Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Uniforms and Assignments

[Music] what’s happening everyone J shockblast here and check it out we’re back on battlefield 5 here because thank you so much to EA and dice they have provided me with a review copy of the game and the deluxe edition the deluxe edition does come with some goodies to go into your armory so right here looks like you get this little symbol lest we forget as part of it and the extra assignments I just noticed special air service who dares wins riding the scorpion so as an allied soldier capture 10 objectives so these are all just extra assignments that you can get which are going to get you company coins which you’ll be able to use to unlock gear and stuff like that also right here you’ll get a reward for XP then of course you have your access place 6 rounds of airborne as an ax soldier armed three explosives with your squad airborne yeah so basically you’ll be able to have these opportunities to do these extra assignments and then also in the armory 5 veteran rewards open to claim so you actually end up unlocking any of these 5 so I am gonna go with I like all the German ones the most alright let’s go with LRD driver all right and with Phantom major [Music] si s operative and we’re gonna go with fallschirmjäger I can’t pronounce anything so I basically have almost all the veteran kits that I’m allowed to unlock so now it just comes down to do I want this si s medic thus annotator which is obviously a medic as well or the jagdtiger which is probably a pilot and gonna go with this this one yeah I can’t actually select anymore so there’s that so that is what it looks like you end up getting as part of the deluxe edition of the game which I believe is a little bit more I think it’s like 75 all right so let’s go to my medic so there’s your primary weapon right so we customize it so I now write a peacekeeper iron sight now the standard so the visuals so we now have the peacekeeper skin she’s keeper this might not be part of the deluxe edition I might have actually got this as part of another aspect of the game like some I’ve got another reward for like having a access basically one of the things that a lot of people miss out on and obviously a this is actually pretty cool I like the way that looks you know by law I’m required to give full disclosure right so we get the false i’m–you’re and the santa tier and then the loof didn’t trooping all right so this is my my medic so we’re gonna go with that anyway I’m required by law FTC law to disclose whenever I’m provided anything at no cost from a company that is basically so that you understand that my opinions could potentially be swayed by getting free stuff and I think I’ve established over time that that is not the case for me personally but I still have to give you the opportunity to know that you know that is a possibility all right so we got this let’s customize the weapon so basically I just oh we’ve got the Dennison for this gun and it’s very important you know I usually have it disclosed in all the comments or another comments the descriptions it’s come up because there’s a derp lately that’s been popping in here trying to claim that companies pay me to play their games which is never been the case I’ve never received any money or compensation from any company to play video games ever so I’m just taking that opportunity to further emphasize that fact we’re gonna go with the fallschirmjäger for this this character [Music] so that is my uniform for my assault class or support I should say and then for recon what do we have for the weapon we have I already got peacekeeper but we also have Dennison so let’s check out the Dennison which I kind of like I don’t know I kind of like the dead I like the Peacekeeper but we’re gonna look at it anyway and then there’s a medium-range scope standard or the Dennison see I don’t like I don’t like like yeah we’re not going to use that there was a time in Battlefield Bad Company 2 where we would throw on red dots on like the goal or some of the other sniper rifles but I don’t I don’t know all right change appearance so right now we’ve got the loof didn’t troop and loot didn’t drop and let’s look at the sanitary I don’t really want that and we get the fallschirmjäger then legs so that’s the axis soldier and apparently our primary weapon customized so this we have the Dennison and the peacekeeper so the Dennison must have come with one of the axis skin packs I’m one with peacekeeper on this one to be honest I think I prefer peacekeeper over Dennison anyway so yeah it’s pretty sweet then we’ve got the knight our site right now Tennyson yeah I don’t like either one of those I gotta have a little bit of a dot all right so now if we go to the Allied forces we also have costumes or whatever you want to call this for that customized so we did get Dennison up here as well so that crossed over and then change appearance so right now we have desert commando oh I like that does a driver Phantom major all right we’re going desert commando on this one I don’t know if that’s a reward for beating I don’t know if that’s one of the ones I just unlocked I think it is actually desert driver phantom ooh I like Phantom major the fire storm Ranger Ranger I believe as a reward for something else I’m gonna give that to support let’s just go desert we’re gonna go with full outfits for for each different character all right so this one’s gonna be desert commando that’s sick I like him he likes him too all right so for my medic we were gonna go with change appearance so for headgear he’s gonna be my Phantom major I feel like the medic should be the Phantom major [Music] yeah that’s pretty sharp all right so this guy support we’re gonna give him or any of him firestorm Ranger not bad make sense I guess [Music] or make him Frank and then only have left we’re gonna make him Christian I don’t remember who I had before but we’re gonna go with here no we’re gonna go with desert driver here [Music] so there we are the desert driver so those are some more skins that we unlocked as part of the deluxe edition so awesome and I love it that like in your your screen right here that you actually have what your characters look like I mean that’s like super cool so this game that people are asking alright and now I have to look so here’s the thing with EA access which you can get for one month for five dollars you can play the game for up to ten hours right now and if you get the deluxe edition you get everything a couple days earlier release date so the game itself fully launches on November 20th so you get five days early access with EA access let’s see let’s I should have had this ready so on Best Buy’s website it shows 11:20 as the release date the deluxe edition though is 11:15 and if you get EA access you can play up to 10 hours on either Xbox one or PC on Origin right now for five dollars basically and then you have to buy the game when it comes out so that is where we’re at I hope that is is helpful this game was supposed to come out already but they pushed it back about a month so yeah there we go the deluxe edition says it comes with pre-order bonus provide extra tools and tricks oh yes beta so you get the firestorm ranger set as part of the deluxe edition and deluxe edition of bowel filled retails for $80.00 3 days early access to the base game five sets of paratrooper outfits which is what we just did customize your soldier special assignments as those 20 weekly items with Air Lift battlefield 5 deluxe edition lets you receive vital supplies with 20 weekly air lifts including 1 customization item so there you go I think that is pretty thorough description of the looks deluxe edition you basically saw what I got to go through and I got to kind of go over why I give full disclosure and say again to dice and EA thank you if you don’t know my channel started as a battlefield Channel like I made my channel so that I could share Battlefield Bad Company 2 gameplay I don’t know that I’m gonna be very good at this I’m gonna try I am rusty at shooters like this especially multiplayer but I’m very thankful to to be able to play the game this early like this is a dream like I used to when I was working at you know my last job I would take vacation days every single time about field game came out hope you guys enjoyed hope this was helpful

