Battlefield: Hardline – The Sabotage (A Mechanic Gadget Basics Tutorial)

Welcome to this Tutorial on The Basics
of using the Sabotage Gadget The Sabotage is a Mechanic Class Gadget
that is unlocked by purchasing it once you have acquired Thirty-Thousand Dollars As an example, let’s attach the Sabotage
Gadget to this tanker truck… Bring up the Sabotage Gadget by pressing
the number or key bound to it… …in this case it was Four Look for this symbol… it shows that the sabotage charge can be
placed and where to put it. You do not need to remain near the
Sabotage Gadget once it is placed as it will detonate on its own, once the
vehicle is activated by an enemy player Note, that if you do not see this symbol
mentioned earlier, it means that a Sabotage Charge has
already been placed on the vehicle and you will not be able to place your
charge – if this happens the sabotage charge can be shot or
exploded… Be sure to do this safely… The Sabotage Charge can be removed by
using the Mechanic Repair Tool. The Sabotage Gadget can be placed into
items as well. It will trigger when the item is
activated by an enemy player. Look for the flashing light of the
Sabotage Detonator, before retrieving the Sabotaged item. When planting a Sabotage Charge, do not worry about harming
friendlies, as the Sabotage Gadget will not detonate
when a player on your team uses a sabotaged item or vehicle. Players on your team, including
yourself, can use sabotaged items and the Sabotage Charge will not go off it will remain ready to detonate
indefinitely, as long as it is not disarmed or destroyed. That is, if you can set it…

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