Battlefield 5 RTX Update – HUGE Performance Boost!

hello good people I’m Dimitri and last
week we published our RTX experience with Battlefield 5 looking at the visual
analysis between the ultra settings too low and I feel like this shirt is not
really appropriate there we go that’s better
RTX and since then both dice Nvidia have confirmed there were bugs with his
current rtx implementation at the ultra setting so NVIDIA rolled out updates so
that’s great and NVIDIA promises over 50% which is great and now let’s update
my bf5 game so we can see what type of performance improvement we can
get dice please luckily the delay wasn’t that long my game has been updated let’s
see if the promised performance improvements are there and hopefully no
visual compromises when our RTX is set to ultra alright let’s analyze rottenness
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it covers 100% of the IHS plus it comes in two forty to eighty and three sixty
millimeter variants learn more in the description down below alright so let’s
go over my settings quickly I’m running at 1440p because it’s 4k with DXR it’s
basically unplayable I disabled those unnecessary visual effects at the bottom
but as for the important stuff I have everything set to ultra and including
the DXR our reflections and what you’re about to see a performance numbers using
invidious latest drivers so the before column that is before the game has been
patched but using latest drivers from Nvidia and after the game has been
patched just to clarify those two and I’m
running this on the RTX 2080 ti duke from msi and the 9900k alright so
jumping into the first four scene we immediately see about the 20 FPS boost
with frame rate dropping below 40 before the update while staying comfortably
above 60 after the update also keep your eyes on the VRAM usage because after the
update I’m seeing significantly higher vm consumption and the static scene with
the fire visually to me they are identical but the FPS on the right has
almost doubled with almost two extra gigabytes of VRAM usage after the update
the same behavior is observed by looking into the forest solid 60+ fps
after the update as promised without any quality difference that I can see and
what I’m really happy to see toe is FPS not tanking while you’re aiming down
sights that was pretty terrible before the latest update and so I’m sure you’re
starting to see the pattern here DXR on ultra settings after the update
delivers between ten to thirty higher FPS throughout multiple scenes
whenever the reflections are quite heavy the sniper gameplay before Nvidia
drivers was absolutely terrible but after updating drivers and bf5 you
can see we’re close to eighty and that is absolutely playable basically
whenever the scene is wet and full reflections and muddy we notice a
substantial boost in FPS without those reflections becoming less detailed or
grainy but there are sections in the game where FPS difference is minor like
in the desert tank battle since reflections are only visible on part of
the tank despite still seeing a much higher VRAM usage going up in the sky
fps is pretty much the same with before and after the update because there not
many assets with reflective surfaces now skiing down the mountain this is the
only instance where vrm usage after the update is not that much higher but with
slightly better FPS and during explosions the FPS dip is about the same
so throughout the game after the update we get playable frame rates at ultra
settings as was promised with the RTXx 2080 TI at 60 FPS plus at 1440p so
performance basically matches what it was at DXR on low settings before the
update and so if you want to squeeze more performance with the latest update
and still have all those ray-traced reflections in your game i recommend
leaving DXR on low because that is an additional 10 FPS gained versus ultra
now what about multiplayer because previously it was just a nightmare with
the DXR on Ultra setting but now with all the eye candy it is actually playable
with pretty consistent 60 Plus FPS but setting DXR setting too low gives me
around 80 to 100 FPS and multiplayer that is much better for my personal
enjoyment of the game online and this brings me to some concluding thoughts
the whole launch of ray tracing patch was absolutely rushed seeing how much
better performance we get with the latest update on the game and Nvidia
drivers so why couldn’t dice just have waited a few weeks to roll out a working
RTX version of the game like we have now
instead of delivering this terrible performance with the initial version
with DXR and this whole trend of incomplete launches within the video
game industry is just so frustrating because we clearly received a beta
version of r-tx and then they’re now rolling out bits and pieces that should
have been there from the start but let me know how you feel about this whole
situation obviously performance improvement is there it’s quite
significant it’s all in the positive and I’m not really noticing any visual
differences so that’s a good thing but I am noticing a significantly higher
veeram usage with the latest update and the 2080 TI has 11 gigabytes of vram
while the 2080 and the 2070 have 8 but if I’m seeing over 9 gigabytes of VRAM
usage with all the ray tracing enabled everything in ultra how will that impact
performance on the lower RTX cards it is good to that we finally
have a playable version with RTX on at Ultra settings in BF5 and I’m guessing
it will just pave the way forward for future games and I’m really excited to
see how RTX and ray tracing is going to be implemented in future games because
if it’s anything like with bf5 then it’s going to be a rocky start and I’m
hoping that other game developers learn from this experience all right guys I’m
Dimitri thanks so much for watching make sure to check out this other relevant
content subscribe turn your boot sequence Channel and we’ll see you in
the next video stay in the battle with my friends stay in the battlefield

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 RTX Update – HUGE Performance Boost!

  1. They didn’t fix ray tracing only thing the update did is take off massive implanted software that monitors RTX hardware used that’s why it got boost it’s the technology is to advanced to understand right now they shouldn’t release it for 2 more years until the game programmers fully understand how to optimize it

  2. I think unfinished releases are related to the consumer community. Most people aren't patient, and want new things and results as soon as possible. If we'd get our foot off the necks of developers, reward good results that were painstankingly worked on, and not pay for things that are rushed just to get out a product, we would see consistantly better and more finished games.

  3. Poor solution for a serious problem. They put additional cache to the VRAM, which on the graphics cards with lesser amount of VRAM, benefits almost nothing. DICE, why?

