of those things of like if you
pre-ordered the game you get access to it I could be wrong
alright great we got some cussing in the chat already this fantastic sees the
internet go internet so I didn’t play this at e3 but Hayden did and and he
enjoyed a lot of it he had some he had a good time you love you love these games
I mean I wouldn’t say love yeah I’ve put a good number of hours into first person
shooters and in into battlefield as well yeah your time bath of won a whole lot I
you know what it was beautiful and I actually did like the structures and a
single player just say you love it there’s no shame no one’s gonna know I
was gonna make fun of you for shame you loved a game love is you know what was
such a strong word maybe that chair it is like I’ve heard you use that word
before I feel like you’ve tossed it around I love like it’s not I love this
blackberry key to getting I don’t it’s okay it’s fine you know I would say
you’re quite fond of it I am quite fond of a fond of Marotta says our people
triggered by the female protagonist I’m Anna know that there was a female
protagonist but I will say oh yeah I generally select female characters when
I make a character what should I wish I pick I’m just gonna
do assault okay what era is this what’s World War two so battlefield one was why
were one battlefield five and it’s World War two
okay that makes sense right and aka Johnny Blaze says oh damn I get to catch
you guys live for one yeah yeah well welcome to the live yeah the white
version so so why don’t you talk to us you know say I asked us all the
hydrogen’s and make fun of me playing Battlefield especially I need to find
some some vehicles because that’s where I do some real damage right I thought I
saw a plane plane where’s guy there it is yep that guy
that guy oh he’s coming right at me and he’s a pen oh that’s your friend your
friends getting out yeah actually I am horrible at playing combat and say all
says I I need tests I need tests this game OMFG or I don’t know if I just need
this game or I need to test this game why is that not working are we gaining
that so we’re playing on the on the which on the NVA were still right yes I
got mixed this up man we got a we got man yeah we should play it on the RGB
yeah and 70 so mix that up but yes playing on the The Omen 6700 K dual GTX
10 80s so but once again this is an alpha you know they were very explicit
up front to say you will encounter some bugs Andrew – yes as a world war ii
world war dos world war dos see down oh you’re down whoops I’m down
held down side oh I’m a Grenadier CI that’s not it’s not what you on it yeah
wait where’s my oh and Lola says what’s with the phone in the game phone yeah oh
yeah you can call in airstrikes I’m still dead so this guy either didn’t
revive me or what not like heaven zoomed up for your body into this view yeah
that’s kind of I feel like they’re they’re pretty dynamic about their their game and Johnny Blaze goes if I’m
gonna stare at a character’s back for several hours at a time
I’d rather it be a female character yeah they’re kind of waiting on that er I
except for this is a first person they usually make me usually make the butts
pretty nice in games or you gonna it depends
oh well it depends on what something speech volleyball nice in the butt play
some beats beach volleyball also you’re in the middle of word World War two yeah
I don’t think there’s too many boats being glorified I’m on a pretty buy it
oh look I gotta help this guy if anything you want could argue that like
you know trauma and like the terribleness that you’ll see in war in
war I need a little bit of auto oh okay okay
yeah as I was trying to figure out whatever that that phone is hopefully
the guy that I just revived can no Palestine thank you likes big fellow
that’s Becca don’t help them as you who needed help
yeah I’m calling I’m bleeding out I’m calling so I much funnier if it was just
like you have a mic on like I’d be climbing like you could warp things for
role playing this is what I want yeah I killed you but you’re you’re squealing
was pretty good so I’m gonna award you some points for a role playing yeah all
right so you’re British you’re not even American
in this round yes okay and I’m not doing too good I have not
gotten my first kill yet sighs Japan in this as well boys this year I mean they
were in the war yeah I I believe that it spans all territories
I’ve Italians I cannot confirm or deny because I actually don’t this is just
multiplayer or is that there is a campaign or is it just there’s a
single-player campaign so the first one was like a series of vignettes yeah
rather than one cohesive oh oh because when I got battlefield 3 there was no
campaign if I remember correct there was there was there’s always been a campaign
but it’s never been like that good battlefield one I thought it was an
interesting campaign and we’ll assess smash in someone’s head and mailee
question my melee yeah who’s he talking about smash brothers melee that’s a
totally different game bayonet then Bayonetta that Bayonetta I like being at
a baby’s a good game put the bayonet on I don’t see the button for the Bayonetta fortunately this is pretty though I mean
right you got this winter and whatever and we’re playing at 1080 here because
that’s what we’re streaming it actually I don’t even see any in vehicles I still
I still don’t understand the the phone thing wow you just bashed someone in the
head with a with a phone that would be cool where’s a like a guy bad guy that’s
the bad guy oh you’re doing good I think yeah I like it guns nice I will take it
that good guy bad guy that’s good bad guy hey you know if it’s
a good guy a little have your team’s color over him oh this guy’s going down
oh no don’t hate your friend you kiss you it feels a little far here we go here we
go thank you early yeah Hank yeah the guy
you got pretty good this guy okay so anything like a path at you all
right Oh oh I hit somebody something that window how do you know how far to lead them all
rights just can’t hear oh that’s my guy whoops
see the blue yeah you got you gotta kind of get a feel for it and this is a
two-tone 80s of course it’s beautiful and Johnny says there was a campaign but
I never got battlefield for campaigns but battlefield 3 was my favorite yeah
I’ve played all the campaign all the single-player campaigns man we are
getting our butts stomped we I’m not playing so put yourself in this yeah
true I just I want to get so I wanted to get a vehicle what is it oh the old
fertility I see what do it jump on the actually see how my son Oh somebody blue
dope okay yeah there’s of you quite there nice no ice and you’re gonna a driver
I’m both yep let’s go to D those captured D
people nope actually this is a highest settings I’ll check I’m assuming yes
there actually wasn’t a ton of option options because it is an alpha and it
was a little squirrely like when I first loaded it up it said 1080 but it was not
putting out – maybe hi dragon dragon Curt’s here yeah hello
and Johnny says nice nice to peek I’ll destroy hey thanks yeah I did it I did
