Hello everyone! Hamster here with a new airsoft video “Battlefiled” by BorGame Even though it’s not games official name But for us it was a f*cking Vietnam With heat, rivers of sweat over out faces, gooks in the grass and in the trees As for me This “Battlefield” was not the first BorGame event But for our brand new team RIOT SQUAD It was the first game, so we got the word of support from PMC Hawks team took with small group of 3 people from our team and joined the “Blue force” Honestly – we didn’t set ourselves the goals of “dominate-bend-humiliate”, but just went to play for fun. So the first words were “Well, we will not capture the flags and all this stuff? Just good old skirmish,yes?” But all went just a biiiiiit different With minimal hesitation we decided to cut our way through the green to checkpoint #3 with 2 people from PMC Hawks Hamster: Should I grenade em? Bandicoot: Yeah go for it! *Enemies yelling that they are all dead* Hamster: Just for the good cause! Bandicoot: Sorry, we can’t trust your words guys 🙂 Bandicoot: On your mark? Bandicoot: Wait a minute I’m not ready Hamster: Ready? Hamster: HERE WE GO! Compot: Got one…and the ref xD Compot: We need to move – they gonna pin us down here But unfortunately moved out too late…We got flanked Compot: hit hit hit hit! Bandicoot: HIT! So when we got back to the spawn We got orders from the command to investigate checkpoint #2 Is it captured/neutral and basically what’s going on in that area And again In best traditions of recon groups We set out path through the green and woods Bandicoot: I see you… Bandicoot: Oh f*ck! Bandicoot: You sneaky f*cking bastards! PMC Hawks #1: I’ll capture it Bandicoot: Go for it Bandicoot: you need to enter some kind of code as well REF: Checkpoint captured After capturing checkpoint #2 we’ve waited for reinforcements and moved to checkpoint #1 Hamster: Engage on visual But on the way to the checkpoint we got attacked Bandicoot: HIT! Hit! Hamster: Looks like i’m empty Compot: Got him! Compot: Smoke it and let’s move Compot: Hit! hit! After that contact we lost most of the team With me and Pioneer from Hawks left alive We dugged in and waited for our friends to respawn and get back to us Compot: Set defence! Compot: What do I need to press? Compot: Hold this point! Compot: Hold the direction you came from Compot: Round is not over yet? Compot: Hey Ref, is the game still going? *blank shots signalling the end of the round* On the second round With PMC Hawks we approached building №2 and made our way through river bank to crossroads nead checkpoint #3 Bandicoot: They spotted me Bandicoot: Hit! Hamster: HIT! And the last one Our final push on checkpoint #4 We’ve made our hard way through enemy defences Compot: Bandi – cross the road carefully Compot: Bandi is hit Compot: got one Compot: Are you serious? Compot: No way 2 guns did not hit him! Compot: I’ll try to cross Hamster: hey! Egor – where shoud I send it? *firecrackes imitate artillery fire on the checkpoint* Compot: Wait! Artillery! Compot: Grenade em, Egor! Hamster: Oh! Look who’s back! Hamster: HIT! Hamster: Nice f*cking throw pal! That’s all! Thank you for watching! Like, subscribe and all that stuff! See you in my next video


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