  4. Maybe it's the game but it looks the same. Ray tracing is a joke, hope it looks better on Exodus, still not buying this shitty GPU.

  5. 1:59 "And the static scene with the fire, visually to me they are identical"

    Ignoring the grammatical faults, the fire is not identical… They've obviously reduced the amounts of effects in game

  6. 📂 ATI

    └📁 2018 GPU lineup

    └📁 Nvidia card killers
    └⚠️ This folder is empty

    └📁 Cards nobody will buy because of Nvidia competitors
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  7. RTX – how to get 2x cash from client's by giving them 2x slower performance in almost no visual improvement ( thou Ray Tracing is grate technology – in action fast games this has no point )

  8. These rtx cards are going to be amazing as developers learn to use them. People need to just relax. First gen games using new tech will never show what the tech is capable of. First gen releases on new consoles for example aren’t the same as the ones released on the same platform down the road.

  9. €1400 only for the GPU to play at 1440P. No way, i have 2 gtx 1080 TI OC cards and it runs better than this €1400 card. I had mine fore the price of €800 for two cards and my fps is higher at 4k ultra

  10. DO NOT buy that cpu cooler that manufacturer doesn't use a corrosion inhibitor and it WILL fail within 2 months. Look at the reviews for their former products.

  11. I run BF5 with a RTX 2070 Aorus and a i5 8600k and i have 60fps no lag with V-sync ON, with V-sync OFF i have more than 75-80 fps…

  12. The "Beta Releases" like you correctly called it are the thing which kept me from buying BFV. I just got the game over the Origin Access. Why? Simply because I was pissed off all the Bug that appeared in the Beta already and bugs that have been already there in past Battlefield titles, fixed there and came back again and again.

  13. I have a feeling they did this intentionally to dampen the performance hit that comes with RTX. Like, we had time to get over it, and now they improved it significantly, and instead of talking about the huge fps drop that's still there, we're only talking about the performance boost.

  14. I'm gaming on 1440p 165hz with a 2700x and RTX 2080. With everything on ultra and that RTX setting on medium i get 60+ fps. The reflections are a bit lower res but you really don't think about it, looks damn good anyway. Just FYI for those of you that consider the 2080 it's a damn good card.

  15. Console Master Race it looks good and I don't have to deal with all of this shit. The frame rate looks the same to me.

  16. Happy with my 2080 since it is a huge jump from my previous 970. Cheap 1080Ti doesn't exist in Canada and the closest call is the Zotec 1080Ti which is only ~100 CAD cheaper than an EVGA 2080, and I'm not gambling my bucks on the cheapest card of the cheapest brand. Don't ask me why no 2080Ti, that one is $1650 min and you guys have to understand the existance of a word "budget".
    By all means the first gen of RTX WILL suck if all you care about is value. This is just a ground fact. However, unlike 3D which is rendered pretty much obsolete by VR (which is still essentially a panorama 3D), ray tracing IS the next big thing in real-time 3D graphics (pretty much the only next big thing too) and WILL be the direction of the near future. RT had been already in the CG industry for some decades now, for those who are not in this industry.

  17. i mean im not going to be buying rtx cards any time soon as i just dont see a point i would much rather keep my 120-165 fps then dip down to PS4 60 -80 fps until this technology has been made so i can run at high fps all the time on ultra its a no from me

  18. 4700 GHz, CPU? what is that CPU? intel boost is one core only, AMD have no such number currently( i means Zen). so what is this? intel one core data( how to play it in one core only—smoothly in gameplay)

  19. The problem with the rtx cards is that they are not needed! As far i know of, there are no games that the last generation cannot handle on high settings. Counting out the 4k, "i need every last fps people".

  20. There is really no point to upgrade from pascal, this is srsly the prefromance you get with a $1200 dollar card… Imagine the 2070, the only "Affordable RTX card".

  21. "Why release the game with RTX buggy?" Should be pretty fucking obvious to anyone that, when the majority of the playerbase doesn't even own a 20xx card yet, and that RTX is just a visual gimmick. Should they have delayed the game for 1-2% of the players that has a RTX card, could have better reflections. Are you on dope?

  22. Origins fbv owner and a 2080 still no rtx or ray tracing along with one other setting I see others talk about and fully up to date December 26th

  23. It's not NVIDIA's fault, – it's DICE. They purposely fucked with NVIDIA's raytracing just to piss off white men..

  24. Hopefully they improve ray tracing even more by the time dlss comes out on this game. Until then, I will enable it on low for single player and turn it off completely for multiplayer. I've grown accustomed to fake ray tracing aka SSR anyway and for mp, who cares about accuracy.

  25. No offense, do insanely good graphic really matter on multiplayer games? I agree if on singleplayer games like metro exodus, that would be nice gaming experience.

  26. Any one, how can I enabled DLSS. Drivers updated, game updated, widnows updated. DLSS still on gray(ubvilable). RTX 2080Ti,

  27. ive done some testing and the way they made RTX run better is they are now using screenspace reflections for all the stuff thats more than 50ish meters far. Only close stuff is raytraced and many things have become screenspaced only

  28. Keep in mind, its not fully raytraced, so it still doesn't look that good.
    Check out some fully raytraced quake II mods, they look AMAZING.
    RTX Gpus are still new(ish), give nvidia some more time, and RTX will be often for people who dont spend 1500-2500$ on a gpu.

  29. i might sound stupid where do i update it my pc is laggy as hell idk where to update it i have an geforce rtx 2070 8g

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