Battlefield Hardline How To Use Your XP Boosts Rank Up Fast Battlefield Hardline Rank Up Fast

Battlefield Hardline How To Use Your XP Boosts Rank Up Faster “Battlefield Hardline Rank Up Fast” near alarmist seven-year and I just got
a quick video to see you on Battlefield hard-line for all these
you started this is the best way to rank up fast while you have the chance so while your
in game all by the deadly wanna do is just press the start button and then head down to way it is bulk
packs click on pol pot and then go along to
you boost and then picked a class A Iran and then
I’ll give you an options have boo staying in use the tuna percent
do so you get tuna percent at a point in rank yourself
up really fast on ranking gonna bring a fast and it’s a good way to get spice started
especially those who have easy access and now playing Battlefield
hard-line today family damn I think that should be in
played today book and then you get in and you can see
that you can drag really fast only got like you kills and I was promoted straight up to level
1 and then actually started my god definitely mobile videos follow will be
doing some achievements to be doing some gameplay is officially on the maps over the next and probably lost to me
dying cuz extended I quite a lot lefty I just want to show you the most
important thing which is how to rank up fast and how to use it to your advantage when
policy is just brand new so that I do it in the start menu about
past selected class and upgrades you do get
you when you start so you will get a tune up is imposed everything I hadn’t
screen but please leave a comment and had
discussed serb subscribe button and then alerted thanks for watching

24 thoughts on “Battlefield Hardline How To Use Your XP Boosts Rank Up Fast Battlefield Hardline Rank Up Fast

  1. #battlefieldhardline #bfhardline Battlefield Hardline How To Use Your XP Boosts Rank Up Fast "Battlefield Hardline Rank Up Fast"

  2. You just made alot of people waste their boosts without saying they should use it on hotwire which is by faaaaaar the best place to use the boosts. was hoping youd have some good tips about how to use the boosts sadly you knew less than me = /

  3. Thank u!!!! I looked at soo much videos of other commentators seeing how to use the boost and i couldnt find anything. Now i no how to use them. Ty sooo much.

  4. You failed to tell everyone WHICH BOOSTS go with the correct GAME MODE. !!!
    You dont just use any otherwise they are wasted !!!

  5. Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou … I've got a pile of boost to use now… Including 2x 200%.
    I've got, 2x 100% Assistant, 1x 25% Assistant, 1x 25% Elimination, 1x 100% Gearhead, 5x 25% Gearhead, 2x 100% Objective, 1x 200% Objective, 3x 25% Objective, 2x 25% QuickDraw, 1x 50% Quickdraw, 1x 25% reputation, 2x 50% reputation, 2x 100% Teamplay, 1x 200% Teamplay, 4x 25% teamplay.
    And I'm level 31

  6. +ElitesnipersRF great vid man! i was so confused how to select and put on the boosters, even though i am lvl 101 i could'nt figure out how you did? but now thanks to you i can… Big thanks

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