Battlefield V Beta You Might Not Like What I Have To Say

Hi my name is Chris and this is Battle(non)sense Today I want to talk about my experience with
the Battlefield V beta and share the good
the bad and the ugly aspects of the build that we
were able to play. Now, first of all
as someone who has been a fan of the Battlefield franchise since the release of the Battlefield
1942 demo back in 2002 I did not like the route that the franchise
took starting with Battlefield 3 where EA and DICE tried very hard to make
it appeal to a larger more casual oriented player base. In Battlefield 1 we then saw what these changes
to the core game design and how the marketing presented Battlefield
games starting with Battlefield 3 ultimately lead to. An online experience that completely deteriorated
to a mindless mess with next to no teamwork on public servers
nor any sort of tactical play. Like many others I stopped to play Battlefield
1 after less than 20 hours simply because I got bored of that online
experience which really had nothing in common with what
attracted me to the Battlefield franchise in the first place. So, after Battlefield 1 I was honestly done
with the Battlefield franchise as I could not imagine that DICE and EA would
even dare to change the core gameplay experience again
and potentially piss off all those players who like that Rambo experience
where they are super effective on their own and teamwork is entirely optional. But DICE did not only notice the decline of
the teamwork on public servers they were not happy about that either
which is why they set out to change things with Battlefield V. Now I am sure we all agree that the marketing
for Battlefield V has been a disaster from the very first minute
Simply because it did not manage to explain what this game is actually about.
All it did was create a ton of internet drama. Only recently EA has started to release trailers
which properly explain what playing the game will be like
and what changes DICE made to the core game design and why. DICE is also more open about what they do
and why they are doing it which I think is great
because we have been asking for this level of transparency and communication for many
years now. So, all the drama and bad marketing aside.
DICE and EA made the very bold decision to ditch many of the mechanics that ultimately
caused the franchise to deteriorate into the mess that we have seen with Battlefield
1 and instead create a gameplay experience that
brings back what the franchise was once known for. And I can tell you first hand
that based on my experience in the alpha and the beta
they are on a very good path to accomplish that goal
and I can see myself playing this game a lot because Battlefield V has great potential
to provide me with the Battlefield experience I love.
Instead of the Battlefield experience that bores me to death. So, while I really like what DICE is aiming
for here the beta exposed that the game still has many
issues which simply add up and make me worry about
how long it will take to get Battlefield V into a state
where I consider it to be a complete and polished product
that you can pick up and just have fun with. Like what’s up with the netcode and the
servers? They do run at a tick rate of 60Hz
but even at a ping of less than 25ms and a frame rate of 120
I have noticed on my first and last shots that the hitmarker seems to have quite a long
delay even when you shoot at someone who is less
than 50 meters away. I also received damage behind solid cover
quite a frequently even when the other player also had a ping
of less than 25ms. And if you tried to snipe players from far
away then you will have noticed a lot of rubber
banding which makes them hard to hit. So, there is something going on here
that the developers must look into because these delays feel realy bad. Sadly, I was not able to do some netcode tests
during the alpha nor the beta because my test players always got killed
before I could do a single test. So, to do my usual netcode tests
I will have to wait until I can get my hands on a private server
or a server that does not fill up within less than a minute. Then let’s talk about the revive mechanic. It is still suffering from obvious bugs
like that it can take up to 10 seconds before the medics see the revive icon above a player
who is bleeding out. Or that a revive just won’t happen, no matter
how hard you press the “E” key on your keyboard. What I really do not understand is why DICE
caved and added the ability to skip the revive.
This really has no place in a game like Battlefield V
especially when you consider that your team loses a ticket when you respawn.
So, in order to win you want that players get revived as much as possible
