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27th of March, we where visiting and saw the unveiling of Battlefield 4. The game has
been displayed in San Fransisco(GDC) and LA at E3. How has the reception been ? Its been great, surprisingly good. Many of us had very
high expectations since Battlefield 3 became so popular. We didnt really know what to expect. We try our best to show the
game and get people to know what we are building. I would say its been positive, many people have been
very happy with the content we have shown. Especially now, since there is a lot of tech-transitions in the world and you
want to find out who can deliver the best game and new experiences. We are in that field and discussions, pretty high level and have a high level of trending if you look
at what kind of games people are talking about (referring to social media)…So this is positive for us. You have probably been talking to a lot of fans, what is the most prominent
feedback. Feedback that you often hear about Battlefield 4 again and again ? I think thats on two levels. First what you see if you look at Youtubes and commercial
material from the game, and feedback from those who have not yet tried the game. then people say that it looks very good visually, you see a lot of features thats
has a “red thread” across our demos which you might be interested in. But mainly when you get “hand on” and try out the game for yourself, that’s when
you realize the big difference. There is a different tempo in the game than before … it’s more refined controls, better sound than before….animations are better, the balance in
the game is better than before (if thats possible), vehicle physics is refined… …customization is better – when you try it you will find a lot more options and when you play you will find
it easier to find your own way of playing Battlefield 4….of which we have never seen in any Battlefield game So, a lot of feedback from Battlefield 3 has been important
and a source for how you develop Battlefield 4? Absolutely…But we always look back at every Battlefield game when we develop a new one. A
lot of people seem to think we throw everything away and start on scratch. We really do not, we look at ideas from way back BF1942 – and study how it
can fit into a new game. We are still the same game, Battlefield is Battlefield… Its a question on how you administer the content and in what way, and the direction
you give the new game and tweak the game. We have been making Battlefield games… “high and low”, there is always one of the Battlefield games that is someones favorite,
and wants us to build a game that more like their favorite Battlefield game I would say there is no “best Battlefield game”, depending on who you ask there
will always be someone that prefers one of the games before the other …But Battlefield 3 is by far the game with the most players, the largest community. Even if you would like
BF1942 to be the best Battlefield game, its not even close to the numbers and popularity of Battlefield 3. For those who are the veteran players, would you say that Battlefield 4 will resemble more of
the roots of Battlefield, that they will feel an experience more like BF1942 and BF2? A lot of BF2 players think 1942 was bad, and a lot of
1942 players think BF2 was bad. Those to games are different too…. So to say that BF4 should be like those to games is kind of true, but at the same time
false, because there are a lot of features that are different in those game and puts them apart… At the same time we are doing a lot more in BF4(than before). 1942 was a very limited gameplay,
there is a lot of things in that game that you could not do in that game… ..but you could do in BF2. BF2 again is a much smaller game than BF3 and BF4 is even bigger
than BF3, when it comes to features and social media etc, and what kind of gamemodes you can play.. Dont forget that BF2 had one game mode…..and you might think, well thats enugh. But we have
statistics from Battlefield 3 that show that the new gamemodes are as popular as conquest… So there is certainly a audience for those kind of games within Battlefield, and new features even though it
might feel difficult when they are introduced and you might feel that this is not Battlefield… We have introduced new features that is part of Battlefield now, example
the destruction concept that feels like a natural part of Battlefield and thats something we are expanding and doing more in Battlefield 4 (introducing new things and
refining features). The whole dynamic part of Battlefield is much stronger in Battlefield 4…. Looking at BF4, we see the reintroducing of spectator and commander. Thats part
of the “old” Battlefield games, if we compare it to BF3? Well, yeah…The commander mode we got in BF4 is not the same, it
might resemble the the “old” commander, but its really a new feature… The whole idea behind it is something different. In the older games the commander was out and about in the field and helping
the troops, this time its more of a strategic game between the commanders, like a duel where the teams are your chess pieces… Same thing with spectator, before it was kind of a hunting game to find what
you wanted to see with the spectator, now its more flexible and useable Now its easier and much more hardcore with lots of features built into it, and
thats something we where not able to do with the old one. Some critics may say that Battlefield 4 is what Battlefield 3 was suppose to
be, referring to veterans and old EA forums (MordorHQ). Would you agree? Hmmm… no, thats like saying that Battlefield 3 is what Battlefield 2 was suppose to be. The games
