Battlefield V / 5 Full Game – GTX 1060 3gb – i5 8400 – i3 8100 – 1080p – 1440p – 4K – UltraWide

86 thoughts on “Battlefield V / 5 Full Game – GTX 1060 3gb – i5 8400 – i3 8100 – 1080p – 1440p – 4K – UltraWide

  1. GTX 1050 ti:
    GTX 750 ti:
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    Gameplay starts at 00:11 (1080p, i5 8400)
    I crank up the settings at 02:44
    I switch to 1080p UltraWide at 05:15
    I switch to 1440p at 07:37
    I crank up the settings at 10:23
    I switch to 4K at 13:00
    I switch to 1080p at 15:42 (i3 8100 here)

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    Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer 4K using a different pc to record, no fps hit

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  2. So then i5 8400 with 1060 is a good choice to upgrade to?
    I was thinking about changing my motherboard to Asus ROG 370F or would the one you mentioned in the description would work ?

  3. Don't know if you've been having a 1440p option but it really increases the quality of your videos. Also 1060 still killing not to add that's the 3GB version as well

  4. great work
    +Santiago Santiago.
    my specs are: r5 1600 + 4×2 gb ram +gtx 1050 ti+ msi b350 mortar.
    i intend to buy one 4 gb stick of ram, is it ok ? what do you think should i do?

  5. Santiago, se que lo que voy a preguntar no viene a cuento, pero cuando hago una configuración para los ventiladores de mi gráfica con MSI afterburner y la guardo, solo se inicia al iniciar la aplicación o ya funciona sola aún así tenga msi cerrado?
    Gracias de antemano.

  6. nice vid as always man,, i have a question i hope you can help me, i found myself a great deal (i think) its a HP OMEN 144hz monitor 25" for 199€ BUT i have a weak pc not capble of 144 fps, it is worth to buy the monitor??

  7. Santiago, you should also test the games with only 8GB of RAM. I know is a little more work but I think a lot of people would appreciate it. Since RAM is very expensive this days and many people only has 8GB.

  8. Should I get this game next month or should I use the money to upgrade to 16GB of RAM? xD How do you think this would perform on an FX 8320 and 8GB of RAM? I have the RAM running in dual channel btw. And the GPU is a GTX 1060 3GB as well.

  9. Hola Santiago !
    Ahí está mejor el uso de cpu con 6 cores, aún así un poco alto si los juegos siguen este rumbo va a ser un tema para los i5 no K. Graficazos vaya creo que lamí la pantalla un par de veces xD

  10. What do u think about this build?
    Cpu Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz
    Gpu MSI GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8GB GDDR5
    Motherboard MSI B350 PC MATE
    RAM 16 GB ddr4 Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 3000 mhz
    Hdd 2TB
    SSD 240 GB Kingston
    Psu 650 W RAIDER II

  11. Santiago una pregunta: en BF1 conu una 1060 3GB + i5 6400 el juego se me traba SIEMPRE. No importa si vaya en ultra o en low, los FPS me van HORRIBLES, cuando en el resto de los juegos se los banca generalmente bien. En Fortnite a veces me tira unas caidas pero generalmente se lo banca. Me molesta porque veo builds iguales o similares y les va muy bien, re estable y buenos FPS. Sera porque tengo 8gb de ram? Ampliarlo me solucionará todos los problemas?

  12. Hola!! Che me recomiendas armarme un ryzen 1600 con una rx 570 de 8gb? Están bastante baratas ambas vi la grafica por 150 usd y el ryzen por 130 usd la rx en una oferta pero crees q bajan mas?

  13. What do you guys think about a 1060 3gb, i7-8700, 16 GB ram PC? How much longer before this set up becomes irrelevant? I don't wanna get a PC with this and have new games in like a year start going down to like 30-40 FPS high/ultra. And what would you think is a good price for a set up like this? Also would this set up handle Shadowplay or live streaming?

  14. Santiago, que decis, cambio la GTX 950 por una 1060 6 gb pero me fumo la ram 1×8 por un par de meses, o mando 2×8 gb ddr4 y me fumo por un par de meses jugar con la gtx 950? estoy en ese dilema

  15. Santiago, i'm looking to buy my son this

    But then saw this one

    Tbh, i need to buy him a headset as well so the Vr Vision would of been the best bet (slightly cheaper on my wallet lol) but im still pondering over whether or not to buy the AMD instead?

    Cheers for any help here.

  16. i have ryzen 5 1500x whit 1060 3gb 8gb ram i get stutters when i play a map whit 64 players even whit low settings do you think that the ram holds me back

  17. i5 3450, 1060 3gb, 8gb ram, I barely get 50-60 fps on medium 32 players, can't do 64 at all. It's definitely my CPU that's a bottleneck.

  18. Tengo un i7 7700hq 16gb ddr4 2333mhz y una gtx 1060 3gb. Pero el juego tiene una media de 40-50fps. En mapas exigentes 64jugadores. Esta bien o que me esta limitando? Muchas gracias de antemano

  19. if i don't care about historical accuracy or whatever and the last battlefield i played was BF4, should I get this game? I want it because it looks so good! and my pc can handle it.

  20. Nice video my dude. My specs are 1060 3gb,i7 8700 and 16gb dual channel ddr4 2400mhz. I plan on getting a card from rtx series after i finish semestar. But untill i do so,do you think i can run bf5 with current setup without dipping bellow 60(low-medium settings)? I had a really REALLY shitty PC before i built this one about a year ago,and because i played almost every game bellow 60 frames for years,nowdays i even notice drops to 55-57 and get really triggered. Its like a 6th sense for low fps and a ptsd at the same time lol.Cheers

  21. i have i5 4690+12 gb ram+rx 580 4gb why my fps why i cant near like your i3 8100?does internet speed boost fps too?

  22. I've same setup setup but Gtx 1060 6gb & mine cpu usage is higher sometimes 100% and 90% + most of the time. I set graphics to mixture of medium high and low. Textures are high everything else on medium and low… when I spawn i get little stutter and because pf CPU at 100% that time. any fix? I want my lower the CPU usage.

  23. Hola Santiago Santiago. Me gustaría saber si se lograría jugar sin problemas de stuttering u otro error con un i3 8100 gtx 1060 6gb y 8gb de RAM a 2666mhz a 4K.

  24. Спасибо тебе большое, прошу прощения за незнание английского языка)

  25. Santiago Santiago. No logro entender el uso de tu CPU con el i3 8100 no está al 100%… y yo que tengo el i3 8300 me va al 100%. Explicame porfavor… no entiendo tampoco los tirones q me dá ya sea en graficos bajo o ultra ya sea con dx12 o 11

  26. Hey bro, is it normal that battlefield 5 and 1 using my cpu at 100% while my gpu use only 85-95% No FPS drops but the CPU usage is going on 75-85 to 100% all the time. PC Specs: i3 8100 + GTX 1060 6gb + 16gb 2133 ram.

  27. It's so weird. I've got an I7-4790, a GTX 1060 3G and 16 gb of RAM and my game performs so much worse and I have no idea what's causing it

  28. i have a gtx 1060 6gb ryzen 5 1600 stock and dual channel 3000mhz 16gb and it stutters like ass at 100+fps on lowest settings 1080p
    this game runs shit

  29. Santiago this games gives me frames drops on high action scenes (64 players). What could be that? I have dual channel 16gb ram an i7 3770 running at 3.70ghz and same gpu. I use high settings. Help

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