Battlefield V | BEST Sniper | Krag Jorgensen Rehber | (+ english subtitles)

“got one” “got another one” “and a third one” Hi guys, we continue our weapon commentary series for BF V on a sniper weapon. So far, I like 3 sniper rifles in this game: One is the Gewehr, one is the Kar98 and the last one is the Krag Jørgensen i probably mispronounced that First I’m going to tell you in which situation this weapon is best in use I use it mostly in infantry-heavy modes, like Domination, TDM etc. This rifle is like no other in the right environment My reflexes were on point when using this weapon. It is really easy to handle and a really calm rifle. You will have no problems doing quickscopes When quickscoping, some snipers have a half a second delay, but you definetely feel the difference to this rifle. You will have an easy time getting fast-scope kills The specializations are quite normal. We start with quick aim, as usual. With this weapon you will quick-scope from medium range a lot. On the second specialization it’s not wrong to take the right path, but i prefer having a more stable shot, with the bullets being more accurate on longer distances if needed This is where things change, you really want this one so you can shoot at multiple people. In the enemy team there are 16 or more people and sometimes you are on your own so you want to be as effective as possible. The last one is completely up to you and your playstyle. I personally prefer the bayonet a lot more, because you have to use this weapon proactively For using a bipod, you would have to lay down and we don’t do that here. You don’t play this weapon to wait for enemies to appear, you want to be in action as often as possible That’s why i chose the bayonet Other than that there are two more sniper rifles I like as I already mentioned: Gewehr M95 (not too sure about the name) and the Kar98 Kar98 is nice for medium to long-medium range for long range though, i recommend the Gewehr M95, if you really want to get kills from 500m or 1km away, the Gewehr is the weapon to go If you can recommend me any other weapons to review/commenate on, feel free to message me. Now i have a small clip for you,
take care, see you soon!

9 thoughts on “Battlefield V | BEST Sniper | Krag Jorgensen Rehber | (+ english subtitles)

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