Battlefield V Alpha Constructive Feedback

Hi my name is Chris and this is Battle(non)sense Today I want to talk about Battlefield 5 and
provide some constructive feedback, based on the experience that we had while
playing the closed Alpha for about 15 hours. So, in one of my previous Battlefield 5 videos
I said that after 12 years, this game might be the one that provides a
true Battlefield experience again. Now, while some players try to play Battlefield
5 like Battlefield 3, 4 or 1, which does not work
and game still has issues and some shortcomings that do not allow it to reach its full potential
just yet I stand by what I said in this video for one
simple reason. Back in the old days before the Frostbite
engine, it was very common that games ended really close
Either with less than 20 tickets left for the loosing team
or they could even and in a draw. In Battlefield 3 I experience this exactly
one single time shortly after the release of the Strike at Karkand map. And in Battlefield 4 I had only 3 matches
end really close while playing Domination but most matches would always end with more
than 100 tickets left for the losing team, which just isn’t fun for me because I want
that both teams fight hard for the win, and not have one team constantly crush the other. So, I am very happy to report that while playing
Conquest in the alpha of Battlefield 5, pretty much every game ended with just a few tickets
left for the loosing team, where many times it was not clear until the
very last minute which team would win in the end. This is part of the original Battlefield experience
that I fell in love with more than 15 years ago, and I was really happy and almost shocked
to see this again in the closed Alpha of Battlefield 5. That said, I also had 3 matches where half
of the other team suddenly left for some reason. And since we could not find a way for our
squad to switch to the other team to balance it out,
we then won with more than 200 tickets left which was very boring as the other team just
had no chance against our numbers. So, unless we just could not find the option
to switch teams, I hope that DICE will add this for the final
version of the game so that players can jump over to the other
team to restore the balance if required. Speaking about squads. Inside the main menu you can create squads
invite your friends to join that squad, and then either use the matchmaking system
or the server-browser to join a server together, where you then automatically end up in the
same squad. Where it would also be nice if your Clan tag
would show up next to the squad name. If you join with less than 3 friends, then
others can still join your squad once you are on the server
And you can use the social menu, to in example send a squad member a friend request if you
want to. So, I really like this system as it makes
it very easy to join and also leave a server together with your friends. But I’d really wish that we would have 5
instead of 4 man squads, simply because I want to have more of my friends in my squad. Now, like in the previous titles the squad
leader can give orders to the squad members, either by looking at a 3d flag icon on his
HUD and then pressing the Q key, or by using the com rose. What I really like about using the com rose
is that you can see how many other squads are already attacking or defending a flag. This is very useful because when there are
already 2 squads attacking a flag, then you might want to choose another one to avoid
that your entire team attacks or defends the same objective. But DICE could still improve this part inside
the Com Rose by also showing the distance to each of these objectives, so that a squad
leader can quickly select the closest one, without having to look at the minimap first. An issue that Battlefield 5 currently has,
is that when you get promoted to Squad Leader, then it is very easy to miss that notification. And when Squad Members ask for new orders,
then this tiny notification on the left is also very easy to miss. So since a Squad Leader already gets this
element down here when he issues an order, I’d like to suggest that DICE uses this
space to notify the squad leader when there are no active orders,
or when a Squad Member requested a new order. This would also help with the issue that players
sometimes don’t even seem to know that they are the Squad Leader. And what DICE should really bring back is
the feature where a Squad Leader loses his position,
if he does not give orders even when his squad members requested a new order. One of the biggest changes in Battlefield
5 is that 3d spotting is pretty much gone now. Which means that you will rarely be able to
just shoot below a triangle, And you cannot abuse the spotting mechanic
to reveal enemies. In Battlefield 5 you must use your eyes to
visually identify enemies, like you had to in the good old days of the Battlefield franchise. That said DICE introduced a PING feature,
which allows you to mark a location for your squad mates
so that you can let them know where you have seen an enemy. However, while this feature is really powerful,
we frequently ran into the issue where one of us would see a sniper and place a marker,
but the rest of us had a hard time to find that marker on the hud. If the game would have a compass ribbon, then
these 2 features would work really well together, because I could then say
“I placed a marker north of us, there is a sniper.” And so everyone would know in which direction
to look for that marker, which then points at the exact location of that sniper. The way how you respawn in Battlefield 5 was
also change in quite a big way. When you get killed then you first go here,
from where you can then either directly deploy onto one of your squad members,
or you can go back to the big redeploy screen. So, I really like that the game presents you
with this deploy screen first, because it puts more emphasis on team and
squad play, as it tries to get players to stick with their squad mates. And based on my experience in the alpha this
seems to work quite well, as I almost always had pretty much my entire Squad around me. However, there are few things that I’d like