something there I was gay yeah that’s the only one I’ve been able
to do so far let’s see I wonder oh nice oh we’re gonna get it
as gonna get it did you get him you get it takes a couple it’s whoo you guys I
just like thank you oh I got me first thing yeah he did hit
you first yeah I didn’t think you’re moving around quite enough either maybe
that would have changing it’s hard to strafe in a tank but tell that to the
World of Tanks players the world of warships and actually I bet Gordon loves
to strafe in his world of worship ship oh there’s something what’s he doing
back there I saw something these will really like this though
war is hell yeah I feel like it’s a lot more just like bunker down then it is
just I’m just gonna run everywhere oh yeah I’m hope it’s too far
would I like this more if it was counter-strike style where you only had
one life and you have to wait though round out I bet there is a one life game
mood you hate that style now yeah well I mean I like it in you grounds hate it
yeah no I can battle them but it’s easy to get it into something Patrick says
how are the FPS on 1440p I ran out of ammo
you’re supposed to Bayonetta him haha where’d he go
I lost him the hell I don’t have a band at a no Bayonetta yeah sorry good night
stuck pekurny oh there we go ever night yeah see in there no I doubt it
I need some ammo oh there we go there’s ammo we’re just fortunate for DP the
lead is that good or bad that the bluegill we’re the Bluetooth okay so
yeah there’s something helping you know man yeah the framerate is actually
holding pretty steady I’m not too upset by it
no I mean look 3d from from this side but we are running to 10 80s yeah so I
mean but also for an alpha I mean yeah yeah it’s not even a power thing as much
as a server side I feel like right yeah she won the game I mean this is day one
of an alpha and that’s every second seemed pretty good but once again I do
remember Hayden saying that when they showed it off at e3 it was actually
pretty yeah and Dragon says it looks pretty good for it being alpha if oh
it’s like Rainbow six and some battlefield is has a specific
style you either like a large map yeah large map squad-based semi squat
lights and also a team or area is that like when you have certain roles
yeah role role based thank you my words be oh that is be give me insurgency on
PC I’m cool I’m Pierce as a be careful Adam you might not want to play the game
on the console now that you played it on the PC I mean you’re not gonna get this
kind of graphics and this kind of frame rate well on it console man well luckily
I was gonna plan on a console anyway that’s good now you have I’m a PC yeah I
mean I gotta get my stick most of my games on PC anyway so I would say with
her she just got shanked in the back yeah as I was laying down no one’s
helped you at all no once somebody helped me get up once that’s that’s man
yeah I guess I are not doing good surprise actually there’s not more it’s
not more vehicles I still I don’t know how to call that in ever just says I
can’t do FPS on a console controller but you could put a keyboard and mouse on
the Xbox can’t you no yeah no I mean you can then you can
use it for like inputting text like it won’t let you play no there was a Gordon
and Elena had a little bit of an argument about that recently actually
Gordon thought it was support or Lena thought it was supported at the
developer level I could develop if a developer wanted to that they could but
Gordon’s like no I think that’s stopped at the OS level and I think he’s I think
he’s right Oh see you shoot dead millions instead
in new ways oh yeah the guy was bleeding out so I
thought maybe if I took him all the way I don’t get some it’s important
I mean Rainbow six in the way you said die once and wait for the next round
yeah counter strikes true deck it’s so visceral all right we need some serious
action here so we’ve got a lot of comments on on
YouTube and you probably need killstreaks to calm the strikes is this
the game which receives more dislikes than likes on its trailer and yeah Adam
you have to get points via killing sprees and then you can call okay so
yeah you need to be telling you you need to get more kills Adam first you know
it’s a good point good time I should I mean I should be doing that yes but
Patrick says you need the squad leader chuckling not seeing how to get into a
squad this time oh there we go that’s quad full right now going to dog
join squad sure oh yeah I guess this thing had three hundred and twenty five
thousand likes and 433,000 dislikes on the trailer I wonder if I wonder what
was so bad I was just that’s probably just people doing what’s the animosity they like flick you awfully I honestly I
don’t remember I wish I could take the squad the year penis squad the area
gives you more options Johnny and Dragons on the controller argument of
this of that argument what about it just being better on the
controller I mean I’m personally better on a controller and I mean a Gordon and
I are still talking about that series where it’s a controller versus mouse and
keyboard yeah we got a I got to figure that one out maybe make it maybe make
that like a sub-goal we get enough oops show you in the back of the head
friend little bloop up see now you’re in a crew
this is how you’re supposed to do it your even if like always going solo in
there oh that’s kind of fun no whoops sorry
does it hurt no no okay I still feel bad I don’t want to hurt him
there’s an S at his aim I don’t think so should something should happen I mean if
you’re in war I mean if you get shot in the back of the head bullets have no uh
hey sure bullets don’t care yes I think it’s the right kind friendly fire only
bullets yeah they’re Opie right in the leg take that oh here I got
you I got you buddy help me it hurts it hurts help me alright in the helmet so Palestine says
same shit no campaign major cash grab no there’s a campaign in this unless a yeah
I don’t know if they’re talking about different game okay I think they’re not
aware this game there is a campaign it’s a Call of Duty that doesn’t have
campaigns here I guess people are talking I guess people were unhappy with
the unrealism I’m unrealism well I mean it was the
same thing for the for World War one you know like people are like I mean you’re
in the one of the most bloodiest crappiest battles of all time like you
should maybe have a little more weight to it or a little more respect that is
the argument but also it’s a video game oh that one I would say that twice you
know because the reality would be if you’re just like shivering in the trench
you know for the whole game whoops that’s not gonna make a fun game so
actually there is a game called for done which is like that it is in that is that
in World War one and it is actually pretty I mean it’s not very realistic
but it’s it’s way more realistic than a lot of these that’s like it’s it claim
to fame well if you only got one life per day and and you rationed out your
bullets yeah like yeah this is this is as many bullets as you get how hilarious
is that they should have a mode where you you only get one life for day I
