Battlefield Hardline Gameplay

Battlefield Hardline Gameplay For somebody who’s never snitched before,
you sure like talking. Hey!
Khai! Not another fucking word!
about my badge stop it
about dawes anything!You got it!?
Jesus! KHAI!
What the fuck? We got half of the hoods in Miami shooting at us and you’re working over
leo? What the hell are you thinking?
Are we gonna have a problem? This hotel’s full of dead drug dealers. We
already have a problem Leo needs protection
Then we can get going He’s not walking that off, you know.
Then you fucking pick him up Hey!You’re the one that did this to him. Not
me! Check the offices upstairs
Shit Come on, let’s go
Im com-I’m coming! Anywhere you say!
So this is what Dawes calls protection? Leo, who are these guys?
You can interrogate him later, Mendoza. We’re moving, come on!
Hey, detective! You take it

17 thoughts on “Battlefield Hardline Gameplay

  1. What a horrible graphics !!!! Is it worthy to waste cash on it guys ?! Please let me know so to decide to buy or no

  2. Hopefully they'll make a Battlefield single player campaign this is, you know, hard and not a complete joke. I just don't get it. Even as an occasional gamer, I am either the best gamer in the history of the world, or these morons don't understand Hard is Easy in my mind. Which is it? At least COD knows how to at least offer players a setting I can play drunk and not beat without dying only once or twice. Pathetic.

  3. yo, DUDE, if you put a HD VERSION, then have THE MINIMUM DECENCY NOT TO *SHlT* IN IT
    like, this video have the resolution BUT NOT THE FPS (you can see that, every time when is a movement edges become doubled)

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