which means that you must give your squad mates and medics a chance to actually do a
revive. That said, in situations where there is no
squad mate or medic within 50 meters, it makes no sense to have the player enter
the “bleeding out” state as there is no chance that he will get revived.
In such a case the player should always go straight back to the deploy menu
where he has to wait for the deploy timer to reach 0. It is also unfortunate that we still don’t
get detailed damage information about the damage we received.
I once did a concept design for a kill screen that shows damage stats which explains how
you got killed. Such would help a lot in Battlefield V as
I had many cases where it wasn’t clear what just happened. And it surely doesn’t help that damage indicator
sometimes seems to point in the wrong direction. It would also be nice if I could see the ping
of the player who killed me especially in situations where I feel that
I got shot behind cover. The ComRose got a pretty nice re-design in
the beta. But I would really like to see how far away
the objectives are because then I could easily choose the closest
objective without having to look at the map first to
find out which one is the closest. Related to that is that the text feed
or the messages triggered by the actions inside the com rose
are still hidden inside the chat. Which most people including myself have set
to hide because it is primarily used by players to
complain and insult each other. What I would like is to propose is that the
game either shows the Text Feed below the chat window.
Or that they will appear inside the chat window even when it is set to “hide”
so that it only hides the nonsense that other players use the chat for. In the beta DICE also added a small compass
above the minimap. And while we could take use of that in some
situations during the beta it ultimately turned out to be so small
that it is hard to use in many cases. A big compass ribbon on top of the screen
would work much better. So I hope that at least the Battle Royale
mode will have a big compass ribbon. The ping markers that you can set with the
“Q” key are still not very useful because they disappear into the background,
like many other elements on the hud. Which is why most of the time your squad mates
have a hard time to just find the marker you set.
DICE must work on these visibility issues because this is a very powerful feature for
teamwork. Battlefield V has many game mechanics that
emphasis teamwork and especially playing as a squad.
I think that DICE should also have the scoreboard show how important squads are in this game
which is why I made a quick design concept where the scoreboard groups players by squad.
Which should help to incentivise players to stick with their squad. At the end of the round you can still show
individual players who made the most kills or had the longest killstreak
so that outstanding achievements of individual players are still valued. Since the beta
Any player can also go to a refill station or to one of the crates dropped by a medic
to pickup a med kit that they can use to heal themselves. So, since Battlefield V offers players with
quite many ways to get healed I think that even the limited autoheal has
to go away now once and for all. A feature that is still underrated by many
players is the Fortification system. Which is really sad because it is a very powerful
tool to block enemies from getting to the objective
or to build cover when you try to take or defend an objective. Back in Battlefield 2 you had the voice of
the commander give you hints about various aspects of the game.
Like when you walked past the UAV trailer Considering how complex Battlefield games
are I think that Battlefield V also needs such
a system which tells the player that he can in example,
built fortifications at his current location and explain what these are good for. Here I think it is much more effective to
use a voice over instead of just a text box on the hud
because players simply don’t have time to read what these say. These hints should then only play a couple
of times until they get disabled because otherwise they would get really annoying. There should also be options to reset the
hint system and to disable it entirely. I would also like to get an option to disable
the tension music that starts to play towards the end of a match
because I find that music very annoying especially since it starts too early. And I would lower the amount of tickets that
the match starts with because I feel that matches drag on for a
little too long at the moment. I did not spend much time in planes during
the beta, but generally speaking they feel really weak