don’t know if I would call it hilarious well as a non player of this game I find
it funny and then like you know like you have
this two teams so like half the game you know you’re just like spent there you
know chad talk with your teammates like trying to kill some time and to like did
you hear something hey what was that let’s have paid you to
that’s nothing oh come on okay I’ll take an assist know someone
may help you then yeah hopefully one of my squad mates and someone helping you
there’s literally someone walking my friend on top is that guy not helping
you I dunno he’s not helping me oh no we got to find that guy’s name and then
we’ll look him up and then us and and then that helped my the PC world nerd
crew will we’ll get on Twitter and just like insult them yeah oh hopeful do they
work for a competing net keep competing a brand and I’d like to hear what it
sure yeah Oh couldn’t get away quick enough yeah they were saying yeah just make the
whole game fictional call it I mean that’s what but that’s not they’ve been
doing like battlefield 3 battlefield 4 war war be world war be world war be
take to world war take to right world world at war our world of war World of
Warcraft a world of infantry world of ships craft
right I need to talk to my dragon ass this is still running on the Frostbite
engine I believe so yeah that’s I mean well hmm that’s a good question
III would I would think so I mean they they dumped a lot of money into that hello
how often do they up like update their like I’m only redo them I mean I don’t
think engines update that often I think they just like do incremental changes I
don’t think it’s like okay we’re gonna sit down we’re gonna make a whole new
engine now it’s just like a slow development yeah it’s like we keep
iterating on it we keep making it better whoa ah that’s how you can get out of
there all right all right I survived that I’ll take it
don’t think I have I’m laying around 50 books in your game health back well up
to 67 weeks yeah Johnny says yes this is frostbite
it’s in the game EA sports it’s in the game Paul whose paints typed at Batman
I need to change away yeah standing up doesn’t sound like a good idea tea my
Kelly speedix squatted yeah Frederico does not seem to be a fan
of this game you die Oh like I said I thought that was hidden
I mean I think battlefield has I mean it has a lot of proponents we’re done nuts
we lost a major time I did not do good now did you get any kills no I did yeah
okay I think I got one kill and one plane taken well that was a better to
choose this let’s see today yeah I hit yeah I hit
just 2 1 ok stats yeah now you got a golden globe bar dragon ass any other
games you are both looking forward to this year I wasn’t a huge Red Dead fan
oh yeah that’s one of the games freeze oh there we go I don’t know okay
I loved Red Dead and it’ll probably be standalone I got more kills yeah sure
I’ll take it personal best yeah kill streak one okay yeah Red Dead I would be excited full
I’ll play it don’t get me wrong I’ll play it but I just I’m not a huge not a
huge fan of western stuff so I’m still waiting for
they are billions campaign mode and kind of a shout-out to see if anyone else
also plays their billions I’m gonna guess no I’m bummed that Call of Duty
does not have a single player because that’s always my like guilty pleasure
every year is Call of Duty single-player so I’m bummed that they’re not gonna not
gonna have that like dragging us do you they hope it comes to PC I feel like if
Red Dead comes out it’s gonna come out on all of them at the same time oh yeah
no I think it’s been confirmed for PC as well so they’re not gonna do that delay
and well I mean the original red didn’t ever came out on PC so I was like one of
the only rock stars that never came out on PC
yeah so yeah a lot it a lot of people are looking forward to read dead wait
what now over there well let’s see s people
are talking people be like a man I don’t know I feel like a lot of the
games that I’m excited for are not out till next year so you see like a game
where the channel team man what you doing huh you stay on that guy’s all stainless videogames I don’t know you know I just
I play whatever is out I usually don’t get to Johnny wants us
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey do you wait so what’s that PS are dating right now
that’s not counting oh yeah I don’t want to prep slow Devon here and I mean III
set it to 60 and it seems to be hoping pretty well yeah I’ve seen some tipster
he said I’ll say it’s at 120 yeah I’ll say greater than 16 I mean it’s actually
it’s pretty smooth yeah like this is yeah I’m assuming it should be similar
performance if it’s the same engine as as one right be f1 yeah I mean yeah I
mean it is all new assets yeah as your blood dripping down that’s
no I mean look at your blood I can’t even look down like just looks like I
said that’s not realistic not really downs down fake is there a
battle royale mode they have announced a battle royale mode but they have said
that it’s not gonna be out yeah yeah at launch
well I can I can floating uh yeah pick it up the trap oh I told you it’s a trap
it was a trap you stick a gun up in the air and people are gonna go for it
whether they have little masks I feel like that’s me yeah what kind of a microtransaction do you think they’ll be
laughter I mean eea has been very vocal in saying that it was I did know I guess
I went into the I that they’ve been very vocal about saying that they’re not
going to do the walk through the door so so dragon I do have a ps3 and we’re just
I didn’t realize that and was kind of pointing this out is X because I have
the first Jim ps3 the fatty guy the round fatty one that it might be worth
something like maybe I should sell it hey you know but it’s my DVD blu-ray
player right now oh that’s why you were looking at prices yeah if I sell if I
sell the PlayStation then I have no way of watching DVDs or blu-rays I mean yeah
you should see truly if it is one that it has ps2 guts and then also like how
much you can get for it it looks like like they were going for like around 150
yeah I think news today yeah I mean hey I personally need some people who wish
they had their hands on it at one point I was looking for one
but yeah it’s like you know you if I spend 150 I could get a blu-ray player
cuz it’s only a 1080i Elton and I could buy up that for pretty cheap and it
probably it’s at this point it’s probably pretty slow
I mean I’m not gonna play I mean I guess I still have a handful of games yeah I
mean I mean so I mean I just ship them all together I’d be like England hey you
get this on this good – yeah when I go home I’d be surprised or lucky that weld
it did your auction close on your camera that’s packing up 150 165 165 okay yeah
but then you lose 10% front to eBay so I only get 150 at least 16 bucks so I
ended up 150 okay and I could have sold it on what it says web site okay EAH and
gotten like 130 so I guess I made 20 more dollars more
email by going this route is it worth all the effort that’s a good question
right and Peter I don’t want optical media
