Battlefield Hardline vs Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Comparison and Differences (BFH vs BF4)

Battlefield Hardline vs Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Comparison and Differences (BFH vs BF4) Hey what is happening guys, kris here and
in this video, ill be talking all about battlefield hardlines multiplayer, and how it compares
to Battlefield 4, theres a lot of talk going on about hardline being just a reskin of battlefield
4 but using cops and robbers instead of soliders. and I can say that although its very similar,
there are a few differences in the way the game plays, and some of these changes might
influence whether or not the game is better suited for you.
So the first thing Im gonna say is that hardline feels faster paced than battlefield 4, this
is mainly down to a few alterations in the battlefield formula, hardlines maps are overall
smaller and better suited for shorter ranged gunfights and engagements. Although the maps
are still pretty big compared to games like call of duty, in the world of battlefield,
theyre on a much smaller scale, you wont be running for miles anymore without finding
yourself close to a battle. Another thing that makes hardline feel different is that
the time to kill has been reduced slightly so enemies actually die quicker, this also
means that youll die faster too so you have to think more about running into busy rooms.
The movement speed feels quicker, so you can travel around the map a bit faster than before,
and all of these factors together make hardlines gameplay mechanics feel pretty tight and responsive.
Now theres one big change that could divide franchise fans, and that is the way the vehicles
are handled, hardline is heavily focused on infantry combat, much more than before whereas
past games have put you in control of heavily armoured tanks and helicopters, and now, vehicles
are mainly there, to get players around the map, and to and from objective points. Some
cars do have mounted guns and can still be used aggressively, but the crazy firepower
that you had before has now gone, this changes how the game is played and if youre a tank
driver that loves blowing choppers down from the sky with the cannon, then im afraid hardlines
gonna put a stop to that. Now its not all bad, as it puts players on a more level and
I guess balanced playing field, as if youre someone who tends to enjoy playing as infantry
and never chooses to use the tanks, choppers and jets in previous battlefield games, but
youre sick of getting destroyed by them, then hardline might be a better suited game for
you, though if you love the heavy vehicle combat from the past games, then you might
have to stick with battlefield 4 for the time being. Im not saying you cant get a load of
kills from vehicles but they definitely play a much smaller role than in Battlefield 4.
Now Hardline still carrys on with the whole levolution concept that was brought about
in battlefield 4, this is where big set pieces alter the maps, often changing the maps in
some way or another and can even sometimes kill other players. In hardline though levolution
can be used a bit more strategically, before, many of battlefield 4s maps had levolution
that changed the map slightly, some more than others, but in a lot of the maps, they felt
a bit like a gimmick, not really adding much for the gameplay other than just being something
to activate, just because you can. In hardline, levolution affects the maps a little bit differently
adding new routes and creating shortcuts around the map such as breaching through ceilings
to gain access to lower levels and blowing through specific walls to create new entrances,
and basically using the levolution events for actual purposes. Most of the events are
on a smaller scale than before, but they can be used better for actual tactics and map
navigation. But don�t worry, theres still a bunch of crazy ones that destroy parts of
the maps in cool ways. One of the big factors that carrys over from
the other battlefield games is the inclusion of the four classes, they�ve all been renamed,
and instead of being either the assault, engineer, support and recon, you can now choose to be
the operator, mechanic, enforcer or the professional, which are all basically the same sort of classes
that youre used to playing as. Now unlike other battlefield games where you have to
level up to gain access to certain weapons, you can now buy guns and stuff with in game
currency. And this is the same for attachments too, so you now have much more choice as to
what you want to use, and you don�t have to spend 5 hours grinding with a weapon, just
to unlock a specific attachment. So all in all battlefield hardline and battlefield
4 look and feel very similar but there are a few alterations and changes that might make
one better suited for you than another, hardlines defiantly structured more with infantry combat
in mind with a laidback, jokey kinda theme, and battlefield 4 creates a more �war�
like tone with its larger maps, vehicular combat and serious sounding dialogue. But
one thing is for sure, hardline is still very much so a battlefield game, and if you enjoy
the franchise then you�ll probably like it, theres a lot of other small changes and
new gamemodes that differ from both titles but these are just some of the main comparisons
between hardline and battlefield 4s overall multiplayer gameplay.
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22 thoughts on “Battlefield Hardline vs Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Comparison and Differences (BFH vs BF4)

  1. i like infantry combat. but i still like the big bf4 maps. so does the big map size make a huge difference?? im just gonna buy 1 of the 2 games. What would u recommend?

  2. just played bf4 till level 31 on xbox 360, going to buy one bf for PC, wich one? I don't want to play bf4 over but if bfh is that bad…

  3. Nice to see a comment section where there aren't any fights over stupid things. I think that you should play what you like not what other people like.
    My case? Yea I love advanced warfare even though I know it isn't the best game it's still fun and something different. My opinion over BF4 and BFH? I like more bf4 I love that venom helicopter XD and for the channel +1 sub, keep up the good work. PEACE!.

  4. nice video !! … and good grown mind love hearing this .. and hope people start think like you … do what u love to do not what people said better … nice advice from you dude ..

  5. I wish they would make Battlefield hardline 2 but instead of Cops and robbers its Counter-terrorist and terrorists

  6. For now BFH is better. Because BF4 is totally unfinished game and has sooooo many bugs , worst net-code and bad optimization.

  7. One of the main reasons I play BFH is for it’s vehicles. Yes, I’m serious. Unlike BF4, where most helicopters came standard with miniguns, and all you could do was upgrade to 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, etc; BFH had different weapons you could unlock, such as the HMG, which is a standard, accurate, slow firing machine gun, M3M, which is fast firing, fast overheating anti vehicle, minigun, which is a fast firing, inaccurate anti personnel weapon, and MMG, which is a fast firing anti-everything, standard on the CAT (2-seat armored truck). The helicopter gameplay feels a lot smoother now with no lock on weapons, and stingers are only battle pickups. Playing with the CAT, BFH’s. version of a tank, feels a lot more skillful now that it only shoots bullets, and not explosives. I also get to live a lot longer in BFH now that there are less campers with lock on weapons.

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