BATTLEFIELD V BREN GUN A Great Support Class Weapon

Hi guys, Fog of Gaming here and welcome to
the Bren in battlefield v. Today I will show you everything you need to know to dominate
the scoreboard with this support class weapon. The Bren is a light machine gun designed and
produced by Britain in 1935. It was the primary infantry LMG in World War
II. Let’s start with the stats so that you can
see what this gun can do. The Bren gun has the lowest rate of fire among
the LMGs with 514 rounds per minute. The bullet velocity of the Bren is 740 meters
per second but this can be increase with a specialization, but more on that later. The maximum damage that the Bren gun can cause
is 25.1 damage points, this is at zero meters but the damage will decrease as the distance
gets bigger. The damage drop is not that big for this weapon
and you can still deal 25 damage points at 9 meters. Once it reaches 50 meters, the damage will
drop to 20. And shooting enemies 75 meters or beyond will
result in 18.5 damage points, this is the lowest damage that you can cause with the
Bren gun. All of this means that you will need 4 bullets
to kill an enemy from 0 to 9 meters, after 9 meters you will need 5 bullets to kill. That is valid up to 50 meters, after 50 meters
you will need 6 bullets to kill. The time it takes to kill an enemy at zero
meters is 0.350 seconds. There won’t be much change until it reaches
9 meters. At 50 meters for example, you will have a
time to kill of 0.583 seconds and at 75 meters, you will need 0.685 seconds to kill. The Bren gun has a magazine size of 30 and
that’s OK for an LMG, it will allow you to kill multiple enemies without having to
reload too often. But when you do need to reload, keep in mind
that the time it takes to reload an empty magazine is different from reloading a magazine
that still has some ammo in it. It takes 3.7 seconds to reload an empty magazine
and 2.5 seconds if the magazine still has 1 or more bullets left. That means there is a difference of 1.2 seconds. So imagine that every time you reload with
an empty magazine, you will be wasting 3 kills. Make sure you keep that in mind and reload
when you still have some ammo left in your magazine. This will save you a lot of time on the battlefield. The time it takes to deploy the Bren gun is
1.1 seconds. But the deploy time can be reduced with specializations,
more on that in a second. The bullet drop of the Bren gun is 12 m/s2. The most obvious disadvantage with the Bren
gun and I think you already know this, is the huge magazine that blocks your view. It’s incredibly annoying and it makes it
a lot more difficult to spot or track your target. This is something that you will have to accept
when you play with the Bren. Now let’s proceed to the specializations
of the Bren. First, I picked Ported Barrel to reduce the
horizontal recoil rather than Quick Reload. the 15% faster reloading time can be useful
for some but the weapon is definitely easier to control with ported barrel. Next, I chose the Barrel Bedding to improve
the accuracy when stationary.. To be honest, I was forced to pick Barrel
Bedding over the Recoil Buffer because I wanted to have the faster ads time that comes with
the third specialization. In a perfect world I would have chosen for
the recoil buffer but I didn’t see the need for slings and swivels, this is the third
one on the left so I went for the second and third combo on the right hand side. Quick aim is a great upgrade to this weapon
because you will be able to aim down sights 33% faster. Personally, and I think this is also applicable
to most other players, most of my kill are made when I am using ads, that is why it’s
important to improve the ads time. For the last one I chose High Velocity Bullets,
it gives you a 10% faster bullet. This will help you with shooting at distant
enemies but to be honest this upgrade isn’t that important. The other option is the Improved Bipod which
increases the accuracy with using the bipod, but most of the time you won’t be using
the bipod so it’s kind of pointless, if you adjust your playstyle to the Bren then
you will almost never use that bipod so that is why I chose High Velocity Bullets. I am sure that you have noticed that I started
making a lot of these weapon guides, if you have a weapon that you want me to cover first
then let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do. Majority vote of course. This is everything that you need to know about
the Bren in battlefield 5. If you think that this video is worthy, would
you mind leaving a like and maybe even write a comment, it would help me a lot, this was
FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you on the battlefield.

16 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD V BREN GUN A Great Support Class Weapon

  1. My favourite LMG for mid to long range. I would rather have every shot count than spam all over the place with others…

  2. "designed and produced by Britain" didnt know Britain is in Mainland Europe with borders to Germany, Poland, Austria etc. and has a City called Brno, where the name Bren comes from.

  3. The Bren had a 100-round pan mag irl and it was shown by Forgotten Weapons but DICE didn't put it in because they were Wehraboos

  4. Can you make a guid on the lewis gun it seems the best one in support class high bullet magazine little to no recoil and u can ads without bipod which is the reason I don’t go for the mg42

  5. 1:45 It's not having a bullet left in the magazine, but having a bullet left in the CHAMBER. Not a knock against you just clarifying that. Reason why those reloads are faster is because you don't have to "charge" the weapon AKA pulling back the bolt to re chamber another round as there's still one chambered.

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