anymore too slow too fragile and annoying DRM stuff organ enjoyable
Gordon likes to have the physical it’s it’s like when you’re when you don’t buy
the physical you’re only least seen it or like you’re well even when you buy
the fiscal year it’s still you’re under a user License Agreement yeah but you
matter what you can still don’t own it but you don’t own the content yeah but
you own the the disk yeah so you can resell your used movie for example until
they decide to lock it out then you still how do they lock it out well I
mean cuz a lot of them are internet people
yeah the ps3 are like game wise well no I even blu-rays blu-rays have like like
content a little update from the server yeah yeah you’ve never had like extra
features where it’s like pulling something from the live server no I mean
I never watched this I only like but you know he’s like Louise let me borrow
Dunkirk which you know kind of systematically ties in right now look
Dunkirk and I haven’t watched it yet but I’m gonna need my ps3 to watch it so why
don’t you get a ps4 there’s like 250 I think I don’t I don’t play on consoles
I’m totally not gonna buy a new console but then it’s faster so for a faster to
watch a movie and faster to watch of Louie believe well yeah I like loading
of the disk and stuff like that don’t you remember the very first I had a
friend who had the very first blu-ray player like like it was like $500 it was
a Sony it was he-man oh he’s just playing and and that thing that thing
literally took like two minutes to load the the disc in like oh my god because
it has to cache the media you know same as if you’re streaming um I buy games on
GOG for that reason goal then you have don’t what’s GOG
I mean it’s gog like it’s it used to be good old games but ya know it’s just
called gog did they have all of them like the major releases no it’s like
it’s like old old games under they they do release a new game so i guess i I
haven’t looked but I mean they’re known for their old game library and DRM free
you don’t have to connect to the internet if you don’t want those options
true so yeah your prong at oh oh but then you how can you update the firmware
you know and Dragon Court says I have a blu-ray player for my PC and you can use
make MKV to watch your films it’s really easy that sounds like a lot more work
than I want to go through can I did just buy a 65 inch TV and so like I don’t
wanna like complicated by you know having a deal like my computer although
you do have a steam link I know that’s I don’t I don’t think the Dolby sound
would pass through it does it does yeah a positive yeah
are you sure uh-huh I play it does for games I don’t I don’t see why it
wouldn’t for movies hmm all the think about that what Oh to the face yeah all
right pink complete squad white heya patrick says stop dying please and show
some gameplay that’s a good burn let’s give up I’m trying I’m trying I’m
just gonna blame it on the mouse and keyboard
maybe yeah that’s it yeah can you probably in about June Charlie I mean
like there’s controller support sure yeah let’s do it ah jump at will wait why isn’t alone let
me jump let me jump there we go can you give me a cable to do ine cable
to I thought I hopefully this is a it’s not played in full I don’t have the
wireless adapter in here there should be one either there no just a microUSB forget about it but then I would be so
much better that’s fine I probably stupid suck yeah
I’m gonna fall right on this guy because people want to see
don’t play Nando ah they definitely don’t want to see me play also some blue
blu-rays even work with 4k films yes that’s the thing I mean if you’re gonna
invest in a blu-ray player right now as much support for 4k HDR like like you’d
be invested in some old tech so yeah you either at that point I would say hold
onto your ps3 or or upgrade because that’s the thing is it’s a lot of disks
aren’t the same disc so you have to pick which disc to buy so it’s not yeah cool
if like through the USB connection I think it’s like oh my goodness like a
USB DVD Drive on a game console now on a TV oh right
how cool would that be that would be pretty cool man I suck ah the medic either Peter
says there’s a fair price policy so all the countries get the same price
ultimately you get a refund if it’s more expensive no magic okay what is Luis watching us is he making
fun of how bad I am like yeah Johnny says you can get a 4k uhd player a new
egg for 50 bucks yeah but is it HD r is that someone knocking on the door okay
yeah someone just bangus banging on the door but but Nando’s going to get it
done though none though but a normal blue dr doesn’t
let you watch 4k does it I don’t think yeah that’s what uh
giant yeah so now I was thinking but like the 4k ones are still pretty print
yeah I think they’re still different from the HDR ones like is honestly the
1080 to to 4k yeah you know but HDR I’ve been really lucky you think the
difference between I would say the difference between 1080 and going to 4k
is a bigger different than probably going 4k to 4k HDR nah dude HDR is huge
difference Ganim nice assist counts as kill I mean I’ll take that yeah dude I’ve been so in love with HDR see you just said looking love like it
as willy-nilly yeah see because I am in love with this year you just you just no
problem with Iran is yours also not me I never say it oh and Peter peers with you
it’s HDR is more important than HD to to Forte I mean especially on like edit
monitor yeah like it’s different like I still do like my monitor at 4k but the
HDR on the TV like the 4k I mean I sure you can tell you can see it you can see
the difference but like it’s not as big as a difference as SDR I guess I haven’t
really watched the same thing in both to really compare maybe I and we had some
formation yeah yeah I’ve been doing a lot to tweak my settings to trying to
figure out like do you go Ardennes and look at there like there I did yeah but
like my our place is so different though because it’s so there’s so much natural
light yeah so I’ve had to do a lot to make you believe like well no cuz
there’s a there’s this really focused on like it a darker environment to where
they did a lot of their testing so I’ve we much more natural light than where
they tested dragging quite says yeah the throw a link in the chat and I’ll take a
quick quick gander current implementation of HDR is
mediocre at best I’m gonna kill take that tree out man you feel like a high
end Oh ladder or something ah I mean even without Ola dude like the
the zone lighting oh sweet thank you sir tripping UHD 4k discs with make MKV
entrenching solitaire ah he’ll play oh I’m bleeding I think strike and I’ll
take a deeper look at later the newer monitor is shown at Computex
has hundreds of LED LEDs behind the panel for lots of zones I think I can be
a voice that was fun I was like are they really gonna spawn me like in midair I
know like yeah it’s like it’s kind of like an in-between of that and like real
like help like how’s the new sjw to game says give me a smile what’s that SJ w –
is it s JW – I he’s yeah what he’s trolling us no what
is it it’s Google sjw I’m winging it like
