Battlefield Hardline Levolutions – Destruction!

Hardline just
came out… So in this video, I’m going
to show you a little of the destruction that’s
all around the maps! So hold on to your panties…
Let’s do this! Brought to you by .
.. OHHH YEEEAAAAA!! Choo Choo Mother Fucker! Let’s see what these buttons do… Oh, that’s not good. The Earth is pissed! What’s better than one oil rig? Two oil rigs at the same time! Got to get that money Best … Feature … EVER! Holy Shit, I’ve never seen this! MLG tactics Here comes the Boom! What do we have here? The mother load! I think we found Willie’s stash. We better get rid of the evidence. That’s a lot of reefer! Want to know how to make a hippy cry? Oh WoW! I don’t know if I need to get
out of here or take a nap. Oh yea, I got to splash my face. I better get out of here.. I…
I’m getting a contact. Holy Shit! Let’s get back to business! We’re going to bring this mother down. It’s a great night to blow shit up! Cool guys don’t look at explosions. Someone deficated in the pool! Mom’s spicy meatloaf. Don’t be talking about my momma! Burning down the house. You’re Done! … Check it out! FUCK YOU … I WIN!

7 thoughts on “Battlefield Hardline Levolutions – Destruction!

  1. Holy shit, the crane one was really brutal… Maybe that will have the same fame as "No russian" fuck.
    Also de oil rig ones.

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