Battlefield America – Official Movie Trailer 2012 [HD]

-This is the biggest Battlefield America in history. -Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] [SHOUTING] -Quit all the fighting now. Hey. -Ha. We won. -That’s Marvin, the leader of
the Bang Squad and his crew, Roger and Krissy. -We run this dance game. You should quit the competition
so you don’t embarrass yourself. -How are we supposed to make
it to Battlefield doing the Electric Slide? -Yeah. -Hey, come on. We leave you alone for five
minutes and there’s war. -I’m not worried about you
or your little crew. -What are you little sissies
doing on our turf? -Let’s roll, y’all. -We ain’t gonna beat Marvin
and the Bang Squad. -What did I tell you about
that loser mentality? -Shut up, man! -Hey, hey, hey! -You better watch your back. -Save it for Battlefield. ANNOUNCER (OFFSCREEN):
Are you ready? Let’s do this! -May the best crew win. -This ain’t a battle. This is war.

69 thoughts on “Battlefield America – Official Movie Trailer 2012 [HD]

  1. Its like they just gave the iconic boyz a movie looks good but in reality its gonna suck

  2. This looks painfully stupid, but I'm going to watch it for the dancing so it doesn't matter.

  3. movie good but ther symboligy in this video with america today on title they want us to have battlefield america

  4. i seriously can't wait for this movie. i don't care if they're little kids, they HAVE talent. i'm all for it

  5. Just by looking at the name of the movie you would think it's a war movie not a dance movie. 🙂

  6. The awkward moment when little kids dance better than you… I can't wait to see Camren in the movie. 😀

  7. Is this like a you got served 2? the white by getting revenge for marques houston beating him in you got served lmao

  8. Sherril Schlesinger should never edit another film in her life, she needs to stick to documentaries. Chris Stokes, needs to realize his time has passed and in this film he has cut off his nose despite his face…….resembles the pugh dog. What had the potential to be a phenomenal movie turned into trying to redeem a career (Marques Houston) that has long passed. Step aside and really let the youth prevail. Especially when you have a professional dancer with the caliber of RUSSELL FERGUSON

  9. Wow Nobody Noticed That Camren Was In CollectiveUth And 3 Other Girls Are In There With Her, That Are From CollectiveUth Too. But They Eventually Moved On .. ''CollectiveUth''

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