and as an infantry player you barely notice that they are there. I talked about this in my alpha feedback video
already. DICE finally needs to do something to have
pilots participate in the battle that is going on on the ground
and have them work with their team. A Close Air Support game mechanic like I once
did a concept design for would be one way to help strengthen the relationship
between ground and air units. Tanks also didn’t feel too good in the beta
which is why I didn’t use them much. I like some aspects of their design
but overall, they are just too slow and too clunky
to be even remotely effective. One thing that DICE really must add
is the ability for the gunner to duck and take cover
like you could do in Battlefield 2. Because otherwise the gunner position is a
death-trap that no one will use. I also wonder if DICE has consider class limits
because at some points it felt like most of my and the enemy’s team were playing as
sniper. I know that many players were just testing
different things during the beta so we have to see how this develops after
the release. But If the telemetry shows that too many players
choose a specific class then DICE has to think about measures to counter
that. The customization and unlock systems were
a quite hot topic in the beta. Especially because you had to leave the match
and then do changes inside the main menu. Luckily this will not be the case in the final
version of the game. However, I really do not like the customization
menu as way too many clicks are required to go
through the menus and sub menus. What I want to see here is a nice gun bench
where I not only see all the details of my gun
but where I can also change all parts very quickly
and define a custom name for that setup. I also have to say that I dislike those huge
tiles and the menu structure menus with all the
sub menus since that design was introduced in Battlefield
1. I mean it looks nice
like something a designer would build to show what he can do
but it is just not practical to use. I know that designers will hate me for saying
this but usability is much more important than
what something looks like. Because when something is just a pain to use
then players will stop using it or not use it as much
no matter how nice it looks. By now you have surely also heard that all
gun customization elements are just cosmetics and don’t affect how the gun handles. To change the characteristics of a gun
you need to use the in-game currency that you earn by playing the game
and then choose an upgrade path. I am still not sure what to think about this.
On one hand I don’t mind that system as it doesn’t seem like these upgrades made
much of a difference in the beta anyway. On the other hand I would really enjoy a decent
gun bench where I can build and tweak my gun
where all attachments and modifications affect how the gun handles
and where I see the change instantly inside the same screen
instead of having to go to yet another menu to upgrade and change the characteristics
of my gun. It would also be great if the options menu
would finally get a decent preview where you see what a setting does. The entire options menu also desperately needs
some proper restructuring because it just overwhelms the player. Battlefield V has a very nice feature where
you can create a squad inside the main menu and then join a server with your friends. Sadly, it was still utterly broken during
the beta. If that feature does not work perfectly at
launch then I would honestly consider the game to
be unplayable. DICE must get this done right from day one
or many players will be rightfully upset if this feature doesn’t work. So, as I said
Battlefield V was off to a rough start mainly because of how bad its marketing was.
And DICE will continue to face a lot of criticism from players who don’t like the radical
changes done to restore teamwork and tactical play
on public servers. But based on the state that the beta was in,
and the reports that some parts of the game will not be available at release
I fear that DICE tries to add too much to this game which is why I don’t expect that
the launch will be smooth even after it got pushed back to November. However, when it comes to the game design
then I hope that players will ignore all the drama caused by the marketing
and give Battlefield V a fair chance because this is the closest that a Frostbite
Engine Battlefield game has come yet to deliver the original
teamwork and skill-based Battlefield experience where your skill matters, as the game does
not hold your hand. And that’s all for today.
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Until then, have a nice day and take care, my name is Chris and this was Battle(non)sense.