to see change here. Number one is that I would like to spawn on
a specific squad mate, just by clicking on his name here. This should be really easy to implement as
this already works in the big deploy screen. Then it would be nice if there was an icon
or “under fire” text next to the name of the players that I cannot spawn on, so
that I know that I cannot spawn on him. And a map would also be very useful here,
so that I can see where my squad mates are without having to cycle through them. Knowing where each of my squad mates is, is
all the info I need when I have to decide where to spawn. Now let’s take a look at the new revive
mechanic. When your health reaches 0 then you hit the
ground and start to bleed out. In that state you can still look around,
you see your nearby squad mates as well as medics,
and you can press and hold the left mouse button to slow down the bleeding and scream
for a medic. When a medic reaches you, then he just has
to press the E key to initiate the revive process,
which triggers a small animation and then you are back at 100 health. Besides medics, your squad members can also
revive you, but that process takes longer and it will not restore you back up to 100
health. So, while this is a very useful mechanic that
also strengthens the squad play, it does by no means replace the medic class. Now, I do have a few suggestions when it comes
to this revive mechanic. So when you are down then you can still look
around, which is very useful because you can then check your surroundings and tell your
squad mates where you see enemies. Now here is the problem, how do you tell your
squad mates where those enemies are? Sure the ping feature would help as you could
then place a marker, but then we still have the issue I mention earlier, that this marker
can be hard to find in some cases. So if DICE would add a compass ribbon, like
I showed you in one of my recent design concept videos, then you could tell your squad mates
that the player who shot you is south east, and he is still looking right at you,
and there is also a group of enemies to your east. This would be extremely helpful for the players
inside your squad who want to try to revive you. Then there are cases were there is no other
player near you who could possibly revive you. In such a case it really makes no sense to
even have the player enter the bleeding out phase. He should go directly to the squad deploy
menu where he has to wait for the redeploy timer to reach 0. Then it can happen that there are medics from
other squads near you who could revive you, but as soon as your squad gets wiped you get
pushed to the redeploy menu, instead of allowing you to wait for one of
the other medics in range to revive you. This must not happen. In this case you should just continue to bleed
out until you run out of time, or get revived. Sometimes there will also be situations where
you know that anyone who tries to revive you will die. In this case it should be possible to press
the right mouse button to tell others that it is not safe to revive you. However, this must not end the bleeding out
process, because then we will see many players just cancel the revive process, as we have
seen in Battlefield 1. After all, the bleeding out mechanic is also
meant to get players to change their playstyle, so that they think ahead and don’t run and
gun like Rambo. When you die then this must hurt or players
won’t change how they play the game. Now, I am sure that this here is a bug, because
it can’t be intentional that the revive icon does not show up above my squad mate
for several seconds. However, I would like to ask DICE to show
a revive icon on the minimap for every player that I can revive, so that it gets easier
to find them on the battlefield. Another thing where I am quite sure that this
is not working as intended, is the lighting inside buildings, because its just way too
dark inside of them. 2 other changes that also have a very noticeable
impact on the gameplay in Battlefield 5 are that autoheal will not restore you back up
to 100 health, and that you spawn with much less ammo than
in previous titles. Now to get healed back up to 100% you either
need to find a medic, Take meds from a first aid box
or go to one of these resupply stations. If you run out of ammo then you can also go
to one of these resupply stations, or you find a support player,
or you can take ammo from enemies, as some drop ammo when they get killed, though I think
that picking that up should also require that you press the E key. Now I really like the resupply stations and
that enemies drop ammo as these are very clear game mechanics. What I do not understand is why DICE still
keeps autoheal in the game. This is why I would like to propose that autoheal
gets remove entirely, and have medics of your as well as the enemy team drop a medbag when
they get killed. So that you can then get meds just like you
can get ammo. There is really no need to keep that passive
autoheal nonsense in Battlefield 5. Now sadly I could not spend much time in the
pilot seat of the aircrafts, but there are a few things that I would like to talk about. To me it feels like any kind of manoeuvre
results in too much loss of speed, which leads to a semi stall of the aircraft. I also think that the top speed of the aircrafts
needs to be increased, as they feel a bit too slow at the moment. Another thing is that I felt like its quite
easy for ground units to take down aircrafts, while in dogfights it seems like planes can
take much more of a beating – which seems a bit off. But again, I did not have the chance to do
that many dogfights so I might be wrong here. Then there is how planes respond to the player
input. It just doesn’t feel very consistent as
sometimes the plane seems to wildly overreact. And I think that the turning radius should
be decreased for all aircrafts, as it just feels a bit too wide right now. What I miss when I am in the pilot seat is
the rear view, or in other words a hotkey that I can press to look back, which is especially