flagged by the company for doing that yeah probably but it’s not it’s yeah yes
there is what’s up Louie he’s also justice warrior like that I know I suck
I never said I was good oh thanks sir let’s try it I already told him it wasn’t worth it a chicken curry sir I think the chicken
curry is a and enjoying our help nice yeah he can he yeah just give us just
give us some money if you end up using it in something yeah I mean we’d love to
be for you if you guys there are any game developers out there and they want
us to to be some voices oh yeah I give you a good 30 minutes of my time voice
actually it depends what I mean if it’s a big game you know you good money I
know rejecters get good money but this is a this is our community Adam oh yeah
they’re just making a small indie game and you’re not gonna you’re just
thinking about making money Hey yes JW uh wait it’s also justice
warrior is that like your okay I think something I would play that game not a
Dan Adam plays capitalist game warrior that’s the game he plays capitalist
warrior capitalist yeah he’s good at game playing kappa this
game warrior yeah true oh he’s trying to be sneaky
ya know have that guy even give me he can’t like wrapped around oh that’s got
skills Oh Johnny Blaze that that is Nando /
Lewis / big blue flash big Lou and he’s he’s way more of a hardcore gamer than I
am that that’s for certain damn sure for they are all more hardcore
gamers than Gordon for Dan share just over here he’s here oops no I he was already did that feat I
think well yeah I got some more kills with a controller than I did his mouse
keyboard no I don’t forget the Germans successful defense gave them
time to prepare they’re readying a significance I don’t like tooth grande
operations mode I like the approaching Narvik well we could walk around and not
much is Louise to play see one try Jesus you know he does yeah here you jump on
this bike I got a I should probably jump on cimetidine thank you everyone for
differ I got it bounce but these guys this will be here but yeah is fun you
should back out and go to the normal Conquest mode like I’m not yeah not
digging that grand operations mode that looks in there too
that’ll feel molded cup hardline hardline had a mode like that – yeah I
mean well battlefield one had a mode like that – but yeah alright alright yeah hey you know it’s it’s an alpha now you got me so I’m here look at
survive this day be Asian you should hit escape it’s a medic oh hi hi dragon Curt what’s
going on we’re here we’re playing some battlefield yes I am tall
I would called an average Louisa’s a little short hey I told you I knew oh
man see it coming see it’s not like I’m that
bad it’s just hard there’s some there’s some hardcore people in here I can’t
tell them that they’re on the left no we don’t have a microphone plugged in 50
they spawn in your squad someone help my god dammit he’ll play smoke grenade help me help me are they giving the Alpha to certain
people and reporters I don’t know who they’re giving it to I don’t think I got
one because I’m in the media to tell you the truth maybe this guy yeah he decks
actually I think it’s because I was registered for EA play to tell you the
truth now I think about it that’s probably why I was on their list so I
don’t yeah they didn’t tell me why why I was picked or who they’re nice you got
somebody named nah no it’s almost your namesake do I ride a motorcycle
no I do actually I have never ridden a motorcycle in my life have you ridden a
motorcycle early thanks Louise is more of a man than i I’ve never even been on
one uh yeah not that I’m against them but no
it’s it’s something that’s never appealed to me I’ve always been a car
guy like classic cars okay yeah why Johnny Blaze do you like
motorcycles do you like motorcycles I do someone help me someone help make
ICAC shooting shoot her shoot her shoot her come on yet yes I think that
name was that where is he it’s behind us uh nice Superbikes yeah my first car was
a 1977 Cadillac Sedan Deville banana yellow with a white top a Cadillac
Cadillac 97 Cadillac that’s awesome dude like my first one was a 1978 Buick Regal
mmm whitewall I know what that I know what that one yeah that’s uh Giants like
a boat yeah hey the same the same with me I got
that thing for $600 I pay 750 for a nice perfect and my parents were like hey you
can get whatever car you want as long as you have the money I was like 17 you
know and I feel around that time like people were trying to get rid of their
boats giant dude like v8 but it was safe you know that’s that’s it do that’s
that’s crazy things like cars back then man those were safe I think I was able
to fit like I don’t know ten people in that car oh yeah oh and then one time we
had a because he had the DISA spacious uh-huh looks like air basically airbags and we I got like six people in the back
we were driving up some driveway and left half this muffler in there like we
left it in the driveway like have the muffler was that left of the driver yeah
this is too heavy come on Nando they’re just they were
just fish sitting in the barrel yeah and the bridge daniel saying he’s really
upset you’re playing it with a controller yeah not our Daniel also yes
huge huge boats man I love that car my second car that I personally owned was a
87 Nissan Pathfinder so that thing was a two-door – I could go off-road I could
mom man that’s so I used to live in Salt Lake City when I had that and like that
thing would just plow through the snow I just have so much fun in that thing on
the big car though like I’ve always that like smaller well I guess but then after
that I went from from try an American car to Japanese car I got a Civic or a
preload Prelude yeah yeah a Honda Prelude yeah I had that and then a civic
after that okay you I mean life is cific right now with my wife yeah yeah right now unfortunately I
don’t own a car the last car I owned was years ago because I’ve done this well
cause it’s Berg for a couple years and my ex-wife had a Nissan Sentra not a
great car and so yeah I lived in in Pittsburgh and public transportation
there was awesome I did not need to have a car and we had her car as kind of a
backup just in the times when we did need it and then what was it in Arizona
I had a really nice bike in Arizona yeah I saw yeah I haven’t personally
owned a car in a while I feel like especially in San Francisco like it’s a
little bit like I think we do have one car but my wife uses it because she
needs to own elemina now you’re out there yeah yeah so it’s like I part into
work everyday even if I had a car I would not drive in yeah not saying like
I love bored but ii do there’s a person that I met in the building a couple of
days ago and she just started doing the commute like six months ago
uh-huh and I very rudely who walked down to the BART station to get them to the
bar session than that was like okay I’m out
went back a couple of seasons looking to tell her the secret it makes a huge
difference like when I can get a seat on Bart and it makes a whole difference in
the rest of my life the objective is us you see anybody over
