Battlefield Friends Campers – S2 Ep3

99 thoughts on “Battlefield Friends Campers – S2 Ep3

  1. Lmao Simon B(elmont) wants to go to Dracula. I have to say Simon was probably the best character from the Castlevania games

  2. Oh dear Lord I laughed so damned hard I almost ruptured a blood vessel. Someone is gonna die watching BFFs, and it will be worth it.

  3. LOL WTF.
    I would die laughing if a lvl 1 actually got that kind of multikill. HAHA,
    Omg. I'm dying right now. Can't breathe.

  4. I believe there are more Simon noobs playing in BF4 then in all the previous BF combined. The amount of stupid is mind boggling.

  5. OMG why haven't I watched these before? This is hilarious…reminds me of Red vs Blue when Halo was new.

  6. Meanwhle in world war II after they watched it……..
    Colonel: LOL recruits could do better than him am i right?
    Recruit: yep….

  7. This is very funny, but I don't get how the noobs have MAVs, C-4, and all the weapons that you need to be a higher level for. 
    Shouldn't her either be Recon or a high level Support to have C-4?

  8. I don't play FPS let alone Battlefield, but this series makes me laugh so hard my eyes are streaming and my nose is running. Freakin' brilliant!

  9. So did he technically suicide himself and the other team, or did Simon and Neebs survive the explosion?

    Cuz videogames

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