Battlefield heroes – Official trailer – Full HD trailer

i still remember that day the sound of the waves on the beach the drone of the Bombers overhead I remember thinking at the world would never be the same again something changed within me and my buddies that day he became tougher we became men he became heroes sorry in the daytime i’m just a regular lead designer but at night I become corporal Tommy Chester commander in the Royal Army in the daytime I’m just the normal senior producer but at night I become heinrich von schnitzel commandant in the national army listen up soldiers this is classified information battlefield heroes a download for free play for free cartoon shooter to play the game you visit the battlefield heroes website and hit the big button that says play now that’s right you don’t visit the store you don’t into your credit card details and you don’t download it from bitturrent it’s free battlefield heroes is a cartoon shooter this is a title shooter the focus on fun accessibility and not getting shot in the face repeatedly by a swearing ultra skilled fifteen-year-old boy who plays the game every day for eight hours the gameplay focuses on things like shooting the bad guys using your special abilities and running over people with a huge cartoon tank matchmaking means you only play against people of your skill level and you’ll keep coming back for more because we feel the website with a long-running territorial conflict metagame and for leveling up and customize your character system battlefield heroes gonna be ready for public consumption Nicholas year and it’s going to win the war soldier

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