there I don’t know so Peters saying that we you know that
in any first-person shooter that you’re you’re gonna be much better with a
keyboard and mouse because you have more control no matter how good you are with
controlling see I think we’re on the same team is that we disagree with that
right I I mean I’ve always been a controller person the same here and so
like when I do mouse and keyboard stuff it usually has to be very specific right
I don’t like the like and maybe it’s the DPI settings I never mess with on the
mouse maybe I should do that but I feel like I like the controls are just like
the mouse is just too shaky it’s not it’s not as smooth you got it nice and
slow and you know you can you can adjust the sensitivity on controllers yeah I
mean when I use a mouse I feel like I go over whatever my target is gonna be like
wait yeah absolutely can’t wait – a little – jumping yeah I mean it’s just a
feel for you know like it’s it like everyone says it’s an objective fact
that you’re gonna be better and it’s like yes unless you’re not I can play
kind of like I mean I’m doing a terribly right now I’m getting killed but I would
be even worse cuz I’ll imagine I mean I have driven on the right side of the
road for all my life right could I Drive on the left side of the road in England
yeah I could but if I were to try to actually race and do something important
no matter how you know like it’s programming you have to like actually
break it out of you and sure maybe if I took you know the time over the next 10
years of my life to reprogram to do mouse and keyboard I feel like yeah it’s
itching is the capacity to be a better player more on mouse and keyboard I can
believe that sure but at the same time I still feel
like I’m a better controller because that’s just what I’m used to yeah I
could practice right well would practice like I’m telling you like I was telling
you the story about my nephew right uh-huh first time playing that fortnight
with keyboard and mouse and he was struggling like putting his little hands
on the keyboard and sort of like how do I card how do I jump how’d I do this oh
he’s like struggling to like get the keys but he was able to get two kills
well I’ve been playing that game for like six months trying to get one kill
wood key word a mouse in that what I’m able to do yeah yeah but you know a
gamer voice is saying keep mouse and keyboard vastly superior for those who
are highly proficient at both sure I believe you but guess what I’m not
highly proficient in mouse and keyboard and I don’t want to you know spend 20
years to overcome my proficiency and controller you know so and controller
support is just so widespread I just I like to play with what I am comfortable
with you know like I’m not a huge competitive gamer anyway obviously so
like usually I’m more than happy to just have fun in the game and not worry about
what I’m playing yeah you know as long as here I’m fun
yeah no no that’s that’s this game she should because if you get mad every time
you’d lose I get kill forget it Anthony says he plays a first-person
shooters with a joystick wait are you talking about like a hotel like a like a
fine stuff light stick fight stick I know I don’t know that’s crazy that’s
yeah I never heard of that yeah I mean you know hey yeah go for it
yeah but if we were to start a series where we pitted and Gordon on a mouse
and keyboard and me on a controller or you I mean what he stole does he is
gonna own us or he would honest see Gordon’s belief is that even somebody
who’s not good with anything is still better on mouse and keyboard than
somebody who is proficient at a controller and you know edges Gordon he
likes to you know ya know he should definitely we should definitely set that
up I mean if he we should get my nephew to play with him against us I mean yeah
yeah no matter what like we’re gonna smoke him he thinks just because he’s on
a mouse and keyboard we’re gonna smoke it he’s gonna smoke us but now we
actually said three to one he said he lose and
and yeah he’s like if we get if we get all these people you know it’s it’s not
even gonna be fair this IDC I know I felt for those who don’t know IDC is
actually a sister company to IDG the company we work for so it’s kind of fun
hey we got hey soos Garcia says hello from Los Angeles go POTUS president of
the United States I have no idea no wrong wrong way Oh would the the oh the
you were different chicken spots can you help in the tank I can blade now now oh boy
you’re making him turn around he’s like wait who was that it’s me don’t team
kill do you think i’ma blow him I’m sure hey I don’t think this friendly fire all
right oh I did not is that it hey Zeus said you were right the first time go
Trump gotcha an Anthony says we should play for his person shooter with a
steering wheel now I think he’s just walking us actually I’ve never had a
steering wheel have you ever had a logitech one from for the PlayStation 2
and then one for the PlayStation 3 big fan of those racing game and for it’s a
Gran Turismo Gran Turismo on that for so so much I don’t have a I don’t think I
ever owned one for the Xbox the world PlayStation ones yeah yeah Gran Turismo
dude I was jealous of people who had the nice racing wheels oh yeah but that last
one was good work a boy okay come on I gotta gotta get more
kills again every kind of dude alex is asking how can you get into the
Alpha great question I have no idea they said it was invitation only and here I
I’m not even sure how I got an invite but I think it’s because I would sign up
for EA play like that no definitely you know David black david says
trackball for the win and I tell you what I use Trek balls just talking about
that for ten years that is my preferred input on a on a
computer because I love the fine tuned ability and also being able to just kind
of flick it and hurry hurry across the screen and also it’s good for purple
tone for creative types like me I love track balls i yeah I put I’ve never
gamed on it never screamed on a trick ball I don’t know too many people who
have yeah track balls are awesome yeah they are how do I change my god Lewis
you suck yeah we do that what dancing one of the dance nobody saying that but
uh you know yeah there’s good people in here I feel like all the people that
they’ve invited into this alpha are probably like hardcore battlefield
players it be uh-huh there you go that’s where you can go to
changer oh yeah now wonder they have anything else on here you know I already
looked there’s so much yeah let’s go objective ladies all right stop with
some people without having to take the penalty there we go before maybe I could
just run up and start shooting some foes I don’t know I feel like battlefield is
definitely a long game yeah definitely oh man this matches can that’s a long
time well no I mean like a long distance battles and cook that grenade oh no those are
smoke whoops oh nice oh come on oh it’s too late it was already reloading now does this game have battle royale no
they have announced a battle royale mode but it is not gonna be a launch they did
