100 thoughts on “Battlefield Friends Ep 1 First Flight

  1. Why is your vids on Machinima? is that a deal you made? And they aren't the only ones airing this. Just want to make sure credits going where it's due.

  2. Wow, I forget this came out when I was a junior in high school. Man, I remember my pals and I use to watch this series while waiting for everyone to join the squad in the main menu. Those were the days..

  3. Hard to imagine this was 6 years ago guys! I’ve been watching about everything y’all have put out since!

  4. They need to make a DVD collection of all the episodes. That would help fund more Doraleous and Associates episodes.

  5. SO I just went to watch BFF's again for the 5th time after telling an old friend how awesome it is and as a grown man Im am almost moved to tears knowing i can't watch season 2 onward. Ill cherish this season while its up. I freaking love you guys, your the best friends I never had.

  6. -Yeah, so maybe I can just kill someone from here.
    -Not while spinning. Especially this far away.

    -No I can probably kill a lot of people while spinning. I can kill everyone while spinning.


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