100 thoughts on “Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Uniforms and Assignments

  1. Opened up to claim these the other day and the game crashed. Came back to it just giving me 5 at random, so stuck with most of the ones I actually didn't want.

  2. A lot of the Airborne uniforms look really cool, in my opinion. I also like how they didn’t make them look completely historically accurate, but still made them look like they would be seen on the battlefields.

  3. all good bro i know they dont pay ya..old yon ya got free fall out 76 after he trashed it… they randomly send out to calm chill youtubers on occassions

  4. wait…what?.. you could choose? I just picked the first 5 i saw.. had no idea there were more uniforms to the right… oh well.. no biggie =)

  5. Luftlandetruppen (Air Borne Troops) are literally Fallschirmjäger (Paratroopers), so why is there a different skin for them?

    There were Luftwaffe-Bodentruppen (Air Force Ground Troops), but they weren't Luftlandetruppen.

  6. i don't get it how the Allies get the italian samurai vest. I'm fine for the fallschrimjager becose they had it by the italian paratroopers Folgore

  7. So, how do we recieve the 20 weekly items with Deluxe edition? I only got the 5 skins it came with the release game and the missions, but I disnt recieve any 20 weekly delivery items… Can someone explain how it works please? Thank you in advance

  8. £80 i dont evan know what i spent it on i download deluxe edition s'all it says now bfv nor bfv deluxe edition with the guy on front cover. just the girl. am i being ripped off?

  9. Do not but the deluxe edition. The assignments only give shitty creds to buy uniforms instead of unlocking uniforms like weapon proficiency does. Also, after I upgraded all my weapon proficiency stopped tracking and I can't complete any more weapon proficiency assignments because of this deluxe upgrade. Same thing happened to my brother. We both preordered standard edition than upgraded. Ea and dice have become garbage tag team publisher and developer known for fucking day 1 consumers. They will probably fix this 6 months from now. When the game should have actually been released.

  10. in this game u cant customize ur PJ to look like near close to a real german soldier, but at least u can look like street fighters Mrs Bison

  11. Thank you so much for making this video today I picked one of these kits and I thought it had charged me real money and since my accounts linked to my dads email and all that I thought it charged him😂

  12. My favorite is the Heavy Fallschirmjäger A.K.A “Luftlandetruppen”

    I really want to dress in that uniform real life for cosplay. But the color of the camouflage is fictional and different from the original Zeltbahn and/or Spiltter camos.

  13. How do yo get the skins that have leaves grass and other natural things on them I’ve seen them on one persons hun so far.

  14. Grand operations feels like team death match, and the mini map feels like an untextured mesh this game feels like a good beta as of December 30th 2018. So far bf1 is better but I’m sure the game will improve over time

  15. Does the Deluxe Edition have a male or female on menu icon for the game? ‘Cause if it’s a female, I’m going Standard.

  16. I late asf but I have a question I recently just picked up my bfv delxue edition that I pre-ordered do I still get the firestorm out fit because I wasn't there for Early Access am I too late??

  17. Damn…so if I didn’t pick Desert Commando on my preorder pics I’m SoL on getting the desert commando helmet??

  18. Oh I get it Sanitater I’m guessing is medic in Germany that’s why when German Soldiers get knocked they. SANITATER SCHEISSE

  19. >when you are one of the first people to get bfv but still have an ass rank making it look like you are a complete noob

  20. It's not totally worth it. I've got deluxe edition in ps4 discount that for bf1 players. However, i can't see any benefits from it by the way of cosmetics. Still same uniforms, weapon skins, headgears, vehicle skins or etc… You can't see even is your BFV deluxe edition or not after the purchase. It's good game anyway but I don't recommend for deluxe edition.

  21. How can i get these Outfits without the delux edition ? Ich have the standard Version ….i want the Fallschirmjäger …how can i geht him ?

  22. hello. I a wondering if I will be able to buy seperate paratrooper skins for a class I wish to use without needing ti buy the deluxe. say if I wanted the paratrooper skin for my scout/recon is it possible to buy the skin for that alone?

  23. So I'm confused, if I am a axis medic I would have to have bought the deluxe version to get the cross on the medic helmet?

    If I don't buy the deluxe version, I just get the helmet, right? I'm a little confused.

  24. Wtf it didn’t pop that in my screen,when I go to featured it’ll pop up stuff that I half to buy, and I just got this game a couple days ago,can someone help me out here

  25. I never got to choose soldiers and I preordered the deluxe edition! I got everything else other than the veterans

  26. pronounced F – AHL – SH – UHRM – YEH – GER AND. Y – AGHD – FLEE – GER they mean paratrooper and hunter-pilot

  27. I legit don’t have access to nothing. I didn’t get jack shit and the games actual ass. Disappointed because no matter how much I re-download the Deluxe Edition I don’t get anything. I wasted money for something I didn’t get and not even 8 skins 5? Really sad about this tbh. I want my money back but I don’t even know what to do anymore.

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