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V Beta You Might Not Like What I Have To Say

  1. as far as bleeding out goes. It should act similar to how Rainbow 6 Siege does it, you can hold a key to bleed out slower, but you do still have a 15-20 second bleedout time if you don't hold a key.

  2. eh I like where battlefield has gone it made more action and less boring downtime, and to say there is no team play is wrong how many medics were reviving players in operation metro in bf3 as well as giving people ammo to keep going I like the faster time to kill as that is how war is its brutal racking up kills is what would happen when people are running down a hallway

    I also really Liked BF1 after recently picking it up it kept a pretty solid time to kill and theres still plenty of teamwork trying to keep points away from the enemy pushing up and I absolutely love the operation mode as it really requires teamwork and players playing roles that are useful rather then 20-30 snipers going for kills ( easy fix limit the sniper class).

    I would also say the grenade spam is a issue at times but again 1 patch and that would be gone too!

    but I disagree with people saying that these games had no teamwork they 100% had teamwork they just allowed you to lone wolf if you wanted to which is good because always requiring a party to have a good time is a joke and its really not hard to just join a random squad almost all the squads I have joined in BF1 have had at least 1 medic and a ammo man

    personally I feel like bf5 will flop do to its poor marketing pissing off fans, but also just straight up increasing the time to kill and forcing team play more when it already had it , and I'm already worried about its campaign mode after how it was marketed I'm not expecting it to be accurate to WW2 at all, and always requiring a Team is already going to hurt the game rather then help it not everyone wants to be with random people communicating things get toxic in most games that do this very quickly

  3. I actually enjoyed bf5 beta. I put 50 hours into it, and I hated bf1. The gunplay feels so much better in bf5, and it felt like you needed a lot of teamwork to win. I've been playing bf3 recently, and I can't even play it. It's just terrible. 3D spotting, rng gunplay, ridiculous ttk at times, terrible netcode, the list goes on. You can't even take a squad to flank the other team because of 3D spotting where one person can spam Q in your general direction and enable the built in esp to where you start taking shots behind walls etc by the entire enemy team. It's shit, and incredibly unenjoyable.

    Removing 3D spotting already makes bf5 so much better. You can flank the enemy and take an objective without them even knowing you're there again, finally..and you can sneak behind them and wipe a group and get away before anyone sees you. The spotting systems feels good. You need to be recon, and manually spot people and use effort to do it, and it's not OP. The netcode is a bit iffy but so much better than bf3, even in beta. There's less rng mechanics in bf5, and I feel like I can dump my skill into the game and be rewarded for it rather than shooting an aimcone full of dice rolls. The bigger map has runways again, hopefully there will be a few big maps.
    I stopped playing bf after bf3, and I loved bf2 in early 2000. Might actually buy bf5. It's definitely not perfect, but is definitely an improvement for sure.

  4. Gotta love how all the people who got used to how Battlefield changed in the past 3 mainline games got crammed into a clusterfuck in this beta.

  5. I would like to disagree a bit. The map design is the only thing forcing for teamplay. Ammo and revive are the lowest level of team play. The FIRST element of teamplay is TO PLAY WITH THE TEAM. If every team members is playing in 4 corners of the map, there is no team play. Respawn should be limited in such a way to force teamplay.
    Dying should matter. If you keep dying and then you respawn in every corner of the map every 3 seconds, there is no team play. Make the respawn time to increase time you die, and all of the sudden players will stick together, to get revived and to survive more.

  6. These suggestions are all great, but I understand why they would not go for some of them.
    They really need to fi the UI though, (but as long as we dont have to join servers through a fukken web browser people will be happy)

  7. Sponsored by dice? First you endorse the game then you proceed to attack the stupidest most miniscule features. And you say we might not like your opinion, duh you played for both teams and you did so horribly

  8. Please, for the love of god, DICE AND EA hire this dude as a consultant, like yesterday! also, epic stuff you are doing here Chris!

  9. I played several days during the open beta and I didn't even notice there was a compass. Saying it was hard to see was an understatement! Overall I think the game can be something great in the end and hey, the beta already ran better than BF4 launch haha!

  10. No offence but i found it fine and easy killing stuff in the plane in this game, tbh its mostly people not been use to flying without 3d spotting, all you need is to have some game sens and idea of map "flow" and you find people to bomb easy

  11. Skip revive is for before medic tries to revive you in front of the enemy into a certain second death and 1 extra ticket loss. Also, it is for lone campers who have no medics around :).

  12. Since they like to give out points for just about everything you do… I wonder if a class swap bounty would work for switching roles to fill a gap in the team composition.

    Obviously it would have to give you a ramping bonus for how long you stay as an understaffed role, but this system COULD work (or it might just be too complex and confusing, who knows)

  13. From all BF games BF2 still feels the best that they created!
    It was balanced and everyone had their role so there was team play and the comander was usefull!
    Anyways good vid! keep it up!

  14. After about :30 minutes into the Beta I felt that the gameplay had not improved from BF1. No squad work. No teamwork. One team bulldozes the other, rinse and repeat. Not sure Dice can fix a bad player base. It’s a terminal illness for me.

