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  1. Feels so good to have the 100th Nostalgia Critic episode on our channel!

    Make sure to grab your autographed Suicide Squad prints and To Boldly Flee is back in stock!

  2. Gee power of Heart makes Ma Ti a jerk.

    So in the year 3,000 will man still be alive and woman can survive?

    "Have you heard of subtlety, underplaying, a good actor? YAAH!"

    Constant side angles give me a headache.

  3. 1000 years and no one on either side learned the other's language? 1000 years and they never checked to see if we already had gold out of the ground? At no point during the conquest did they run into someone wearing a wedding room and get the impression we held gold to be valuable as well?

  4. The Psychlos way of thinking are like Libertarians, completely mismatched and unrealistic with a hint of utter stupidity.

  5. Audible has an incredible unabridged audio book that is voiced by 50+ different people and awesome sound effects. Go check that out it is a TON better.

    And the planet (in the book) actually wasn't Radioactive. Instead of O2 the planet had a substance called Breathe Gas. It reacts explosively TO radiation. That's why everything had to be inspected before being teleported home. And they had force fields around the Teleport pads that did contain the blast inside it. But the blast (in the book at least) was so powerful it busted thru the bottom of the platform deep down into the rock into ancient tunnels beneath the planet. That is where the radiation made contact with the Breathe Gas and started the explosive chain reaction. Oh BTW Psychlo was the only planet to have Breathe gas (except a small moon with liquid Breathe-Gas). And all females that left the home world were sterilized. So the species ended here.

  6. “Over here you’ll see the statue of the mouse god named Mickey” that’s pretty true I’m waiting for Disney to take over the White House.

  7. This podcast lacks the social grace to know when to reign itself in or turn itself off altogether. It's almost as bad as the movie it reviews which is offensive indeed. Not worth your time or mine…

  8. 14:21 Why would that blaster have its grip canted in reverse? There's no ergonomic reason for it to be that way!
    14:36 He's holding it upside-down because it has a reverse-canted grip.
    22:10 Maybe they could shoot straight if their blasters didn't have reverse-canted grips.

  9. actully if you read the book the atmosphere int radiation it explodes when exposed to radiation. so the teleport a nuke to the planet to blow it up

  10. Damn this was one of the funniest freakouts . it went so long he sped it up and then ended with a whimper damn

  11. These were the NC episodes that made me love the whole series. They focused on the movie, didn't have too many skits cutting in and were generally rather clean. Now with the amount of cast members and the need to keep them the reviews go on too long and the skits take up half the running time. I honestly can't watch anything made after "To Boldly Flee". It's just not the NC I grew up with.

  12. I agree that this movie was very bad. Nowhere near as good as it should have been. But I think the reason why the psyclos act the way they do is because they suffer from a massive superiority complex, so they pay attention to those they conquered, which would prove to be their downfall.

  13. The only way to watch this is with Rifftrax. But what I hate the most is people using the term Galaxy or Galaxies without any idea what the word fucking MEANS! This is common in Doctor Who episodes as well. I tried reading the book, I really did. But it is the WORST SF novel I've ever seen. The literary equivalent of a dental drill and no anesthetic.

  14. Contention with L Ron Hubbard aside "Battlefield Earth" is a amazing satirical work of science fiction and this movie doesn't come close to doing it justice.

  15. I remember seeing this when looking through the on-demand movies one day when I was really bored. I'm no movie critic or cinematographer, but even I noticed the oddness of the tilted camera, and even thought my TV was messed up for a minute. It was dumb enough to almost make me stop watching several times, but I did finish it due to the over-the-top villain and having nothing to do that day.

  16. You don't understand sir, these Psychlos are the Z team probably made up of the equivalent of backward yokels under the overall command of Zap Branigan .

  17. Specifically watched the movie right before watching the review and I never noticed the slanted shots. Weird.

  18. Can't believe that the main character in this film is also Pvt. Jackson in Saving Private Ryan. How'd he go from that to this?

  19. Wait, what were the first two movies Critic thought he'd have to review?????

    Also, "slanted shot." You mean Dutch Angle Shot.

  20. I loved the Yosemite Sam clip. That character just makes me laugh. YOU DARN TOOTIN' GOLUTE!!

    Played by Forrest Whatthef•cki'mdoinghere.😅 😅 😅

  21. Who is the Indian-looking dude yelling at the beginning? I always thought he was hilarious. Was he one of the Channel Awesome people?

  22. Well technically you could teach people the basics of guns or even aircrafts in two weeks. They wouln't be good with them, but they would know how to use them


  24. So, even in the year 3000, they used Harrier jump-jets to take out the alien craft! As an Englishman, that makes me very proud! sniff Well, that is, of course, as long as they weren't those American knock-offs…

  25. In the book, other races show up trying to reward Earth for destroying the Psychlos, then, the new aliens try to use financial methods to perform a hostile takeover of Earth (not kidding)!
    (Oh- it's isn't explosives that set off the Psychlo atmosphere; it's Uranium. An element they don't have.)

  26. It's even worse. The Psychlos atmosphere would explode when exposed to radiation. So one nuclear bomb would of course cause the entire planet to go up in flames. I'm guessing whatever star serves as their sun doesn't emit radiation. Wait…what?

  27. 8:46 is that John Travolta doing an impression of Nostalgia Critic doing an impression of John Travolta????

  28. This is typical bullshit from the mind of L Ron Hubtard !! Why didn't someone "stop" him before he wrote all this bullshit !! WHY !!!

  29. I kinda find it ironic that you would call out anyone for over acting unironically. Don't get me wrong I adore you. But still.

  30. This show is great. Please keep updating all your videos. Who gives a shit if you already did the video. Do it again. Lol. Fuck em.

  31. 2:57 "This movie has nothing to do with Scientology." Actually yes it does, because the Psychlos are supposed to represent Psychology Practice and all its treatment which Scientology is fully against especially when L. Ron Hubbard's second wife demanded that he should see a Psychologist and also when the Psychological community denounced his book Dianetics as unreliable as a self-help book.

  32. Excessive color washing, obnoxious cinematography, pretentious dialog, bland/hammy acting, ridiculous sci-fi names, and unoriginal futurism? This movie was ahead of its time! All that's missing is the China pandering.

  33. 20:48–21:13 You gotta watch this shit with the playback speed set to 2. The super slow mo is creepy but funny, too.

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