are a iteration of eachother. The reason why BF2 is different than BF3 is time between them.. You can compare BF3 to BC2, and BC2 to BC1, then they
are more similar, and BC1 is more like BF2 maybe… So, its more of a evolution that happens over time. BF4 has a lot of resemblance to the
previous games, but at the same time the different games have new and different things to them… But the things we did with BF3 will follow into BF4, because we think some features are really good. They
where fun and players like them, and at the same time we would like to make a better game… Then there was some elements of BF3 that we did not like, and the same
goes for BF2. The first release of BF2 was not that good really…. It wasn’t before version……2.5, where BF2 became the game we wanted it to be. So for
discussion we could say that games become better as we update them over time BF3 has been updated until recently, so we have been updating the game because we want
to make it better and make it more like we wanted it to be… BF4 is a big step forward, but in the same direction that Battlefield always have
had, and that is making a better Battlefield game than the previous game… So.. we are making a bigger and better game, but at the same
time it resembles the older games… its a evolution i would say. Take 1942 as example, and BF2 for that matter, with asymmetrical warfare. Karkand and Sharqi kind of starts with a base rape, with
one side stronger than the other and you have to win your way through. Will BF4 have some of those elements? That was maybe not the idea behind that gameplay, you could say it was a lesser design. It was not really
suppose to be that way, but as players discover that it becomes the game, “the bug turns into a feature”… and then you might think, why dont they do that in the other
games, well.. because it was not suppose to be that way Battlefield 3 is the most balanced game we ever made, i would say. We have a lot of statistics we
can study and see win/loss, classes players choose etc. We have never had a so symmetrical game as BF3 where you got a very good balance, and players themselves change tactics depending on sides and class make this balance
in the game. For us this is an acknowledgement that we are better at building Battlefield games…… Battlefield 4 has a lot of new features… what
is the most important in your opinion? Oh…Thats a difficult question. There is a lot of stuff really, we
have tried to look at the game from all angles. we have replaced streaming systems so we can give you more weapons, more vehicles. Then
we got China as a faction, and location, which is a big feature. Well, not really a feature, but things that make the game very different. The
Levolution concept where the maps become more dynamic and changing over time… large and small, I think thats great in BF4. Battlelog has had a really big makeover,
where we are doing a lot of things with it. More competitive and comparisons… ehm….It looks like your “gearing” and preparing for eSports
and competitive play, am I right? Well…. No, i wouldn’t say that. We don’t have eSports as a goal. eSport
is not something we can decide, we can create features for competitive gaming…. but eSports….no, we have a lot of features. Spectator can be used for eSports, but also to
make movies which a lot of players have asked for….so…..there is a lot of features, sure…. One feature we have not talked about is “Any army on any side, on any map” which gives you
the possibility to choose what factions start at what side, and thats on any map as well…. Oh yeah?… YES :)… So, is that specially designed maps
or is it a sever setting on start ? US vs RU, RU vs US, China vs
RU, RU vs China, China vs US…etc Yeah, you choose it as a server setting when you start a round, and thats going to create
a slight unbalance, but then again you can switch it around any way you like…. so, that will be interesting and might create some cool results. Its a
feature we haven’t discussed openly, but i think its something interesting… That sound cool, and that kind of gives players the opportunity
to play Battlefield any way they want (?) Yes, precisely. We are also giving more creativity to the player through weapon customization, how deep that system is
and how you might customize sidearms, knifes… there is layers of that which we never had before… But, the E3 presentation, 64p MP, it was made with
eSports… will with the thought of eSport atleast? Yeanaaiyea….hehe.. what do you mean? Hehe.. well, i want to get to the point where we can play this game with
eSport in mind. We also saw DICE was recruiting a Anti-Cheat-Engineer….how is that going? Well, let me put it this way. When you pick up a game and use it as eSport, the game is stable, and the game is kind of
proof that it is very solid. Not the other way around, we are not building a eSport game, we are trying to build a solid game.. that seems fair and has a lesser amount of cheats, features that might be used for
eSports, spectator etc. If you want to use it for eSports, then thats good… we want to build a game that is like a sport, a game thats fair and evenhanded. So
you got the feel of the elements of sport where you can use tactics etc… Then you could say, did the inventor of football make football to cater for FIFA, or because he
wanted to play football and have fun…We are not a eSport company, we make fun games…. But, do you think that competitive gamers and eSports fans will be
happy when they try out BF4, more than BF3 ? I think so………………..absolutely. Technical to BF4, could you tell us about the visual
and physics in Frostbite 3. How are they better? The engine has taken a leap forward, and this is also a evolution from FB2 – FB 3.
