Battlefield Hardline Downtown Levolution Event “Downtown Levolution Guide”

Battlefield Hardline Downtown Levolution Event “Downtown Levolution Guide” everyone missed having you initially the leveraged events for
downtown hard-line now you may know one which is different but a lot of
people actually together there is to you revolution engineer now one is
the same place and going here which is underneath this bridge may be
driving llamando you see and tree ever bridge stanchion that
surrounded in red like stuff he should this twice with their all with the regular Joe
although the grid it’ll knock it down and want to do is bring the road down and lot of stuff into the road and also
give you a good round for jump in ’cause on now this is
actually part wanted to sing see this side is completely blocked off get there body drive along the
road a little bit further underneath the bridge there is another
stanchion enough down just a seat on the right committed red
Scotland’s enough this one down as well causal have to come down one side
through the ramp India CIL area and up on the inside so you can actually
flight well night see actually finish this off with
a grenade to show you that grenades can’t do it so they it brings down the other side to now
called down on the left and upon the right so if you’re down
here trying to defend something all trying to slow someone down this is
definitely a good place trying to trap them to see a little bit ima jump there but
the main event on this map is obviously the crane now
the crane should be taken down by good health in use the rotor blades the chapel
copper wires I got strident desperately feel that a fellow helicopter a fuckin in their fellow
again so if your rubbish helicopter pilot like I am days other ways seeing see these three
cables coming down in the korean and they all go to these three yellow why it creates inning season just
there that’s where you want to be destroyed
you need to open a titty in RPG it you can just right with
anything you want don’t think you can just join the call but once you do you’ll hear the Crean
start a bottle and shake in their cable start to make weird noises so you
only have to destroy 3 a.m. and the right around the base of the
crane so one was there left a lot to learn about helicopter the
other one is just behind is this so you can see that a minute beneath it
he is pre-installed 3 Sobia it actually starts to creep can
make sound our interview good healer not but once you get the last one that is
when you get the big effect what happens is a pretty much devastates the middle of the map Tolkien
goes on extra ways to get into the building
she’s coming down ducks Sam absolutely awesome matches the
game value will be loud enough because it’s kinda turned down seeing you hear me handsome the game effects basically just
your clitoris the middle of the map see got the bridge
covered knocked out down night up this downwards pretty much stop
City costume 0 gives you access to buildings on the
left and right by using this and that’s it so please hit the like
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