Battlefield Friends Ep 5 Mine Games

99 thoughts on “Battlefield Friends Ep 5 Mine Games

  1. I ever tell you about the time me and Keith snuck a paintball gun on a rollercoaster?

  2. Actually he said exactly this "no im not, it's just that no one or anything ever told me. and seriously fuck you. this world seriously fucked up now. no one can ask a qestion any more with out being insulted." I know this because after the comment is removed you can go on their profile and find the comment. 😉

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  4. That one time the Noobs pulled a dumbass stunt and it worked… they'll NEVER let the others forget it! And in all fairness, why should they?

  5. I was such a bad sub when these came out, rewatching all of them to smash that like button. Love you guys.

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