say that there’s no battle royale for you please wipe that was hey Zeus gotta see
ya okay that here we go yo here we go yo yes so what’s the what’s of what’s uh
scenario do you think these blueprints are from Oz my name Lex is there there’s
some footprints but you can tell the difference between the ones that you did
and the ones that are like a pre put in there I’m just getting their attention
here we go yo here we go yo so what’s the what’s of what’s a scenario it seems
to be like this only one only this one map I think it’s it’s your class to next
time you die you should look in the load of what about the leftover what is left
I guess hope there is Oh get me headshot
he’s just like a child Oh what is he doing
come on can I just commit suicide just like I bet there’s a start stop it all right so deployment overviews it
right yeah then class is gonna be this guy that classes grenade huh I got it so
judge means the other ones didn’t yeah frag grenade UK it’s a uk-based friend
this is looks like a Molotov on the third one do it do it do it accepting who use their requisitions I need to
call in something when came up in the window
the enforcement’s available yeah it looks like it says hold left
left and right longer same can’t there you go
looks like you can pick one let go yeah you got to do it again maybe hit
the trigger on it blow everyone there we go I think you did it no it still says hold
huh wait wait wait who’s shooting at me oh right there right there there we go
revenge you got there what is the difference between beta and alpha that
is a great question I think alpha is 1 and B right yes that sounds like some
game development speak and alpha is where something’s not finalized and beta
is where game plays locked I’ve never something like that I want to
see at this point if they just threw it around they just throw it around like
like willy-nilly how is he opposition your name Anthony Williams has a very
important question actually Luiz could you imagine being drafted to
go to war now yeah I can’t even imagine my age no
I mean or address place was the last time there was a drift I think that was
Vietnam country how do I get out of here yes she’s gonna try the other the other boat
the other mouth my dad my dad was in the military so I
thought about going to Marines or the army or something no I thought about
doing ROTC in college to help pay for college my dad was in the Air Force so
that’s what I would have thought of going into but I didn’t stay draft I
mean draft would be rough I remember there’s a lot of talk about a draft in
oops ah a lot of talk of a draft during the the Iraq war what is this like
campaign mode or something no it’s it’s it’s there it’s a different mode that
they have but I don’t like I’m not a big fan so I’m gonna try to back out of this
oh I did these are folks who are playing you know why your voice is your people
oh yeah let’s say they both quit I want to get into the what’s the muddy looking
for conquest it’s like a standard battlefield mode capture the flag capture they captured
the objective what about is actually it’s like point control what does that
last more than we were playing I was alcohol I think it was the grant
operations that’s what you’re here we go yo Q and
that song and you have to play it now you can get out of your head
what’s the whistle what’s a scenario Oh what what’s so funny
Isis rain someone commenting about this you player controller announcement
of controller and they can’t believe we’re playing with
it’s true you know stuff I saw your video the grassy yeah control their
order well that Google astroturf nothing that I want the other one the other one
it’s like I that forward someone it’s leather I think yes but actually it like
it felt nice like it probably gets grimy over time the after chair for one was
actually more like a felt kind of thing it was yeah it’s a it was fine but I did
reach out to them to to try to get some controllers and forgive aways so if you
stay tuned for that yeah so I am currently talking with
those people about some some giveaways we have man I tell you what what we have
plenty of giveaways lined up in the hopper yeah if you are a fan of the full
nerd and what we do over here at PC world you should definitely keep stay
tuned because is it at all related with the cleanup that’s happening over there
in the back no no this is all new products stuff oh nice and what is this
why do you play says Barsky why do you play why do I play like do you like why
do I play don’t you play why don’t you play why don’t you play
why don’t you play I don’t think I don’t he’s talking to me are you I don’t know
but I said why don’t we play I mean I’m trying to I’m waiting for the game I’m
gonna cancel matchmaking and try it again it’s not matching yeah so Scott’s
asking the same question why don’t we play takes that long to get into a game
and he’s left alone yeah you broke it I don’t know how I’m touched you broke it
there’s a list you can see list the servers it’s finding that game down
there 15 seconds 16 seconds yeah there are a list of servers there’s a there’s
a lot of stuff going on is there one that says San Francisco it’s like we can
play with some of our computers down the street I mean they don’t surface that
stuff family actually I don’t think it’s peer to peer I think it’s I think they
have their own hosted servers so yeah that’ll be funny though but I could be
wrong you know what yeah exiting your heart be hardly ever wrong dude this is
not true what I’m right until I’m wrong and then if I’m wrong then I’m not right
I hear noise anything man a long time Jesus one minute and five seconds
I know we’ve been waiting longer than that because I canceled didn’t started
know maybe they’d let me feel those servers
nice if I can get water oh I see it see if I can manually get one so the
playlist is conquest on these servers and the one that we were on earlier was
he was about a grand operation grand operation so they the other servers are
called grand operations yeah capture and hold the flags there we
go man I don’t know why but I keep thinking on my halo halo halo halo hello
No so what do you think of that little teaser that they did at e3 man with the
halo Master Chief helmet at the very end of their little teaser boring stop it
I love the Halo series yeah but like I’m like just just release the game I don’t
care about teasers I don’t care about you know it gets me excited
yeah for a game that doesn’t come out for a year and a half well that’s what I
felt about like no I don’t care dude just let it come on wait you know what I
can’t them the games that I’ve been talking about to you come out the day
before my birthday so you really know my protector I tell you that I wouldn’t
played it no you did not yeah do you like destiny I do kind of like that
that’s what it is just see I’m telling you keep it magining I keep imagining it
being like it’s not Mass Effect like because it looks like don’t get your
that feel okay your ho km again Oh instead of tank whoops that’s a tank
oh yeah you can get him yeah you could try it was you can’t run up
behind them and like plant a grenade or something like you do I don’t think I
