Battlefield Friends Ep 3 USAS 12+Frags

Have you seen the Noob? Uh yeah, I think he’s flying the helicopter
back there. Oh god. Hey guys. Look what I’ve got. Whoa! Whoa! Yeah, a USAS 12. This things got 12G frags.
It’s a walking cannon. Where, where did you get that? Picked it up off of some dead guy. Ha Ha. I thought you said that gun was for pussys.
Yeah. That was before I had one. Watch this. Ahhhh! Holy shit! You’re not even looking. This gun is the best thing that has ever happened
to me! Do you find that might be an unfair advantage? Yeah I do, but I don’t care because I have
one and it’s mine. It’s my baby. Don’t fucking look at it! I’m not. Don’t fucking look at it! Calm down. Cool out! You want my gun don’t you? No You’re staring at my gun, you want this. He’s not staring at. How about I switch teams
right now huh? Why would you what? How about I switch teams and come back here
and eat both of your asses! You don’t need to switch teams. We’ve been
a team for how long? I know right? How long? Hey look it’s us right?
It’s us. It’s you guys. you guys are my friends! Bring it back. You guys are my friends! Yeah, There he is! (Radio) Hey guys, there’s a jet locked on
to me I need some help over here! (Radio) Thank you! Holy shit! you just took out a jet with that. It takes out jets! Ha I’m a god with this I can control day and
night! I don’t know about that, I mean OK fair enough

100 thoughts on “Battlefield Friends Ep 3 USAS 12+Frags

  1. One gun to rule them all, one gun to find them
    One gun to bring them all and in Caspian border bind them…

  2. Hey to all you battlefield players is this an accurate description of the usas 12 like it's pretty overpowered in CoD but dang

  3. You'd think he wouldn't want to switch teams cause then he would lose the gun and it would be there for the other 2 to use.

  4. Back Before they made the USAS-12 shoot nerf darts I remember playing Metro with a few buddies. We were all in a squad and as we are going though the subways there must have been like 3-4 enemy squads just using the USAS-12 w/12g frags. Needless to say our team didn't win.

  5. Now that I think about it, Caspian Border during the night would be pretty cool. Make it a little bit darker than Death Valley.

  6. this is best part BFFs. Why don't continue this serie with Battlefield 5? Battlefield 5 have now many funny things which can be implented in this cartoon! We can support us over Patreon people!!!

  7. Those were the days… usas frags, blinding flashlight/lasers, m26 mdart, UAV ramming!

    Despite all these its still so good!

  8. I love how the first two episode intros Medic is white… and in this one he is black after episode two… you guys are awesome!

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