  15. I don't know why they decided to add a profanity filter in the game. I have played Battlefield for so long time, since the release of BF3. I rarely see anyone talking complete bullshit. Well, you do get some rage here and there sometimes, but that's that. Once I've even witnessed a conversation between two players from opposite team discussing an upcoming film premiere.

  16. I hate ea, i hate the marketing.
    I went into this game with no bias, as a battlefield fan I already know how these games are supposed to play out.
    I spawn in, cant see anyone and die, its hard to see enemies. You might say its hard to see enemies irl, I call BS your eyesight picks up the smallest of movements yards/meters away.
    This game was like take 2 swigs of vodka and walking outside.
    The revive system is jacked up, fuck the respawn, I want realism, I get blown up by a tank and I can respawn, or grenade blows me up and I respawn, its stupid, what am I terminator?
    Idk the tanks were lame, I couldnt do shit to them, and they couldnt do shit to me, I ran circles around a tank and thought, boy is this stupid.
    Teamplay, yeah I was probably revived more than any other bf game, but when there is a whole team behind me and I have to wait 10+ seconds to get revived it sucks, your just waiting as your time runs out and hope for a revive, I liked the old system where you could deny a revive because you were just slaughtered by 5 guys and some idiot revives you again to be slaughtered.
    I didnt watch the tickets closely, but the games drag out as mentioned above, maybe its because of all the revives?
    Gunplay is better than bf1, but thats not saying much. Oh and the fuking girls screaming "Good shot" "I NEED AMMO" its annoying and takes me out of the experience.
    A ww2 game without nazi symbolism, thats another big thing that is missing from this sjw justice game, I want to kill the fuking nazis holy shit.

  17. the reason a class limit system wont be added is because people will argu that thay payed for the game but the content is blocked for people that choose faster then them/people with lower ping/its rigged for people with faster loading mechines.

  18. If they keep this menu, I'll definitely stay away from the game. This console-style menu is barely usable on PC and highly annoying. It also does not look at all nice or fitting for the game.
    Why does everything have to be so futuristic when it comes to design? This is a "WW2-esk" game… 😐

  19. EA and Dice can go fuck themselves for what i care… their marketing worked well to make me hate them even more…

    and i already couldn't stand EA in the first place, not gonna buy any of their games in the future, even if they produce the best game ever (and that wont happen)

  20. a paramedic is trained to continue cpr until they get to the hospital…even if theres no signs of life or it seems unlikely the patient will recover consciousness….you would make a good paramedic.

  21. Many of your called issues are seen by alot of players, but most of them have nothing to do with what you think they do. It is up to the map design if teamplay can and will happen and it is also up to that if there are too many snipers. Rotterdam in example has way too many options for players to move around, giving a massive amount of chaos and also like on that arcticfjord map the same amount of crossfire, drawing revives entirely useless.

    When i played alpha and beta i constantly ended up in crossfire as about 90% of all players did, geting shot from 3-5 different angles every second death and medics noticing that it is impossible to revive anyways.

    There are many issues in battlefield v and i dont see any of these geting fixed.

    Also the upgrade system has had a massive impact in beta, STG44 without any of these was about 3 times harder to control than having the complete right side of upgrades, where it then became call of duty kind of gun like.

  22. Its like dice and EA are actively trying to make their games worse and worse, and removing functionality is a good thing

  23. I want the gun customization back. And currency be able to buy any gun at any time and when you buy an accessory its avalible on all the guns… And damage is more based on the caliber.

    But Im not buying the game just yet because of all thr damned drama. I liked the game playnin the beta, but thats the only thing I liked…

  24. Hm…I might "just" be a "filthy casual" compared to you, but I prefered BF3 and 4 over all newer (and older) iterations and I like auto-heal (seriously, having to look for a medic/medkit? Damned, this is not a vintage game from the 90's and that mechanic was stupidly bad even back then!)…then again I would prefer it if bullet-drop and shaky-scope (seriously, I play high-sense because I hate low sense crap and large cloth mousepads (I play on a glas-pad!) went away, too because it is logical that your soldier knows how to compensate (seriously, I myself have shot guns in RL and I know that scopes can be adjusted to compensate for drop! Hell, some have a drop-compensator implemented as an easy and quick to use feature!)