useful in dogfights. Then there is that re-arm icon in the air. I really think that DICE has to move that
re-arm icon further away from the Battlefield, not just to improve the situation of players
on the ground, but also to create a better gameplay loop for pilots. if you want to know more about what I would
do to enhance the balancing between air and ground units, then you can find a link to
a video in the description down below. Now, without 3d spotting it gets quite hard
for pilots to find enemies on the ground, which is why I think that DICE finally needs
to implement a Close Air Support mechanic, which I once did a concept design for. Basically, a squad leader could use binoculars,
to temporarily mark an area where he needs pilots to provide close air support in. And the pilots then get a notification on
their hud where they see the area marked for close air support. So, with this mechanic the pilot then does
not only know where to engage the enemy, it also strengthens the relationship between
ground and air units as these then actively work together. The pilot then also gets a reward for damaging
any player who is inside the area, or who was inside that area when it was marked
for close air support. To avoid that this feature gets spammed constantly,
there must be a cooldown for how frequently such close air support requests can be made,
and how many Squad Leaders can make such a request at the same time. Another feature that is more powerful that
many realize, is the ability to build fortifications. Every player can press the T key on his keyboard
and then start to build cover in predefined areas placed on the map. Many people were quick to dismiss this feature
as a gimmick, but even in conquest mode it can really help your squad when you either
try to take, or defend an objective where most of the cover has already been destroyed. The Spawn Beacon also exists in Battlefield
5, and DICE sadly gave it to the recon again, which turns the spawn beacon into a camping
beacon. DICE first introduced this gadget in Battlefield
2142, as a Squad Leader only tool. And this is really the only player who will
take good use of that gadget. So I really do not understand why DICE does
not make the Spawn Beacon a Squad Leader only gadget again, so that he can place it near
the frontlines where it is not only needed, but where it is actually useful. Speaking of things, I do not understand. I don’t know why every Frostbite Engine
Battlefield game must put gigantic texts and icons right at the center of our screens,
where they obstruct our view. I know that this is an alpha, but it is annoying
to see DICE make the same kind of design mistakes over and over again in every game. Another element you hud that needs some work
is the minimap, especially when you press the M key, to open the large map. When you look at this image here then you
will probably also have a hard time to find out where I am right now. In the alpha I would always move my mouse
left and right to see where I am on the minimap. So, this obviously needs some work. Then there are the Voice Overs of the German
team. Which I don’t like at all. I really hope that the game provides an option
where I can choose between native and fully localized Voice overs. So that when I select native, then the Voice
Overs from the German team will be just in German, instead of this strange mix where
one a single voice over uses German and English, which is just utter nonsense. Some players criticized the Time To Kill in
the Alpha as too fast. Now, while some guns like the STG44 or Sturmgewehr
44 seem a bit too powerful right now, I did like the time to kill in the alpha. What players definitely need to time to adjust
to, is the reduced autoheal, because when I had a look at my recorded gameplay where
I felt that I died too quickly, I either noticed that I was not at 100 health when this happened,
or that I was shot by multiple people at the same time. This getting shot by multiple people at the
same time is sadly still not explained properly in the killcam, which does lead to unjustified
hackusations and frustration. Then there is this whole customization and
female soldiers controversy. I really could not care less about female
soldiers on the Battlefield, because unless you revive someone or get revived by another
player, you will hardly be able to identify the gender of the other soldiers. So, l don’t know why so many people made
such a big deal out of this. What I am a bit worried about is the customization
and what that will do to the playermodels. But to be honest, the look of the playermodels
also bothered me in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, where some had gasmasks and ballistic masks
glued to their faces, which made no sense at all and caused that you felt like there
were mercenaries at war, not actual armies. When it comes to the customization in Battlefield
5, then we must consider that this is moslikely what allows EA and DICE to release all future
content for free, as there is no premium and no paid DLC’s. So as long as the gameplay is good, I think
that I will be able to deal with these customizations as not having the playerbase split by paid
content is a very positive thing for the community. So that’s all that I have to say about the
Battlefield 5 Alpha. I could sadly not do any netcode related tests,
as there just weren’t any empty servers to do my tests on. But I hope that I can provide you with more
info on the netcode when the beta launches. Now I would like to hear from you what you
like and dislike about the game, as well as what you would change. So please leave your feedback in the comments
down below. If you enjoy the kind of content that I put
out on my channel, then it would be great if you could support me on Patreon as YouTubes
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to stay up to date on the videos that I am working on. So, if you enjoyed this video then please
give it a like, subscribe for more and I hope to see you next time! Until then, have a nice day and take care, my name is Chris and this was Battle(non)sense