Much of this is under the bonnet so to speak, its nothing the player sees directly. What you see is the visuals ofc, animations and sound is better. Its ofc great that
it looks great, the most important part i more what happens “behind the scenes”… latency tweaks, physics and how we can push even more content through the game. We have
completely recoded a lot of systems to provide more and for you to experience more… It takes more memory and more resources to display all this, and just to provide ingame statistics is very heavy.
You got Battlelog, but now you can get some stats streamed ingame too, while you are playing. And then open up for the PC, we want you to
get a great experience on a high-end rig. So you would say that even if the game is released on
old-gen consoles, the PC player(+nex-gen) will not have any restrictions ? There are many new things we are doing to the engine, things you might not see as a player,
but then on PC you will get custom UI and HUD. And you can scale those…. So, you can customize more to your own liking. There will be a lot of components new
to the game, especially to the PC-Platform and how you can adjust things. You said latency, and then i gather its the netcode. In Battlefield 3 players sometimes experience lag, and how bullets hit
you “around corners”, bullets that are (what you could say) shot and then hangs in the air before hitting you. Will that be a problem in BF4 ? That would more depend on your network connection. I would say that BF has one of
the best netcodes on the market, we stream a large amount of content. We do a lot more than other games, destruction, 64p etc. If we where to place 8
players, small map, no vehicles, no destructio and remove a lot of what makes Battlefield Battlefield. Nobody would have any problem at all, but since we want to give players all of this content, real
bullets with traveltime. We do not use lazers, they are real bullets that have traveltime etc. All this content takes time over network, and the sorting of this and the network is a factor on how
you experience it. A hickup in your ISP or computer can give a very real effect ingame. We will ofcourse tweak this so you less often will experience this kind of problems, we have put a slider into the game which compensates
for such events, and if you have a very good connection, you might want to turn that down and get a cleaner netcode… Its still very large amount of content, i cant promise you no problems. But the guys that have tried out Battlefield 4 say
its much smoother, hitbox and hitreg is better? Yes, we have been working on making this much better, but who am
i to say that you will never experience any hickups or problems. I want the players to tell me how it feels, and we have been working very hard
to to make everything better. Latency, hitbox and hitreg/detection, even the controllers faster and better. How about patching and updating, will it be better
and faster/regular on the new frostbite ? Yes, this is a big part of the new engine. Again, nothing that the
player will notice at first, but we want to update and patch. We have written new routines and systems for patching, we want to update
and release new content. So this is very important to us… Dynamic gameplay and Levolution, the big words for Battlefield 4. Can
you tell us how this will work for players? The idea behind Battlefield has always been dynamic gamplay, how you play and
what you choose of vehicles etc defines and contributes how Battlefield plays… What we are doing now, is incorporating it into the world, so the
world is more dynamic and always changing accordingly to how you play… This is a combination of weather, the physics, example the building falling in Sige of
Shanghai and changes the layout and the dust which changes how example pilots play. We also have weather and waves at sea that changes everything, buildings
that change shape (explosives), so there is a lot of things…. and then there is those smaller, car alarms,
bollards, metal detectors which can alarm enemies… all of those help create more dynamic and interesting situations. Can you explain dynamic weather? Yes. We are not going to have day-night cycles. When we tried it, well… it was
not fun. At night time players have problems navigating, so.. it wasn’t fun really…. So, we try to keep somewhere between dusk, dawn, evening, morning…
somewhere between there to make it more exiting. The worst thing that can happen is if we
make nice graphics, and difficult to play……. Thanks for watching. Please favorite if you find
this interessting, and visit us at

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