  25. Thanks for explaining this from a vet’s perspective. I’ve heard way too many newbies to the series trying to give feedback while talking about how things “used to be”.

  26. All the ‘controversy’ never really bothered me. I quite enjoyed the beta and its take on promoting more teamwork. All I need is the good ol’ M1 Garand and I’ll be golden X3

  27. I will not give my money to a developer that hates its own customers. I will pretend this game does not exist and carry on with my worthless life.

  28. I believe that is going to be the best Battlefield ever. If they could merge the good things from BF1 and BF3/BF4 and even bring back some BF2 feeling…

  29. Sure they've brought back alot of good things, issue is they have replaced the old playerbase with a new playerbase that doesnt use those teamplay features so regardless of how much i appreciate them trying any attempts are futile.

  30. If they keep going back to a more traditional BF game in the next itteration and stop dabbling in politics with their SJW bullshit and instead just focus on making games i will buy the next installment in the BF series.

  31. About the revive cancel option…. back in BF3 I recall (have gone through it personally before it was patched) some players would tag team and one on your team would revive you while the other one on the rival team would kill you and they would camp on you doing that repeatedly and getting all the points for it. It was despicable and there was a lot of outcry over it so they added the option to cancel a revive after that. I guess that's how it carries over.

  32. Amazing Video!! I do hate that almost everybody uses snipers thats why I hardly played BF1. They do neet to be limited maybe that way people start using the different clases better and we will have a greater team experience.

  33. I look forward to the features they have implemented to encourage teamplay in BF6. with BFV they made a hugs mistake by putting in ridiculous customization options(yes they have said they are going to tone it down but they are leaving it open to add them later and they will still probably have the non Russian and non Resistance women on the frontlines) and then called fans with valid criticisms uneducated. DICE needs to learn from their mistakes with this game and make 6 the next actual Battlefield game

  34. IMO UX is even more important than design, especially in games. Thanks for the vid. Love these and the net reviewa!

  35. Then entire menu system when you die is a joke. It goes from laying on the ground, to watching a jank ass over the shoulder view of your teammate. Cool I can see the battle but if I want to spawn with different equipment Im fucked, I have to back out to the map then choose my teammate, which takes some time. This make me lose the ability to tell wtf is going on. Total garbage setup.

  36. The main complaint I have about battlefield (coming from a fan since the original 1942) is the over whelming amount of snipers. And I dont mean because theyre shooting me. I mean because my teammates are playing objective based modes like rush and operations and they are literally laying up in the mountain not even attempting to move forward. Literally the entire operation is 3 waves at the very first flag. Its pathetic. I took it upon myself to just choose support with an ammo crate, smoke grenades, and for the whole operation I threw smoke grenades on all my snipers so they couldnt see anything they were looking at. Since there isnt friendly fire, they constantly had to move out of the smoke and by that time i had a new grenade. It was the most fun i had in awhile 🙂

  37. 6:39 those markers are intentionally worse than in other bf games. It's a huge reason I even consider buying bf5. IMO they should reduce their effectiveness even more. It's basically a free wallhack in a fps game.

  38. the thing that still blows my mind is why the fuck did they stop using the battlefield theme
    it always gives me goosebumps and it fits the franchise perfectly

  39. Never listen to a persons opinion about a computer game.BF1 is Brilliant you say you played it for 20 hours I have been playing it for two years and I love it.BFV is great and enjoyable I don’t understand the hate .

  40. You complain about a lot of things that were missing… look in BF1. It's way better than the trash they called BF5. You said you stopped playing it but it's way more polished and fleshed out.

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