Battlefield V Bootcamp – The Return! BFV

Knock Knock!! Sound the trumpets!!! Ring the bells!!! For I AM BACK!!! YESS!! I know what you’re thinking, you thought that I had vanished like a puff
of scented smoke from a classy french hookers seductively parted lips? Like the mist from
a steaming shower containing no less than three ludicrously lascivious ladies??? Well,
you were wrong! I was merely sunning myself on the beaches of Barbuda with 50 naughty
and nubile natives who had never seen a man before! Yes, believe it or not, they had survived
without ever seeing a man, a modern day marvel. A scientific conundrum and so the legend
goes! I came to explore the wonders of it’s beaches and hidden treasures, but alas, was
coerced into procreation, to populate to pleasure and to empower. After three arduous long months
I had built an empire of the likes the world had never and will likely never see again!
Statues were raised in my honour, villages fell, women threw themselves at my feet a
quivering mess begging for my wonder – but the land of love and lust was not enough to
quench my thirst, nor sate my hunger and I knew I had to return to you, to my troops,
to my men and my women (I know, but we have to be inclusive nowadays) for a new war has enveloped
us in darkness and shadow and danger and I must once again rise to the occasion, *naughty*
and in the face of danger stand up and stand strong *naughty* and take my gun in my hand
and shoot load after load after load until none stand before me… “what do you mean?! Oh yes, sorry” *naughty* So before we embark on this journey, I need
you! You Are aware of my tremendous teachings and so I hand the baton to you, albeit for only
a few fleeting seconds, as you’ll likely drop it quicker than Theresa May’s neck
jiggles when she does that totally weird laugh things where she is clearly the only one in
on her bizarre joke – I mean, really Theresa?! Who laughs like that? Just *mumbles* really?! I want you to vote, tell me – what should
be my first Bootcamp of the WW2 variety! The choices are to follow – think carefully my
pretties, for once you put this plan into motion, you cannot undo what would likely be done,
even if you could, you may not be able to possibly do what needs to be undertaken to
achieve what may not have been accomplished already! Number 1 – The Assault Class
Number 2 – The Support Class Number 3 – Medic Class – you see where this is going!
Number 4 – Recon Class Or number 5 – A General Tips and Tricks to whet the whistle! *licks lips* tasty! Now move quick, time grows shorter than Masiel’s
temper when caught in a drunk flash of passion Oh those hands could do wondrous things, wondrous, terrible things!! *begins to cry* Masiel! Vote, or forever hold your peace, for I shall
return with fire and passion, power and prowess, charisma and cunning, danger and debauchery
and – oh well you know the rest of it SO BEGONE! Remember to share this video so we can get
as many votes as possible, give it a rating if you feel so inclined and subscribe if you
haven’t already as it really helps this channel to grow!
For more tips, tricks, profound nonsense and all things Battlefield 5, I’m DRBC007, signing

33 thoughts on “Battlefield V Bootcamp – The Return! BFV

  1. I would say work through them all starting at the top.

    Excellent to see a return to the bootcamp series.

    Did my eyes deceive me, or did I see a laughing Theresa May with a big pearl necklace below her neck?

  2. Sir Sargent Penguin reporting for duty. Fresh from the pole… naughty! Order of advance 2. 5. 1. 4. 3. And a side order of egg fried rice.

    So glad to see your mighty return like Hannibal and his Elephants… no that's Mr T with his… oh naughty… very naughty. Wrong video. You can not unsee what you have seen. Curses dodgy web browser clickbait.

    Your return shall be calibrated far and wide. Looking forward to your next video and perhaps a ditty or two?

    Sergeant Penguin out…

  3. I need a bootcamp on everything I played the beta and couldn't tell how the game worked and it didn't have a tutorial so like explain everything

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