Battlefield Companion App Review (BF1)

Yo what is up YouTube I’m Blitz5 and in today’s video I’m going to be reviewing the battlefield companion app so i’m recording this on my webcam so the quality of this video is going to be a little bit less than my normal video but it’s the only other camera that i have and i figured it would do the job for this purpose so basically battlefield / EA games always comes out with some kind of companion app for the battlefield game not really too useful but because the battlefield menu system isn’t that great and the game freezes a lot i found is very useful and i would definitely recommend downloading this app so i’m just going to show you guys I’m through real quick give you my review and show you what i think is pretty helpful so here is the main screen when you get into the app there’s these four tabs on the bottom there’s home career emblems and friends on the top we have settings which doesn’t really provide much there’s a forum here which would you could go to if you want to use that but I’m not that interested and there’s a bunch of like news and video clips that you could watch in here headshot metal tracker how to play better at battlefield but the most important thing here is when you’re playing the game you get a medal that or a metal which you can track like different progress on or like a bounty where you can get like an achievement and the 1i have selected right now is called order of the con and this is to focus on Calvary weapons so basically if you hit certain marks in this case would be getting 20 kills from horseback you get extra points and then once you complete all these objectives you get the middle then you get some extra bonuses which you can use to buy other weapons to buy like inventory packs all that stuff basically just like the in-game currency and this is another way to reward players so they’re kind of like the last four weeks is kind of like a weekly reward challenge that they provide and in the game you can’t see your progress so having it on the app is really nice you can only see it in between rounds so while you’re playing you can’t really check this then next I guess we go over to career this is really the only other important part of this app you can see that they have battlefield one in battlefield 4 and the games in here once you click into battle field one you can see all of your progress so far in the game which is pretty cool how many kills you have of game time wins deaths all that stuff so right now i have almost five hours played and my kills per minute are about . 92 almost one kill per minute and in here the most important thing is to customize the load out because when you’re playing battlefield you can’t do this in game you have to wait in between each lobby to do this so it’s really nice you could go in here you can see the salt medic support you could click in here and buy a new support class so right now i have a around 1100 in-game currency and you can see i could buy a different gun here for 200 currency different modifications and all that stuff and you can attach it right here in the app which is pretty cool and then you could pick your different loadout accessories and all that stuff which i find super helpful especially because the in-game menu lags a lot and sometimes your xbox will freeze I’m assuming this probably happens on playstation 2 if you’re doing too many things in the lobby so doing it on the app is quick and you don’t risk like getting kicked out of the game and then other stuff in the career section would just be like your class stats you could see like how many kills you’ve gotten total like this is where you can see your KD how many headshots your longest go street stuff that isn’t important but it’s fun to look at so especially like if you’re at work or you’re just like hanging out and you want to like look at some battlefield stuff having this app is pretty nice then there’s like an emblem which is just for fun I don’t think you can do this in Game I didn’t see this option but I just went ahead and made want to see what it was like I did like a white circle with a yellow upside-down star and a red number five just to see what it looked like I didn’t see it on my guns or any of my characters but I did see it when i got into a tank this giant emblem was on my tank which I thought was pretty cool so I’m sure people are going to do a lot of funny stuff with that in game and then last you can see your friends which this you can see on xbox but it’s a nice quick way to see who’s playing who is offline etc so anyways that’s basically the app as i mentioned before it’s not that useful but i would recommend if you’re going to be playing battlefield just download this will make it easier to change your classes and all that stuff so as always thank you all for watching. i’m blitz5 and peace out

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