just there’s no tanks in Halo there are tanks in caelo not like a tank tank
detecting a giant scorpion looking like a tank tank like a dangling
it’s a marijuana reference the tank tank right it’s it like like hotboxing but
only in the tank I know he yelled something that you had
to eat yelled good job oh I forgot to get in a squad I don’t know he was just
being dumb dumb oh no I’m out almost other than camel you got eight bullets
left especially a handgun I’m gonna let my guy take all the heat come on go go go what is mo right there
oh yeah no no mo I need to retreat I need some ammo and I got a handgun I’m
not gonna hand guns what headshots just headshots mister that’s no good man
there we go there we go yeah there we go I’m all in health what’s the whistle
with us and there we go you’ve made it right you’ve made it pick up mo nice
what is he you guys what is he shooting what we’re always got a like a night
long range rental here we go yo here we go yo here we go here we go all right
just throw your your Molotov cocktail thing Danya towards your guy there’s no
tangible I don’t see anybody over there all I
hear is shooting everywhere trying to be tactical hey if they’re not gonna
airplane that tells you where the enemy are when you know that you’re sinking
with call of duty ah there you go – double cool nice Oh Oh a snipe yeah
that’s pretty good though two for the price of one I can live with us at the
end no yeah get that one kill he yelled
something at you that’s just assuming he said good job no I didn’t understand
what he was saying like there you know what he’s saying right help me I’m dying
how am i I’m dying but uh the other time when you got that killed I can I can get
this guy no no don’t bleed out don’t bleed out I’m sorry I tried we capturing
am I gonna fight you are but you came through that spot I think oh my god he’s
just taking people out oh thank you sir you all right yeah
teamwork teamwork makes the dream work oh I’m sorry yes I’m sorry I got too
late wait I thought we already took it
oh no it’s going down Oh Sergei doesn’t that one just passive do that
nice I’ll take that yeah that’s how you do it man you doing team you get two and
two like that the buddy system right you back me up if they get me you get them
hopefully I don’t know buddy where’s my buddy
somebody say hey guys hey guys can i pair up with you
hey can i pair up Lucy hey guys let me play playstation hey guys oh wait that
was on your left oh yeah of course it’s coming up for
everything yeah it’s just a closed-off on the PC you want to team up yeah that
says I would want to be your friend I’d be your friend guys I think that with
you I came out with you just on top squad squat squat squat hey guys don’t
talk bad with my mom oh yeah you talk about about anybody
my man you getting happy anybody’s mama majide
right Oh what oh okay that’s what I sound like wait kill that man that guy’s
just hanging out he’s gonna get taken out yep let’s sniper was too smart good sacrebleu Kjetil 77 there we go squad up hey guys you wanna play any comments so
sorry sorry I was I’m all into the how do you play on xbox
I thought keys will hear it only for PC oh yeah did you hear about that they’re
gonna start supporting keyboard and mouse for the Xbox one I don’t know it’s
yeah that’s the rumors been around for a long time yeah now we’re playing on a
controller on the PC yes that’s what he’s doing girl thank you sir Peter and Skyrim
hello Pete hello Peter so Anthony is asking the y’all all see
that 67 K 1600 K I know what that means that mean $67 K is the CPU that we have
in the box that we’re running right now gotcha all right my friend
so David Wilson said typical military hurry up and wait
yeah pretty much that’s why hey guys is that poison oil no you almost sound like
the Cookie Monster almost everyone cooking there you go that sounds like a
right there oh I can see his butt cheek right in the wafer and then he’s buddy
to give you know his butt his friend took you out cookie mints person you da
guy wait wait to find a big name for your alter ego too big Lou help me here we go here we go yo I was burp
we’re capturing it capturing the train they don’t see it coming good very good I think he said it’s all
good is there a good Noah German that’s very
good just stop filling up those barrels over
there in that house pull em up your position so a D and F is all you’re
capturing it’s a thru rif what the blue ones have the red ones but we’re the
blue you’re always there at least I’ve always believed Tom what if I want to do
red in that blue could I see shames look at that guy oh no – you bullet drop
throw medic couches oh I wasn’t paying attention
dang it yeah yeah help me help me check the comp or deeper shithead oh think was at my rear I should check to
see her they’re buddies there too two of them buddies help me they’re splitting
up did is he squat it up mercy-killed oh come on I know I’m actually surprised
you can’t like just shoot somebody while they’re doing it come on move me in come
on to pick up mo exile let me spawn it’s
fun splat splat spot maybe they need to be
out of danger maybe but it should tell me go to their ploy overview and now
deploy just yeah it’s gonna be but no longer available
what is this isn’t that blue yeah we’re blue Oh just be what yeah well let me pick me
it’s so weird what about where the flag is under fire
and what about when the fly is anyway anyway oh you got a tank that’s why I
don’t know no I want to get a airplane is still reloading you almost went in
without your help no we’re doing dying as we’re blue
losing but I thought there was over we’re losing why can’t I deploy he’s
gotta go to F go to F what are we doing it oh nothing you did nothing
why is it we’re done we’re done fini done No Mas
alright I’m done that’s it oh yeah David wants to say he wants a kooky very rude
cool all right let me oh look it’s not crashed
what kinda is huh quit yeah maybe something something’s
happened in there maybe we should get some practice on this keyboard and mouse
thing yeah I mean I’ve played plenty of games with key pronounce but yeah my ass
my hands hurt at the end I got tiny hints do like tiny hands come on see all
right all right quit quit and let’s go over here that looks cool
she looks cool there we go cool well that was that was battlefield 5 are
you going to pick up battlefield 5 probably yes yes yeah cool well yeah
thanks for everybody for tuning in you know Dan had to run so I’m glad I was
here to help us out do better man I’m always better no that’s fine whatever
yeah there was some good people in there okay I don’t anyway thanks for tuning in
we’re gonna be back tomorrow yeah there’s life and I are gonna play
some overwatch I never played overwatch oh yeah
so I got a code I’m gonna play some overwatch with life and his buddy
and they are really good at overwatch I see them I see them online playing all
the time so yeah this could be fun yeah tune back in and I believe we’re doing
it tomorrow 1:00 p.m. Pacific time so we will see everyone

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