Battlefield Friends Ep 10 Claymore Specialist

48 thoughts on “Battlefield Friends Ep 10 Claymore Specialist

  1. Which is funny because the Famas isn't THAT bad after the Nerf. They just made it a lot weaker than it used to be. Same with the Frag Shells..except anyone who uses Frag Shells after they Nerf'd them are fucking stupid as hell xD


                 ^         Blake has gone rogue with 
     ☻/      /          weapons to kill all Bob's army
     /▌       |☢|        Copy and Paste this all over youtube
     /        //||\       to completely obliterate Bob's Army.

  3. wait I just started playing battle field and I can only lay down one clay more at a time then when I place a 2nd one it disspers.

  4. this series is so aggravating, although for the right reasons. It's like every single noob i've seen in any match that I have either ignored or team killed.

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