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  50. I swear this guy needs to get hired by DICE, good critical thinking, i can tell you love the battlefield series.

  51. Lmao, love you suggestions but you should realize by now the game is for ultra casual people, you are asking these changes for user group who are very team oriented and play in the squad and understand all aspects of the game. The game sadly is for people who just want press left click as it's a gun and who drift away in few months. EA is thinking they can make truck load from casual playerbase who just want to buy skins.

  52. my main problem with battlefield games is the ping i am from INDIA and we need servers near us plz for bf5

  53. Hey! Really like your videos. Could you please do a netcode analysis video of Hunt:Showdown at some point? There is alot of weird stuff happening with servers and people dont know is it the servers or hit boxes or whats wrong 🙂 Thanks!

  54. cant believe this is BF in 2018. when playing BF2 10 yrs ago, I thought how good will BF 10 yrs from now? assuming it'll be amazing.
    How wrong I was!

  55. Love your content. I was wondering if you could review the ASUS AC5300 high end router. I want to know if it really reduces ping in games like CSGO like I hear people say it does.

  56. Too bad nearly everything they said about BFV is bullshit.
    Now that we can all play the open Beta we see that it's even more Casualfield than the ones before.
    I loved BF 1942. Vietnam and BF2 were good games, but not quite as good as 1942 in my opinion.
    As a PC gamer I could not play Bad Company 1, but Bad Company 2 was really good. My favorite to this day.
    From this point it all went to shit. BF3 had real issues.
    Design decisions that made no sense, netcode issues and less destruction.
    Jets that you could overtake with a Scooter, no mod support and focus on close quarters combat.
    The real start of CoDfield. They even had a beta and still 1 out of 5 times in a close combat scenario both players died due to terrible netcode.
    BF4 went the same direction. More of the same BS. Marketing flashy stuff nobody wanted. Levolution ringing a bell?
    The tickrate destroying feature that traded good and smooth gameplay for flashy effeckts.
    I can remember a discussion in the BF forums if the games tickrate would be increased from 10Hz to 30Hz.
    And in some situations the game actually used a 10Hz tickrate! At this point you could make the game turn based imo.
    BF1 was a step in the right direction. The game felt smoother and more fun to play, but again some design decisions kept the game from reaching it's potential.
    Now we can play the BFV beta and we have a glorified Codfield designed to please console players and casuals.
    I see a lot of potential here too. The gunplay feels great and the game looks amazing, buuuuuut…
    The menus look and feel like designed for a smart phone.
    We have 3 tanks and 3 planes and some of those are even just variants.
    Same guns for allies and Axis and people talk about women in a WWII scenario. Are you out of your mind?
    I couldn't give a flying F*** about whether someone prefers to play as a Man or women and the immersion argument is BS.
    It's 2018 and we have lot's of female gamers. Let's talk about immersion for them having to play as a male character.
    I know in the end most female characters you engage of the battlefield will be played by guys anyways.
    So that it what kills the immersion for you huh? Not the American running around with the STG44 jumping off a bridge and pulling his parachute? Really? In what world?
    The media is all about that BS and the things that actually matter to gamers don't get the attention they deserve.
    So we get Cod Call in mechanics (V1) and laser accurate guns that can hose down 4 players with one mag of the famously hard to control Sturmgewehr 44 at ridiculous distances.
    It's the same as all the full auto guns in BF1. Why make a WW1 or WW2 game if every weapon plays like a modern assault rifle? At this point it's just a reskin.
    Don't get me wrong. I still have high hopes for this game. The moment to moment gameplay feels amazing, but it's everything around it that has me really worried.
    Everywhere you look or click the game screams casual friendly. Skilltrees for the guns? Really? Anyone still talking about immersion when you can skill "faster bullets"?
    Are you kidding me? At first the time to kill felt ok, but once I got used to the guns and had them leveled up it was way too easy.
    Now that the females in WW2 discussion finally died down a little EA made themselves the laughing stock with their profanity filter.
    Apparently DLC, Lag and white man are too profane and need to be filtered. 10 out of 10 EA. Let's do that instead of working on the real issues.

  57. chris is blind ..gunplay is just CoD. recoil is a joke and the spread is unrealistic. soldiers move way too fast.last 3 dice games need zero skill,press W and autofire

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