Battlefield V / 5 Full Game – GTX 750 ti – i3 8100 – G4560 – 1080p – 900p – 720p – Benchmark PC

hello everyone I’m mm do I’m sure I’m gonna be testing butter for five default game ecology for CDX 750ti I’ll be doing 1080p 900p and 720p to Skipton at those sections of the video check the timestamps down in the description and if you want to support the channel by buying games for yourself check one on the humble affiliate links down in the description as well on 1080p I over clocked the gtx 750ti I added 200 megahertz to the core clock and 400 megahertz to the memory clock on 900p and 7 to repeat the Yerba clock is disabled and on each of their resolutions I’ll show you two configurations one of them trying to save over 30 frames per second most of the time with the best visuals possible then I lower the settings trying to be closer to 60 frames per second Oh usually consider that when playing at 900 P and 720p since on 1080p it was impossible to be anywhere close 60 frames per second argument to overclock the card even if you are playing below 1080p avoid 3rd x12 in this game at least right now just like on battle for one I got stutters on dirt x12 so far I found that it run a little better than the beta overall make sure to enable future frame rendering since I got better performance with it and I didn’t notice the extra latency it adds according to the options menu some of the options are lower in groups to improve performance first are the lighting quality effects quality and post process quality does help me out to increase the frame rate also the amine occlusion option and the other options I didn’t mention I usually lower them together one or two settings about the most mundane ones I mentioned first since I wasn’t able to get the exact same stage each time I just made sure that I got into a 64 player battle to stress the system as much as possible remember that the multiplayer battles won’t be the exact same each time so this is just to have some sort of reference of what to expect on the run side of things I would have at least a gigabytes of RAM on the channel for the game to work you should have some extra stutters every now and then but the game should still be playable I’ll repeat that again dual channel is very important here on the CPU side of things a quad-core CPU like an i3 8100 or an overclocked rice and three should be able to be over 50 frames per second most of the time as long as our ji bu is enough what course here were maxed out most of the time to be mostly stable 60 frames per second or over that consider a six core i5 or Rison five and on the G 4560 I got in the worst cases drops into the 30s with a lot of players close by but it was 30 to 45 FPS overall anyway guys that’s pretty much it I hope you keep enjoying the video thanks for watching and see you next time [Music] tell me [Music] fucking tiny medic [Music] take it objective charlie [Music] [Music] god I don’t like the looks of that [Music] you [Applause] [Applause] [Music] don’t overlook that just objectives must be destroyed [Music] [Music] objective easiest

92 thoughts on “Battlefield V / 5 Full Game – GTX 750 ti – i3 8100 – G4560 – 1080p – 900p – 720p – Benchmark PC

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    Gameplay starts at 00:12 (1080p, 750 ti OC)

    I lower the settings at 02:46 (1080p, 750 ti OC)

    I switch to 900p at 05:47 (750 ti no OC)

    I lower the settings at 08:30 (750 ti no OC)

    I switch to 720p at 11:07 (750 ti no OC)

    I lower the settings at 13:47 (750 ti no OC)

    1080p G4560 at 16:37 (750 ti OC)

    720p G4560 at 18:24 (750 ti no OC)

    GTX 1050 ti:

    GTX 1060 3GB:

    More games on GTX 750 ti:

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    Humble Bundle Affiliate link:

    Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer 4K using a different pc to record, no fps hit

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  2. Thank you for the spanish subs! I started learning spanish some months ago (school) so this comes pretty handy to understand the language better and even get some new vocabulary by watching your amazing videos. 🙂

  3. can you please do a test with i5 8400+ gtx 760? i wanted to test, but i haven't the game, and i wanna know if its worth to buy to my RIG

  4. ohh all game should be have that optimalization …very good work ..I have 1050ti and now buy this game ..never comment but always watch U Santiago ..keep doing what U doing ..I like U ..have a nice day

  5. Intenta hacer más vídeos en español, o aunque sea la parte del prórrogo donde comentas ciertas cosas de los ajustes, la comunidad hispana y española te lo agradecerá

  6. wow gtx 750ti run bfv on meduim and high 😮 :O :O
    i dont think so my gtx 750ti can do that lol
    this is impossible for my pc

  7. Santiago la gtx 750 Sera parecida a la sentey gtx750? O la sentey es mala? Porque no eh visto review de esa placa especificamente y Mucha fe no le tengo

  8. Hola Santiago, haber si tienes la oportunidad de probar el Sunset Overdrive, está muy barato, y pesa poco, se ve bastante bien.

  9. Just a stupid question?
    At what settings would u play the game if u were to play on this rig?

    Processor – core i5 3470

  10. Эм… Я, вскорее всего, чего то не услышал, но GTX 750 TI = HIGH+Ultra = 1080p = >30fps? Если это так, я в шоке

  11. hola santiago , un favor me podrias decir la configuracion del oc , el gtx 750 ti , yo tengo la sc de 1 fan coler… gracias

  12. Santiago Yo quiero comprarme una pc Con 2 gtx 750 ti

    Gpu X2 gtx 750 ti

    Cpu i3 8100 3.6ghz


  13. Santiago sacame una duda, si compro un rysen 5 1600 y una 750 ti podria jugar todos los juegos del mercado? Y despues ya actualizaria la tarjeta de video auna rx580 de 8gb,
    Otra pregunta, la 750 ti de cuanto vram es la que tenes?

  14. R3 2200g no oc with 16gb of ram (8×2) gtx750 ti 2gb no oc and i get in bf5 in 900 P on low settings 30 to 37 FPS!! what's my problem>?>?
    i just bought 8 GPU(750 ti ) plz help me

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